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Are you guys dating?
Then why don’t you open your mouth?
You guys are dating, right?
Me, right?
You and...
How long have you guys been dating for?
For a year.
A year.
Why are you quiet, man?
Has he kidnapped you?
It’s okay.
It’s been a year. How did you guys meet?
Are you guys double agents or something?
Are you international spies?
Kenny, we had an assignment to Russia.
That’s where I met her.
So, what’s your name?
Your name is Kenny?
Oh my God.
That’s why your so cool, man.
I just get this vibe.
Who is this amazingly,
masculine, good looking, talented guy.
Name happens to be Kenny.
And madam, what’s your name?
Okay, you are not Indian?
You have gained my friend.
Wow, are you from France?
From Belgium. Okay.
It’s from there.
The top. That part, right?
Awesome. So how did he ask you out?
Did he ask you out or did he just...
Anyone chocolate. Chocolate. Now you’re mine.
What did you do? Give us some tips, bro.
Dude, don’t be the... I was just...
I just sit and two chicks come...
Don’t be that guy. Just tell us.
So did you... you guys met at work or...?
You were at a trip and...
Yeah. We were in New Zealand.
In New Zealand.
Who started the conversation? You?
Yeah, I think I did.
Okay, I think drugs were involved.
That’s why there is no memory.
I’ll get back to you.
Can I get my guitar? Can I get my guitar for you?
Can you guys keep cheering till I get my guitar?
So, Kenny.
You were just going to tell us how
you met this lovely lady.
You were in New Zealand. What happened?
You guys were at a party drinking too much.
Yeah. Dancing.
I just know your life, man.
It’s exciting, man.
It’s exciting.
And the next morning was the happiest morning of your life.
I’m happy for you.
For a year, it’s great.
I’ve been dating for three years.
I can’t get out now.
It’s like engineering. two years you can get out.
Three years, might as well finish it off.
Before I go, I want to do a song for you guys.
Can I do a song for you guys?
This song is about Kenny
and the Belgian girl whose name I can’t pronounce.
What’s your name again?
Like Melody. No M.
Thank you so much for...
She is used to this.
These dumb Indians don’t know shit.
This song is for Kenny and Elody.
I hope you guys like this song.
Some of us aren’t as lucky as Kenny.
‘Coz we don’t have so much swag.
So much swag.
Kenny has so much swag.
That he has to hide it by wearing a cap.
‘Coz it overflows.
And messes up the swag energy in the room.
‘Coz when he was in New Zealand.
He saw this amazing girl
called Elody coz M is too mainstream.
And he was like...
Coz he was under the influence of many many many drugs.
That even I can’t pronounce.
And the next morning
It was Christmas
in New Zealand.
For Kenny.
‘Coz that guy’s amazing.
Come on any guy named Kenny is amazing.
Kenny, someday you can write a book
and save every guy who doesn’t know what...
This means.
Thank you so much.
I am Kenny Sebastian. I hope you have a good night.
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182 Folder Collection
lishenyue97 published on July 30, 2017
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