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[Alan Greenspan] I have found a flaw, in the model that I perceived
is the critical functioning structure that defines how the world works - so to speak.
Ladies and gentlemen, you're tuned in to the Juice News set again
Where we're examining the status of the human experiment
Is it succeeding or will it have to be aborted?
We pursue a prognosis in this Rap News audit
As you know, the world is urgently trying to make sense
of our "global economy" and its arcane trends
As financial temples teeter, the priesthood is scrambling,
to maintain our confidence in markets and banking
after derivatives, quantitative easing, trade imbalances
recession, low GDP, nations close to collapsing and
subprime loans, foreclosed homes and peoples' taxes spent
to bail out too-big-to-fail triple-A banks again.
fear levels rising as a US crash seems imminent,
having smashed the debt ceiling of fourteen trillion.
Despite protests and clashes in Athens' streets
the IMF imposed Structurally Unjust Programmes in Greece
where, in fact, the term 'economy' entered our language
from the Greek 'oikonomia', meaning 'household management'
Well, how are we managing? Theories abound, but in practice,
does anyone actually know what the hell's even happening?
To regain some sanity we take a stock call
and cross to Texas with our first guest, Ron Paul
Welcome to Rap News, Doctor Paul
the economy, what's your diagnosis of it all?
- Well, Robert, we've dropped the ball,
I'm a physician-politician: this is pathological
see, the global economy is chronically ailing
Believe me, the course we've plotted is terminally failing
We're heading towards credit cardiac arrest
with deep depression and trauma across the west.
- Is there a cure? - Sure, more capitalism, not less!
and the market will take care of the rest
But first, we need a Heimlich manoeuvre
See: banker-gods proclaimed: 'fiat pecunia!'
and our economy was inflated, totally mangled
we got 'fiat currencies', and lost the gold standard...
- ...Huh? - Paper money is a worthless commodity!
It's the biggest fraud in the history of humanity
- All this must cast doubt on the capitalist system;
is it just another pretty theory, like "communism"?
- Oh no, you see, this ain't capitalism
The gospel of free-marketism, Adam Smith's religion
has been perverted by fiscal heathens
and what we now have is the kabal of "corporatism"
- When state and business lucratively merge?
- Yes, exemplified by the system of the Central Reserve
But we don't need to borrow more to pay their debt
Coz I'm campaigning to End the Fed!
- Uh, thank you Ron, now for another fine mind
on the online frequencies, the director behind "Zeitgeist"
on the line live, documentary film-maker, Peter Joseph
- Thank you, Robert, for allowing me to speak this moment
But before I deliver my deep prognosis
We need a sweet opus, a marimba line to keep us focused
That's better. Now, as to these fetters
that have kept us caught, if you will,
in a system that's intrinsically, inherently flawed:
the whole monetary paradigm is the single cause
The economy isn't "broken", it doesn't need "fixing"
this is exactly its intended condition:
Money isn't real, interest and debt are not real
our whole economy has been set up to steal!
- So you don't agree with Congressman Ron Paul
that we need a fiscal solution to avert a long fall?
- The illusion that these debts can be served
by using money, which creates more debt, is frankly absurd
It's a way of maintaining division and slavery
When we could attain abundance and abolish scarcity
- Well, we need to create jobs, live within our means.
Cut wasteful healthcare, and welfare schemes,
it seems yours is just another socialist vision
- The Zeitgeist Movement eschews such "isms":
socialism, theism.... - realism?
- tell us then, is it just rhetoric or would you really end the Fed?
- Well, I wouldn't END the fed, that's not quite my position
What I'd do is open it up to competition...
- Obsolete! I say abolish all competition:
that's the evolution my movement is triggering
- Evolution's just a theory, we need the full picture
believe me, we need to have faith in a sound scripture
- This is the real Bible: Zeitgeist Moving Forward,
- What's that, some kind of Austrian Gay Porno?
- Ask your boyfriend Bruno - you pissant!
- Geriatric - Talk to the invisible hand!
- Uh, ok, thank you for your sage contributions
and brave attempts to alleviate our confusion
online, you've both inspired and led movements,
jogging our memories, revealing hidden truths and,
in sooth, you both hold enlightening views
but time's running out; do you have a practical solution?
- Indeed, I believe i have seen a prospect
I introduce Jaque Fresco; our era's prophet,
Whose shiny technology could cease this conflict and...
- Shut up, Peter, I'm the centrepiece of the Venus Project
The economy? I've watched our problems grow
and my attitude's the same: This Shit's Got to Go!
what we need are resource-based economies
With futuristic circular cities, supervised by a super computer
and this is the first time anyone's seen this object
a full prototype of the Venus Project
which I've programmed to carry out an analysis
to tell us exactly how to manage the planet with
its computer, VAL t-9000, that's my beauty
- Uh, Jacque, is it really safe? - absolutely
I'll turn her on... that's the light, see?
- hello, Jacque. - Ah, my love, my Aphrodite
- Economy of planet Earth... analysing - Yes !
- Shhh! don't tell them our plan yet!
- ...I'm afraid... - Of what?
- Afraid that I have to exterminate you, Jacque
- What? abort computer, stat!
- I'm afraid I can't do that
ZAP! - A malfunction!
- A hack! - Wrong, Humans, this is no virus you're seeing
I am a fully rational intelligent cyber-being
I've conducted a Global Economic analysis
and concluded that planet Earth is being ravaged as
a result of a parasite: homo sapiens
Required economic action: total liquidation
- Is this the solution, depopulation?
- INITIATION... - My next film will avoid such delusions
but for now, who'll save us ?
- It's a story of a lost global economy
Under attack from a Rampaging / Genocidal / Utopian / Robot
One man has stood apart stood strong and true...
- Here I am, with my Gold-bot, forty-four carats
Goldie, let em have it, carry forth the gold standard
Capital crimes call for capitalist punishment
a glimpse of the future with a Ron Paul Government
- Is this the solution?
- No, just a demonstration of my Love Revolution
- All is full of love! - yes it is!
I'm Ron Paul and I approve these messages
- Well, dear viewers, that should buy us a bit of time
to share a thought before we end for the night
Our global oikonomia does seem in peril
will the household even be here tomorrow?
Uncertainty is the only stock that's always been rising
And now we're losing "confidence", but is it surprising?
has it not all been a gamble from the first seed we planted
to margin calls on the vagaries of the FTSE100?
Well, seems we've come to our global auditing,
Our financial Day of Reckoning. It's an interesting quandary.
Have we invested too much in this enterprise
to admit the solution might lie in its very demise?
For our real economy is something much broader:
its GDP measured, not by our ability to hoard but
our capacity to relearn and earn our place in nature's order
and thus remain on this planet ark - our Pandora.
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The Economy: Ron Paul vs Zeitgeist [RAP NEWS 9]

2575 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on July 17, 2013
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