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hey what's going on guys Nickatnyte here today
welcome to what is an epic epic episode
it is my best pushing I believe ever
since Clash Royale came out
my legendaries I was really hoping to
get a max lava hounds i opened up a
super magical chest and boom we get our
last lava how much we've been looking
for for quite awhile 20 out of 20 and
we're able to upgrade that bad boy up to
level five and that's the deck i'm going
to be using today so i was playing all
these this morning and into the
afternoon live or just kind of sitting
on my desk and I wasn't able to record
the live commentary but some of these
battles have such good placements and
just plays and overall just good moves
against top players in the game that I
thought it's definitely worth it to keep
this recording that I had going and then
just do a video like this is not my
normal way to do it but it's gonna be
funny i want to show you some of these
matchups so Boss Hogg here first from
burning bus i played him quite a bit and
it's it's kind of a funny story because
he always used to barely or like not
barely always used to beat me and these
last two matchups have just gone really
well for us here so i'm at first one
there we always to put my lava hound i'm
just sitting at 4i don't see that
immediate threat coming through right
there so he's able to shut that down
pretty well but we're able to plant our
musketeer in a position where those mega
millions are not going to be able to
target her and then start a little bit
of a counter push Musketeers just going
to kind of show right there get taken
out by three skeletons and now it's
going to be this deck really does live
for double mixer because you can just
put so much down so fast but it's
incredibly hard to stop all most people
are using hogs or there's I don't know a
good amount of the leaf Barb's obviously
but like hogs some balloons but it's a
very popular deck and variance of it you
definitely have to be ready because he
can out cycle my counters for the heart
rider quicker than i could put down my
units because his dick is so cheap so
right there that's gonna be the most
punishing hog bush that he gets a honest
the entire game right here so how is
over there over to the tower get the
balloon he's pulling in nicely with the
and the mega minion and cannon luckily
the Mega Million is still looking at my
lava hard because that allows the
balloon to just sneak right past their
it doesn't get to the tower but with its
buffed death damage when it drops the
bomb the balloon is still good you'll
have to get into the tower
I just like once in the game and other
times you can just get close and get
that death Bob to just explode right on
the arena towel right there
now i'm gonna do a straight up down the
left lane lava home push have my
tombstone ready and then we can do a
musketeer plant where she's also going
to be drifting to the left lane after
she's done with the hog to assist the
lava hound and balloon push all right
balloon on the wall right there if you
put it right behind the corner piece on
the wall it will bypass buildings that
are placed in the middle i had it so
early before his building was even ready
and I had a bunch of elixir so i put it
down early a little bit further back
either way we had enough built up to we
were able to take out the cannon get to
the Tower and then that bomb drops and
does that final blow right there you can
see we have just a swarm going on
skeleton army another lava hound down
still some pumps from the first lava
hound up right there and then with his
appt just too slow as ha got a little
bit 10 seconds left
he's not gonna have enough to cycle all
the way back and then make it to our
tower right here and even if he does
we've got a lot going on boom there's
the fireball and then the Musketeers in
his base actually forgot this one went
to overtime they did have a fireball so
I had the musketeer and the inside
chipping away at the tower right there
so we just need one more really good
push this ones are going to be closer
than I thought I'd better comes in
Tombstone he's gonna fire ball right
there take out the tombstone and then
he's gonna zap the skellies but luckily
the skeleton army immediately after is
going to clean up that hog rider balloon
minions lava hound now I can add the
musketeer into the middle and this is
just gonna be a good game right here I
don't even think I used my fireball the
entire game right there just hit him
with a good game and that was definitely
well-played does it was close it could
have gone either way but we just had
such a heavy deck for him to deal with
with just the cannon and so in a mega
cannon and megan is pretty much all he
had a defense so i always keep the chest
slot open so we've got the one magical
still unlocking right now and that
brought us up to 14 in the u.s. here but
this push went much further than that
and it was it's just crazy I've never
strong this many wins altogether so
we've got Korea cookie run actually a
level 12 hanging up here with level 13
by level 13 spear gobs we'll see we'll
