B1 Intermediate US 109 Folder Collection
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Mmm it's a Orange Juice
What's up everyone this is yarn from Orange Juice
All values are based on tournament standards
There's two new legendary cards
The log is available in Builder's Workshop and will only cost 2 elixir
It's an obstacle that is 3.9 tiles in width
It's the first spell card that's a legendary
Since it's a spell, it can't be stopped or destroyed
It rolls a distance of 9.6 tiles
It has just enough range to snipe an arena tower from the bridge
And it can snipe the king's tower after the lane is open
Just like every spell, it can only deal 40% damage to crown towers
In terms of damage, the log is similar to arrows
It kills anything weaker than Archers in 1 shot
This includes killing the Princess
The difference with arrows is that the log is only limited to ground unit and can't target air troops
The log knockback has as much influence as a Fireball and Bowler
Knocking back small and medium size units
It doesn't knock back large units
Regardless of the amount of troops it rolls over
It'll continue to roll the full distance
With it's knockback mechanic, it can separate large troops from medium troops to break their synergy
An example would be splitting the Prince from the Dark Prince
Since only the Dark Prince gets knocked back
For such a low cost, this is such an incredible spell
You can use the knockback offensive to force units to reaggro
From a defensive perspective, you can force medium units off your arena tower with the knockback
The Barbarians were knocked off the tower and targeted the Valkyrie
This works with a Bowler too
You can even defend against a Hog that's locked onto your tower
If your building was out of rotation
Your log can knock the hog off the tower and cycle your deck
The Lumberjack and Royale Giant are played
He costs 4 elixir. He deals a hundred more damage than the knight
But has just under a thousand health at level 1
He's a glass canon
His health is relatively low
But his damage is very high
Upon death, he drops his purple juice
When you level up the Lumberjack, only his health and damage increase
Rage stats remain the same at all levels
The Lumberjack is pretty fragile at 900 health
He has to make it closer to the Arena Tower or else the rage won't reach the melee troops
A rage spell costs 3 elixir
And the Lumberjack costs 4 elixir
It's only 1 extra elixir to deploy a physical unit that can cast rage spell
The difference is that the Lumberjack needs to be addressed or he'll get in a lot of chip damage
Once your opponent has expended elixir counter him
You can send in other cards
Whereas with the Rage spell, your opponent doesn't need have to worry about countering a physical unit
In this gameplay, Jiro fored me to expend elixir to defend against her Lumberjack
Jiro knew he was going to die so she sent in Minions to benefit from the residual Rage
If the Lumberjack and the Royal Giant are played, it's best to address the Lumberjack at your tower
The Rage will just be out of range of the Royal Giant
The Rage lasts 8 seconds
So you can send in cheap units to chip away
Anything behind the Lumberjack needs to be addressed because once he dies, they'll be raged
Especially cheap units like Spear Goblins
The Lumberjack has huge potential for offensive plays but it's very situational
But he's consistently very effective as a defensive kamikazie unit
It sets you up for a really strong counter attack
Especially considering that Rage affects Arena Towers
The tower gets a nice boost
Typically your opponent will send in a Lumberjack first with the intent of having him die early
With support troops in the back that will benefit from his Rage
When you're aware that the Lumberjack is being sent in for a push
You can seperate the troops out of range from the Rage
By pulling the Lumberjack to the centre and support troops upwards
The Lumberjack is as dynamic as the Miner
There are so many ways to play him
Hope you guys enjoyed this video
Thanks for watching, be sure to like and subscribe for more quality OJ
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Clash Royale | Intro to - The Log | Lumberjack | Part 2 | (7/4)

109 Folder Collection
MCX~mighty combat X published on July 18, 2017
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