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  • Mario: Yes, yes!

  • It's a-me, a-Mario!

  • Now who wants an autograph?

  • H-hey! Steve: Out of the way chef-boy RD. The real video game superstar is coming through.

  • Mario: What the hell bro?! Who are you?

  • Steve: Uh, the guy from Minecraft, genius! The most popular game in the world!

  • Mario: So, more popular than a-Mario? Uh, a-ha, I don't think so, buddy.

  • Steve: Oh really? Over 70 million copies of Minecraft have been sold worldwide. No Mario game has ever been close to that!

  • Mario: Well, kids love a-playing my new games on their Wii U!

  • Steve: Ha, ha! On their Wii U? That's cute, you're cute.

  • Mario: I've been around for generations! Kids have spent way more time with me!

  • Steve: Uh, kids spend hundreds of hours in Minecraft. They can use their imagination to build anything and explore endlessly.

  • Mario: Well in my game, they can a-move left to right and s-step on... uh, turtles.

  • But- but! I also have a new game out, Mario Maker? Maybe you've heard of it? It allows the kids to build their own Mario levels!

  • Steve: Seriously- are you comparing your little 2D side-scrolling torture chamber experiments with the rich creative fully immersive worlds I allow my players to create?

  • Minecraft, is a pallet, for making dreams come true! Ha! What a joke...

  • Mario: H-how did it come to this? What did I do wrong?

  • If anybody on YouTube, you owe me 40 percent! A-capisce?

Mario: Yes, yes!

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