see what the card doubles he's got going
on tombstone just kind of a passive
start right there and then if i am being
super conscious of it i'll try to put
the musketeer somewhere where he can't
get extra value but she's still got a
path towards the center right there
so when I put the house and down the
fireball comes in hits my musketeer and
i use the lot behind to distract that
princess so he takes the musketeer out
fully with this app I bring some minions
because i don't have enough for like a
full-blown balloon and lava how push at
this time but just minions and the pops
from the lava hound are gonna get us
some good damage on that left towel
right there but I have to know he's got
that princess which he could place at
any time those are very tricky like in
my last episode with the hog freeze it
like predict sometimes if they're going
to do a princess at the bridge if it's
closed because I should get that first
shot off on your arena tower if not
right here we find out he has the Royal
giant i was in the process of actually
putting a tombstone down in that
position regardless but the world is
going to come and check out our
tombstone with the minions on top it's
not the worst thing in the world he gets
a couple shots off on the arena tower
and now we just have basically a single
musketeer going on the left lane there's
not too much to do there
barbs are coming in and I could have
fireball them but I went with minions
just because they're gonna take it out
43 i still have my fireball and this is
the tricky spot right here this princess
i don't have the minions for her so I
have to fireball the princess right here
so it was either use the fireball on the
barbs and then minion down the princess
or the way I did it right there either
way you look at it you don't want to
have to use a fireball in the princess
but hey you do what you got to do over
here i'm just going to go ahead and zap
those fear God just to stop any extra
build up coming behind the world giant I
also wouldn't have done it if there are
any tar wasn't gonna get hit as well
minions and tombstone right there going
to be a good counter for the world giant
take him out and now we're starting a
little bit of a counter push will just
more of something he has to deal with
and I'm just kinda keeping the pressure
on fireball the wizard and the arena
towers keep getting that ship damaged
because he seems to be defending quite
well this was going to be a little
tough i have to zap to finish off the
wizard and then muskets here for the
barbarians because the wizard would have
just blown my musketeer away otherwise
and now I've got the lava hound down and
it's time to just go full beans as you
can see i'm waiting on the balloon right
there just trying to get the balloon
down as soon as possible
the balloon goes over the top of the
Royal giant heading straight to the
tower got the lava and about to pop and
the balloon is trying its best to make
it actually won't even get to the Tower
and now this one I was a little bit
scared because his royal Giants shipping
us faster than making chip at him and
we've got the musketeer and a fireball
and that is going to clutch his tower
with 10 seconds left
I'm just gonna go full assault on this
royal giant right now my skeleton army
actually push the Royal giant over to
where he had a direct line of fire to my
Tower it bypassed the tombstone that
could have came back to bite me with
just a couple more seconds we would have
had to play the overtime game but
luckily able to string that one right
there to 49 16 honestly I just I was
just looking for max town especially
with the double XL challenge out now I
want to see how he does or she does
whatever you think the lava hot is in
the double extra challenge but I was
like all right let's start with a bit of
competitive top 200 alright next year
we've got king of Iran from nova Iran
and we're gonna be seeing how this one
he hits us with a good luck we got the
good luck as well a couple people seem
to be cheering for him so we've got
spectators on both sides and it's
filling up rather quickly seven people
already watching this one here fireball
one thing I've been doing is because
when i use the Golem deck with an elixir
collector am I hate when ppl fireball
your pops the general rule is if you let
someone get that to pump lead in double
exer they can just shout out cycle you
and i'll perform you if they just even
make decent place they're gonna have so
much more elixir then you saw my
cardinal rule i guess for this match
here is in the back of my head don't let
him pump up now that's a good little
clearing of the hog rider and the mega
millions now just kind of like a full
reset i see the collector but I want to
start my push and then we could deal
with it so in my mind right now what I'm
doing is I'm starting a lava home push
get the full push put together then I
could send a fireball in and just get a
little bit of extra value and hit that
looks a collector i immediately
abandoned that idea when I see I school
of annually barbarians which is the
