B1 Intermediate US 339 Folder Collection
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- Welcome back, brites!
I'm DJ and welcome to TeraBrite Games!
- [Voiceover] Whoa!
I think you should leave that intro to me.
- Today, we're playing Pokemon Go
and we're hatching nine eggs.
All five kilometer eggs.
Kilometer eggs, however you wanna say it.
We're hatching 'em, we're gonna see what we get.
Gonna turn a lucky egg and get mad XP, let's do this.
(screen cracks)
(electropop music)
Alright, here we go.
Got nine eggs.
I've got nine incubators
so let's put 'em all in incubators
and freakin' hatch these five kilometer eggs.
I've never done it like this.
Usually I click on the egg first.
I don't know why I'm doing it like that.
- [Voiceover] You were so crazy in the intro
and now you're like so chill.
- I guess this is faster.
So something I've noticed by the way.
When you're hatching eggs, it makes most sense to me
to hatch your smaller distance eggs
with the one incubator that you have that's unlimited,
that's infinite, because then you have less eggs
and you have more spots for eggs,
and you hatch 'em faster.
It's just like a thought that I had.
But anyways, so there we go.
They're all in incubators.
We're gonna hatch these eggs
and when we get to it, we'll come back.
Real quick, I wanna show you my current top Pokemon.
Just to update you.
See, I got my Rainer at the top.
It's actually a Vaporeon but I did the Eevee trick.
Tried to get a full page of 1,000 CP but I don't.
But really that's kind of a waste of my time.
I gotta focus on my main Pokes
which is what I've been doing on my Rainer.
But anyway, so we'll be back
when those eggs are about to hatch
and we'll see what we got.
Alright, so finally all my eggs should be hatching
right now.
They're all five kilometer eggs
so let's find out what we're gonna get.
Let's see what it is!
It's Shellder. Yeah!
- [Voiceover] What power? CP?
- 463. That's a pretty good CP.
So I'm getting pretty close to evolving another Shellder
because I got 41 Shellder candies.
So thanks to that egg hatch.
I don't know how many candies I got, I didn't see.
Here comes another one!
Let's see what we got!
Alright, I've got a few of these already.
I might be able to evolve one.
It's Magnemite.
That's good.
- [Voiceover] What about the power?
- Here comes another one---
Oh, sorry, I missed that.
We got it on camera so you can see it. The CP.
Oh, Mankey.
Mankey's cute.
- [Voiceover] Let me see.
486, that's good. - He's an ugly cute.
He's a monkey. That's why he's called Mankey.
- [Voiceover] Mankey.
- Getting pretty close to evolving that too.
Alright, we got another one!
Let's see what's coming up next.
- [Voiceover] CP? - 420.
Blaze it!
Just kidding, I don't do that.
What's this one?
Come on. Come on.
(dramatic music)
Another Mankey?
- [Voiceover] What's the CP?
- (sighs) 468.
- [Voiceover] Oh, a lot of 400s, huh?
- Yeah, baby.
So how many do I have so far?
Here comes another one.
- [Voiceover] Is it like Christmas?
- Another Shellder.
- [Voiceover] Is this like Christmas, babe?
- Yeah, it's like Christmas
where you get multiple of the same presents.
(woman chuckles) 451 CP, Shellder.
We're getting real close to evolving that, baby.
By the way, I have my lucky egg on
so if I get any Pokemon that I don't already have,
I'm gonna get extra C---
Oh, I got a Diglett already.
What level is this one?
(scoffs) It's alright though.
- [Voiceover] You're spoiled.
You're like, "$233 gift? Come on."
- Yeah, I saw a really funny---
- [Voiceover] I'm just kidding.
- Alright, I mean, I got crap tons of Psyducks
but 621, pretty good CP for a Psyduck.
I think this might be the last one, I'm not sure.
I feel like I've hatched a lot already.
Right on!
- [Voiceover] (laughs) Let me see.
- Is this Rhydon or am I getting mixed up?
Yeah, it is Rhydon.
I get 'em mixed up.
628, Rhyhorn.
I'm pretty sure, yeah, oh, Rhyhorn---
Oh, so Rhyhorn's the first evolution.
I already have a Rhydon so that's actually a really good CP
for the first evolution so I'm happy about that one.
- [Voiceover] You're never gonna evolve it.
- I got 10,000 XP from that, that's pretty good.
- [Voiceover] Wow.
- And I'm done evolving these five K eggs.
Maybe next time, come back with some 10 K eggs
unless I get a bunch of five Ks again,
we'll do another one.
- [Voiceover] Another one?
- Let me know if you want another one.
Tell me in the comments if you wanna see more of these
egg hatching videos.
They're kinda short and quick but it's kinda fun
'cause it's like Christmas, you know what I'm saying?
By the way, I powered up my Rainer a little bit.
My Vaporeon.
I can do a little more now thanks to all the star dust
I got from that.
Do another one right now.
See how we can get all these egg star dust.
Yeah, baby, let's keep going!
That's a lot of powering up, oh my goodness.
Oh, my goodness! Wow!
So that was fun.
Well, thanks for watching.
Make sure to give this a thumbs up
and subscribe for more videos,
and let me know again if you wanna see more of these things
and we'll do them.
By the way, we've been playing a little game
in these things.
We hid a Mewtwo somewhere in this video.
If you found it, let us know in the comments.
Make sure you subscribe, we'll see you guys next time.
I love you guys, good bye.
(electropop music)
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339 Folder Collection
JASPER published on July 20, 2017
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