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Now I thought I'd share some of my favorite
"my worst summer job" stories from you guys.
Here we go.
This first one's from @WorlandJustin.
He said...
I was fired from my summer job of moving furniture
for having a "subpar attitude towards moving furniture."
[ Laughter ]
-That'll do it. -Yeah.
This one's from @katiehashtags.
-Wow. -That's her real name.
-That's her whole family. She's rich off this thing.
Hashtag fortune.
She says...
I worked at an ice cream store, and my scooping arm got totally ripped
so my T-shirts would be tight on only one arm.
[ Laughter ]
- 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80. [ Grunts ]
One scoop. -100, 200, 300.
This one's from @Kristinaloree1.
She said...
I worked at a Mexican restaurant one summer, and a customer complained about broken chips with their salsa.
From then on, my job was to sort out all the broken chips before they went out.
-What is wrong with people? What? Who cares?
A couple broken chips, you loser.
[ Laughter ]
This one's from @ThGhstWthThMst.
-Ooh. -Ooh.
"Who the hell
is she?"
[ Laughter ]
GhstWthThMst, he says...
I got hired as an assistant lawn care specialist. My whole job was to keep a house untangled.
I got fired because I "looked bored."
[ Laughter ]
Ya think?
-"Unlink that hose!" -You think?
Oh, here's a great one.
This one's from @Lily22307958.
She says...
I worked for a chiropractor over the summer,
and he said that one of my job duties was to braid his hair.
[ Audience groans ] -Ohh.
Yikes. Blech.
-Blech. Hashtags. -Oh, man.
This one's from @Abbygail - Oh, I get it.
- Abigail. Abby Gail.
- I didn't get it.
I didn't get it in rehearsal. Now I get it.
- Her name is Abigail. [email protected]
- Mm.
- She says...
I was the only hostess at our restaurant
short enough to slide under the bathroom stall doors to fix them when they self-locked.
[ Audience groans ] -No.
-That's not an advantage. That's not cool.
-You need to figure out a different way.
This last one's from @MisterDorngal.
- Oh, I love that dude. [ Laughter ]
He goes, "Dorngal, Dorngal, Dorngal."
- @MisterDorngal - he doesn't do that.
- Yeah, he does. Mister Dorngal. - @MisterDorngal58.
- Oh, I'm thinking of MisterDorngal57.
- I got you. [ Laughter ]
- That guy's nuts. -He's a Heinz variety.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, he's Mr. Heinz.
- I know.
He says...
The community pool I worked at accidentally booked too many lifeguards,
so I was made "assistant to the lifeguard."
I just stood next to the lifeguard chair.
That's a bummer.
Guys, those are our "Tonight Show" hashtags.
To check out more of our favorites,
go to tonightshow.com/hashtags.
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Hashtags: #MyWorstSummerJob

42575 Folder Collection
kiki published on September 5, 2018
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