correct response from him don't let me
build up my push to take out your
collector and your tower so i put down a
tombstone skeleton army and I need the
minions because of his cards right
there's a three different cars shut down
the elite Barb's i'm still gonna go with
the fireball here because that pump has
more than half health on it and we're
gonna catch the the tower and the pump
and then the lava pops can do their
thing and just chip away at that mega
once again we sort of have a reset and
now i'm pretty bummed because I see that
he has three musketeers this is that
three musketeer hog rider elite
barbarian deck that you guys have
probably seen once or twice already it's
extremely popular right now but two
muskets on the right one on the left
I've got mine to sort of counter the
left skeleton army on the right side to
counter those he's gonna zap it away and
now i just have to zap that muskets here
on the left side and just kind of soak
up that damage and it is what it is I do
have my fireball decks in rotation which
is a benefit of that not using it on the
Musketeers i'll start the hound and now
it's time to do a big old Bush so pound
here comes the lead box every time I put
the Hound down he sends out the elite
Barb's I spirits going to go into my
minions which is I guess ok it's better
than taking out skeletons right there
were able to i take out the elite barbs
with a little bit last we do have to use
the skeleton army now got the balloon
I've got the lava hound and then we're
gonna add in right here i see i go
fireball and zap boom take out the Mega
Million and the Musketeers the balloon
and lava hound are just sitting on the
tower full and that is when you know
your towers absolutely god alright
tombstone skeleton army behind the high
school so the ischool it doesn't pop and
take out too many of them millions on
top once the skeleton army is done for
just trying to distract with everything
possible musketeer right in front of the
King tower to try to defend a fireball
and we also have his apt to slow down
this hog rider we all need to stop it
for a second we don't have to fully
stopped it and it's gonna go down anyway
right there against king of Iran wow
that was a crazy match be that he's a
top player as well I've seen his name on
the top 200 quite a bit
it's crazy like talking through these I
think coming up I've got a couple like
just the fireballs app just the
mentality of what's going through my
mind a lot of times but i'm just playing
live making a lot of jokes having a good
time which I'm still doing right now but
it's good to hear sometimes I miss tip
or two that i want to say for just like
some random commentary gets lost in
there so next we've got tuna from nova
turkey hit him with the good luck and
started out so this is an interesting
starting and he's going to start with a
graveyard which is kind of weird it's
almost like you just wanted to get rid
of it out of his hand
I start with minions which was a nice
thing to put down say I put a golem in
the left lane that tower could have been
done on the right side
luckily we have a skeleton army which he
doesn't fully zap and my remaining
skeletons help my tower take out that
ok now we're at the full reset this is
where you can either choose to set up a
tombstone or start a lot behind right
here i was gonna grab the Hound because
lately when I put the Hound down people
bring something quick and like a leaf
Barb's so it is a good precaution to
keep the tombstone in your hand you know
just in case also with a hog rider once
your tombstones down they get to take it
to do like I determine the play they get
to say okay I'm gonna bypass the
tombstone ago this lane if the hog
ladder or leaf farms have been deployed
yet and you still hold the tombstone
then the balls in your court and you get
to pick which way you're gonna bring in
how you're going to deal with it on
so right there the balloon will make it
to the tower and we're gonna lose a
tower but I went all in on his tower and
we're gonna be trading towers right here
now we're going to take another one
however I like my deck versa graveyard
I know it's easy to take for if you put
like a nice cool more a bowler in the
middle of the base but the King tower
gets to help out now against his
graveyards I had that little extra added
benefit of having the King tower up
versa balloon it's really not going to
do much because it doesn't get to fire
to the balloons pretty much on top of
the arena tower and versa how'd it also
isn't gonna do too much as well
alright so how it going on the right
lane in that first deployment on the
right lady so I put it all the way in
the corner and I try to deal with his
boiler with some minions really quick
because if it gets in that could be
dirty murder he's gonna slap us with a
well-played because he knows like I took
the motor out of the picture before
I was a big issue then I put the balloon
down because I feel like we're like sort
of in the clear here the lot behind
deals with the tombstone I'm gonna
fireball that mega to keep it off of my
blue and it actually knocked it over to
