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Mmm it's-a Orange Juice
What's up everyone this is yarn from Orange Juice
We'll be talking about the best way to spend gems
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To simplify things in this video, all math is based on US Dollar, Mountain of Gems, and Wagon of Gold
There are 3 ways to aquire cards with gems
You can buy chests from the shop
You can buy gold to use in the daily card shop
And you can speed open chests in your chest slot
Before spending gems, it's important to understand the mechanics of your battle deck and card collection
Your battle deck is important because it directly affects your game play
The card collection is just as important
Because the game will automatically try to balance out all the cards you have
If you just reached arena 7 lately
You'll notice that you're getting a ton of Royale Giant and 3 Musketeer cards
This is an example of the game balancing out your card collection
Knowing this, it's hard to grow your battle deck
Without growing your entire card collection
It's beneficial to to buy cards that are in your battle deck and card collection
To proactively balance out your overall cards
For example, if I have 200 total skeleton cards
And 10 total Royal Giant cards, regardless of upgraded levels
I'm much more likely to see Royal Giants in my chests
And much less likely to receive Skeletons
So in a sense, buying cards you use and don't use are essential for growing your overall deck
When buying cards in the shop, the cost of the cards will double with each purchase
At what point do you stop buying?
The first 3 commons
and the first 3 rares are the best value
An exception you might want to make is for epic you use in your battle deck
The second epic epic will cost $1.29 (US)
Whereas if you buy a Super Magical Chest
The cost per epic is $0.84 (US)
However the chests could contain 17 epics you don't use
So it may be worth it to spend that extra $1 (US) to level up epics in your battle deck
Buying an epic of your choice from the daily card shop makes more sense
Unless you're planning to buy 20 Super Magical Chests to balance out your overall card collection
Speed opening a Silver Chest will always cost 18 gems
But higher Arenas will have more cards
So it's better value the higher Arena you're in
An Arena 1 Silver Chest will have 3 cards
And an Arena 8 Silver Chest will have 11 cards
Speeding is great value above Arena 1
and only gets better the higher you are
Check out the link in our description below for the math
Speeding is the most economical method for obtaining Epics and Legendaries
Each speed open brings you closer to next Giant, Magical, and Super Magical Chest
Buying chests holds great value throughout all Arena's and only gets better as you move into higher Arenas
Chests will increase in costs, but they'll also have more cards
So you'll receive a better bulk discount
The Giant Chest contains a lot of Common and Rare cards
This can be beneficial because your battle deck only uses common and rares
The Super Magical Chest is great for growing your card collection
and Battle Deck, and gives you a high chance to get a Legendary card
Buying a Giant Chest in the shop will cost $0.0048 per common card
But you get way more commons
Buying a Super Magical Chest in the shop will cost $0.0042 per common card
Speed opening a chest will cost $0.002 per common card
The 3rd common card in the shop will cost $0.019
Buying the first 3 commons
and first 3 rares are the best value for acquiring commons and rares
Speeding open chests over a short term is the second best value for acquiring commons and rares
However, over the long term, it's the best value for acquiring Epic's and Legendaries
The drawback is that you need to put in the time to collect chests
Giant Chests are good if you only use a Common/Rare deck
But if you plan to play this game for years to come, the bottleneck are Epic and Legendary cards
Magical Chests good if you only want to spend a little bit
Super Magical Chests offer the best bulk rate of the three chests
These chests are good value at all Arenas and only get better the higher Arena you're in
At the end of the day
A Super Magical Chest is only a fraction more expensive than speed opening
But without the time commitment of farming for chests
Thanks for watching, be sure to like and subscribe for more quality OJ
What's up everyone, this is yarn from "Oranse Juice"
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[OUTDATED] Clash Royale | Best Way to Spend Gems and Card Mechanics Explained

128 Folder Collection
MCX~mighty combat X published on July 20, 2017
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