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Mulan is one of the darker movies that Disney has made.
It tells the story of Fa Mulan, who takes her ill father's place in the army, to fight
the Hun army threatening China.
Although made in classic Disney style, the film touches on serious human rights issues
from discrimination to genocide.
"I knew there was something wrong with you.
A woman."
Gender discrimination is central to the plot of Mulan.
Article Two of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that everyone is entitled
to the rights and freedoms without distinction to race, color, sex, etc.
But under the laws of Imperial China, Fa Mulan is banned from fighting in defense of her
country because she is female.
Restrain him.
You know the law.
The film also portrays the violence and genocide committed by the Hun army.
In this regard, Mulan is rife with dark elements generally unnoticed by most viewers.
In keeping with Disney editorial standards, there are no dead bodies, but scenes such
as the burning village, red sky, and the doll found by Mulan leads us to believe that the
entire village, including children, were murdered.
This is very dark for a Disney movie.
Although the Hun army were also Chinese, they are portrayed by a bigger, gray-faced, yellow-eyed
man with claw-like hands, raising the interesting question of whether Disney portrayed them
in a racist way.
Tragically, so many genocides have occurred in the world today, from the Jews in Germany
during the Holocaust to the Tutsi people in Rwanda.
This movie reminds us that one person's hatred and ignorance can lead to loss of human life
on both sides.
It is our duty as human beings to respect each other and the fundamental human rights
of everyone.
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Mulan - Part 1 (Equality for Women)

5967 Folder Collection
BE LA published on July 25, 2017
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