the left there and now it's worrying
about those pups my balloon is able to
first take out a tombstone and then get
one hit on the tower and drop its Bob
and set my tombstone up one more time
let's see if we can replicate that so
now since we are in the double extra
time I put my hand almost all the way at
the bridge on the wall before I put it
in the back corner because I needed more
time to build the push i do the same
thing I shut down the boulder with
minions and i add a balloon but since
we're in double elixir the placement
sort of changes you can see how i did it
right there
this is gonna be a little bit difficult
here you can see I'm just worrying about
defending I don't even I'm not looking
at that top right or in an hour I'm
looking over here and I'm actually
overcautious and i zap nothing thinking
that the bowler was still alive and I
can't with his bowler get even one more
shot on the tower so that was just
playing defense right now but my name is
down in a musketeer I've got the
skeleton army in case something heavy
comes in he's gonna go ahead and freeze
I was gonna say fireball but I'm not my
skeleton army down at fireball and zap
and that's going to be good game right
there against tuna from nova turkey so a
couple in a row and that was what four
matches right there in a row who are
continuing on here at would bring us to
49 74 none of them are blowouts they're
all pretty close
which was why I was like should I stop
am I just getting really lucky but it
just kept working out so that was a
after four then let's open up the chest
i guess that keep that slaughter but you
never know what you're gonna get and
jumping in to the next one right here
we've got june from Korea and this one
here immediately getting a bunch of
spectators up to five down to four
we'll see how that goes five six seven I
know I don't have I know I normally get
a couple but looks like june is quite
popular already at nine I'm gonna start
with passive minions like I did against
the graveyard they need to leave ya
immediately get fireball so i start up a
little bit of a balloon push really
didn't have many options now skeleton
army is over there on the right side of
perfect zap clinches all of it now he's
got a princess and I'm like dey look at
this spread
look at the way he spread this out
I'm thinking here what do i do I plant a
musketeer for the princess and I just
fired all the millions of my cart will
reset we'll figure it out i'm not going
to have any elixir after I defend this
but he had that spread so well between
putting the minions off to the left side
there and most of them survived the
bottom of the balloon and then the
princess opposite lane it really forced
me to have to defend both sides now we
have 19 people watching this one I have
to assume a massive friends list or
maybe another streamer or something like
that but I put the tombstone down almost
quick enough
the fire spirits still get there and the
second one hits the tombstone
next up we've got that goblin barrel
company and I do have zapped ready for
it but this deck is going to be super
spammy it's that mirror minion horde
goblin barrel princess furnace in my
love ya and fireball so we know what's
pretty much in the deck at this point
lava hound just going in with some
it's ok but the princess is gonna be
able to deal with the minions as well as
that furnace the love on we'll go
straight to the tower though I guess
that's one good thing this is what the
play that's pretty much going to define
how I make these pushes work when you
have a musketeer she has such a great
range when the princess is that your
left bridge you put her all the way off
to the river i'm sure you know this one
tile over and chill first take that shot
at the princess and then assist you push
the other way
it's the same thing when a hog riders
coming in and you place or maybe a
little bit in front of the King tower
put in the opposite lanes that she's
gonna go the way you want her to at this
stage trophy wives in the game
everyone's gonna be making those plays
let's do you have to be on point with it
I place my tombstone a little bit
further back because i want the
skeletons to try to stay alive so he's
going to fireball that because you know
it's the furnace but make it to the
tower at all with the way I place that
tombstone so i started other hand push
because we got to get in there and he's
putting that princess in that annoying
position so i put my balloon and then
going to add some minions because i did
just use my zap minions can clean up
nicely with just a couple jabs that
musketeer plant again same exact spot
and now it's a little bit of a bigger
build up because we're in double exer
that's why once you get to double its
you could add so much more of this
pushes crazy i add the scar me in there
just to make more distraction and more
to deal with he has the log ready also
might not have been the best play or
even necessary
right there we have the musketeer she's
able to finish off the tower and that
leaves me with a lot of options here
with just six seconds left I'm going to
fireball the mirrored goblin barrel as
