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Mmm it's a Orange Juice
What's up everyone, this is OJ
The Battle Ram is kind of like a hog
as it completely ignores regular units
and will only target buildings
dealing 250 damage if it's not charged
When it is charged though, it deals double the damage
When the Ram connects to the building, it self-destructs and spawns 2 Barbarians
This charge is like the Prince and Dark Prince mechanic
where it's starts off with medium speed, and charges into very fast speed
The charge occurs slightly later than the Prince
It's charge speed in the game are the most resistant to the Tornado suction
The Ram itself has 756 health
If you can manage to kill the Ram before it reaches the building,
the Barbarians will spawn at full health
Think of it as a shield over their heads
Kind of like Guards and (Dark) Prince,
even if you Rocket the Ram itself, the Barbarians will come out at full health
This is essentialy introduces another hard counter to Sparky
She's going to have an even tougher time in the arena
The Barbarians that spawned are not related to the Ram itself
so if you freeze the Battle Ram and kill it, the Barbarians will not spawn frozen
The Barbarians from the Battle Ram scales exactly the same like Barbarians that spawned from a Barbarian Hut
meaning a rare level 7 Battle Ram will spawn common level 9 Barbarians
All building targetting units like a Golem, Hog, Giant, and Ice Golem all have a 7-tile or more side range
this means you can pull them with 4-3 plant
which is 4 tiles from the river and 3 tiles from the Arena Tower
The Battle Ram does not have the same side range and has a 5.5-tile side range
This means if you try to do the same 4-3 plant against the Golem or a Giant,
it will not attract the Cannon and will completely bypass it on the other lane
This means to pull it with the building you'll need to do a 4-2 plant
This is what sets the Battle Ram apart from all of the other building targetting units
it can bypass a building in the other lane
The side range is 4 tiles shorter than a Hog
this means even with the building plant 3 tiles from the river, it will still bypass the building
so it's always safer to plant it reactively in the same lane that it's approaching you
Since it only targets buildings, it is possible to use it like an Ice Golem to kite units into the other lane
but it's quite expensive and very situational when you need to do this
It has the same way as the Prince
so it can push anything in front of it pretty effectively
Like if you put an Executioner or Valkyrie in front it will travel faster while protecting the Ram
When building a deck for the Battle Ram challenge, you're going to need to include Battle Ram counters
since every opponent will have one
A Knight can counter it fairly well
If you plant the Knight in the middle, it'll be enough to stop the Ram from connecting to your tower
but the Barbarian will still deal quite a bit of damage
Where's if you plant the Knight in front of the tower and it just embrace the Ram's love
the Knight will tank the Barbarians (neglecting ?) more damage from being dealt to your tower
Again this is very situational and depends what else you have in your deck to respond to this
But if you combo the Knight with anything else, even a little Ice Spirit
it'll be enough to take out the Ram and Barbarians entirely while remaining alive
Stuns from a Zap, Lightning, or Electro Wizard's attack will reset it's charge
the Zap will stop it from dealing double damage to the tower if you're in a pinch
and absolutely can't afford the extra 200 damage to your tower
The Electro Wizard is absolutely savage against the Battle Ram
he completely counters this card and the Barbarians that spawned from it
and now you'll have a card on the map that can counter-attack
If you're really in the lead and you can afford a negative trade, or you just need to defend for the last five seconds of the match,
you can Lightning the Battle Ram and the delayed bolts will target on to the Barbarians that spawned
wiping everything out
The Battle Ram is not affected by knockback from Fireball or Bowler
however, The Log is supreme and will knockback the Battle Ram
this resets it's charge attack, and immobilizes the Ram with it's pushback long enough for arena tower to completely take out the Ram
Since The Log kinda rolls slowly, you can time it so it takes out the Battle Ram and the Barbarians that spawned underneath it
double dipping on the damage and pushback effect
Assume your opponent doesn't have an Executioner in their deck
you can use Guards to completely stop the Battle Ram and the Barbarians
Goblins are incredibly effective at taking out the Battle Ram and the Barbarians that spawned as well
but they're much more vulnerable to splash attacks and aren't a good answer against the Battle Ram that supported with the back end units
I have a feeling that the Executioner is going to be a very popular card in this challenge
so a Mini PEKKA is an excellent choice because it can hard counter the Executioner or the Battle Ram
Like i said earlier, the Battle Ram has a 5 1⁄2 side range, which is the same as a Knight
so you'll need to do a 4-2 plant to pull it
Tombstone works relatively well at absorbing the Battle Ram and the spawned Skeletons are enough to deal with Barbarians
this is assuming the Battle Ram is alone and not supported with any splash units like Executioner
otherwise buildings like a Cannon, Tesla, or Bomb Tower will be more effective at taking care of the Battle Ram
One interesting combo is the Miner
you can have him sent in to tank for the Battle Ram to ensure the Ram survives long enough to connect to the tower
or if you know they don't have enough damage to destroy the Battle Ram before it reaches your tower,
you can use the Ram itself as a tank, then sent in the Miner for even more damage
Stay tuned if you wanna learn more about basic interactions
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Intro to Battle Ram | Basic Interactions Using/Countering | Clash Royale

184 Folder Collection
tzi221 published on July 29, 2017
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