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Hi, I'm Bradley Perret, I'm 11 years old, I'm from Juan
les Pins and I play 'Billy' in Billy Elliot.
I started dancing at the age of 5, I think.
My sister got me into it. Since then I've never stopped.
Moving from France to England was pretty much
exciting and at the same time sad, because it's like leaving, you know, where you've
been living your whole life. I was more excited to see how the [Billy] house was going to be like.
I got there and I really enjoyed it. I miss my family, and the sea and the sun.
I've been teaching French to the other
kinds in the house, quite a lot of the kids. When I'm on stage I'm like a little
kid and I just jump around and I really love it. I mean, I don't muck about! But, it's
like, yeah, I just love it.
What I like most is the excitement, and it gives you goose pimples, goosebumps, like
when you get on that stage and you're like 'this is amazing!' It's like, it's
like just so exciting and I really love it. It's like, probably the best thing I've
ever had in my whole life.
[Speaks French]
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Meet the Billys - Bradley Perret | Billy Elliot The Musical

193 Folder Collection
きんきの塩焼き published on July 25, 2017
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