opposed to zap because it won't kill the
one level up goblins and that is a good
game right there
verse joon-suh BAM some of these players
plus 21 that brings us to 49 95 they
never they never let you just get that
like 28 that you need or whatever 29 and
and fully make it 25 k so now I'm facing
at 5003 can't read the name but you know
it's going to be tough when someone's at
5,000 and the highest players in the
world this morning were like 50 200 ish
i want to say there's it's pretty crazy
but musketeer that's kind of a weird
position wasn't behind the Kings towers
straight up behind the arena tower and
then he's got the bowler luck we should
be able to chip off a good amount of
damage if they just go one-on-one
because she's not gonna cross the bridge
I just go with minions and blew into
tank they're gonna go in and first deal
with that furnace will see what he does
to defend over there I've got a couple
minions and Amir furnace so this is a
very interesting you have to deal with
it sort of deck like the bowler really
good at shutting down to leave Barb's
the furnaces putting two of them down is
just immense amount of trickle damage
that you have to deal with or put
something else was trying to just really
control the match with this play style
i'm gonna go ahead and zap trying to a
perfect zap i miss one skeleton but my
tombstone drifts over to assist because
there was a bunch of skeletons closer to
it which is going to help us on a lot
right there i'm gonna let the tower
fully deal with that minor I didn't feel
like it was worth investing anything I
could have put a musketeer i believe
right behind the King tower on the right
side and she would have drifted off to
the right but that's just asking to be
fire bald I said the fireball in here
and i miss the arena tower was not too
proud of that when I only hit the bowler
and the furnace one tile up and write
more i believe i should have had both of
them right there the lava hounds gonna
pop but I didn't feel confident adding
to that push at all so we're going to
deal with our defense the right here
musketeer a decent counter if he doesn't
add anything to that minion horde right
there and that
gonna be fine and dandy let her just go
and drift up i had to get a little
creative here and I think this might be
the best player of the episode so as
soon as he decided to mirror the minion
or Die had nothing for it so i use my
balloon defensively a lot of you might
forget that the balloons death damage
went up so much it kills millions now so
you can see right there the defensive
balloon for the cost of one less than
the mirrored minion horde takes out his
entire horde I think that play right
there that might have determined the
game when I did right there but now i
don't have the balloon with the lava
have to get all the way back to it the
lava hounds should grab those fire
spirits and the skeleton should help out
as well so my tombstone still stays at
full health
next I got the musketeer which I placed
directly at the bridge just kind of
seeing if she needs to drift over or
assist anything that pops into the
middle of the arena right there we have
the minion horde once again on my
balloon but the balloons gonna try to
make it just barely it gets there with
almost no health and drops a bomb i use
my scar me on the bowler and we take the
tower with the musketeer chipping away
those minions and the balloons sneaking
around the lava hard right there i add
an extra tombstone and actually should
have been on the left side cuz that was
less health I just start building up a
defense he's defending because this
could have been a three crowd that
musketeer was uh not defended but i'm
just i'm so i'm so pumped to be where we
are after finishing this match that I
don't try to push it all just defend and
that's going to wrap up that match right
there so in aspic morning of pushing
anything with 30 trophies from a player
at five thousand places at 50 25 and
this was number two local in the US but
look at this hazards up there over a
hundred trophies higher and then im
global we're up to twenty thirty dollars
probably changed up or down one time i
made a video and I didn't attack and I
went up one because someone dropped but
it changes a whole bunch because of
every people put playing all the time
they're pushing going up and down i'm
probably i think it was third when I
went to start recording this voiceover
but we'll keep playing I think I just I
just warmed up this morning on the
ladder and my main focus was playing the
double extra challenge which I'm going
to do more videos on this weekend I hope
you guys enjoyed it and hope there are
some good tips in here if you found it
useful definitely like here's the deck
tried out for yourselves i'll see you
guys soon as always everything class you
know too because already doing to keep
it tuned right here i'm naked i'll talk
to you guys
in the next episode
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265 Folder Collection
MCX~mighty combat X published on July 21, 2017
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