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I have to say I like what I see Jan
you are young, ambitious, intelligent
just the sort of person I like to have around
I'm no Stephen Hawkins don't get me wrong but you can't work
as long as I have in it. without having a pretty
firm grasp of the essentials
what exactly does I T stand for
I've often wondered but I never thought to ask
I'm sorry what was question
what is I T stand for
what does it stand for what doesn't it stand for
yes yes but what does it stand for
it stands for it
courage in the face of
yes yes I could see what you're getting at but specific letters
I T what do they stand for
what do you think mister have some making myself clear I'm not looking for
interpretation I reading don't know what the letters
actually stand for okay let's start with the RI
what does the RI stansel I
need to weekly I mean guess that's what it's like these visits with
sorry I I don't say we system busting
now them there were only
hmmm ok
I death
can you tell me what I T me
I love with me so much
I am love them
housewife he to me
I conduit I
and the old reach any bidden
I no outs
welcome aboard
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The IT Crowd What Does IT Stand for

180 Folder Collection
nick brian published on July 24, 2017
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