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Hi, My name's Mitchell, I'm 14 years old and I play 'Billy' in Billy Elliot The Musical.
[SOLIDARITY from Billy Elliot the Musical plays.]
I first started dancing when I was 3 years old because my mom used to always drag me
to my sister's dance competitions and then I decided seeing my sister on stage is what
I wanted to be doing, so my sister helped me kind of get into it and made me take a
couple of dance classes. That's how I got to the dancer I am today.
My journey with Billy Elliot started on tour. Every audience is different, especially in
different countries. I kind of got used to getting in and out of places, so when I came
to London for the first time, staying in a place was really weird to me. Once I got used
to it I really like staying in one place!
My favourite dance is Dream Ballet. I really like flying and partnering with the 'Older
Billy'. When I first started flying I was so excited to get in the air and spin around.
I've never seen a kid my age be able to have the opportunity to do it, so I really like
to be able to do it every night.
[SOLIDARITY, from Billy Elliot the Musical plays and fades out.]
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Meet the Billys - Mitchell Tobin | Billy Elliot The Musical

153 Folder Collection
きんきの塩焼き published on July 25, 2017
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