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Maybe I'll consider her my protege.
This is a girl in Ireland...
who's making prank calls at the age of 8
Oh...love it
We will endeavor to bring you a few things,
but this is one about say she doesn't like her school
and she wants to get it demolished.
So she goes to demolition experts and tries to convince them.
Hello wood core (company name).
Hi, is that the demolition place?
It is, yeah.
Could you help me to destroy my school please?
Just bear with me a second.
Well, what school do you go to?
I go to school in Dublin.
And you want it demolished.
Do you use big wrecking ball or...how do you knock it down?
A big ball.
Well, hold on one wee second please.
How are you? My name is Becky.
I have a proposal for you.
Go ahead.
Are you the demolition man?
Do you the top boss yes?
Go ahead. What's the craic?
I want you to help me to destroy my school.
Do you want to blow it up?
Could you blow it up or knock it down?
Whatever you want done.
I will blow it up. That will be better.
Could you make sure all my teachers are in there when you knock it down?
don't know if I'd get away with that, mate.
Ah, you will. Nobody likes them.
They give me extra homework on the Friday and everything.
Where are you calling from?
From Dublin.
What school in Dublin?
The one that's about to fall down.
There's a lot of school in Dublin that are about to fall down.
And how much will it cost to knock it to the ground?
It depends on how big it is.
Give me a ballpark figure.
Is this the demolition company or a joke factory.
It's a joke factory at the minute...the joke factory...
Listen, are you gonna come to knock my school down or what?
Can you fax me a photograph or a safe plan or something?
Right. I'll fax it through. A plan of the school and my teachers' names.
Yeah, no problem, yeah
And you just make sure that they're all in the building when you knock it down.
You put all their names on there.
I'll give you a page's space for each individual teacher.
When the school falls down will it make a crash or or a wallop?
...(intelligible)... make a big bang!
Sounds good
Oh listen, I will talk to you later, top man
Same, good luck. Hey, you look after yourself.
Fill your boots man!
Good luck.
See you after.
I love the “Give me a ball park figure."
She's got a big future.
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an 8-year-old Ireland girl calling a demolition company...funny!

44086 Folder Collection
林恩立 published on August 9, 2017    林恩立 translated    Mii Wei reviewed
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