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脆弱無助的時候該怎麼辦 What should I do while feeling fragile and helpless?
剛講還是有兩個部分要跟大家提醒 There are two perspectives to remind everyone
第一個有時候在我們學習身心靈 Firstly, while we learn ideas of body, mind and spirit
或學習賽斯的部份 or learn Seth Material ,
有可能我們真的會去 there might be concealed
把很多東西掩蓋下來 our plenty of feelings
就彷彿讓我們越學越覺得 As if the more we learn from it,
自己應該要很好 better we should become
越學越覺得怕丟臉啦 The more shameless we scared of
怕沒面子啦 Scared of be disgraced
怕人家不喜歡我們啦 Afraid of being dislike by someone else
但是就像我剛才講的 However, just like I was mentioned
各位你一定要定時的回來問自己 You should ask yourself regularly
就像我舉個例子來講 For example,
你們家多久倒一次垃圾 How often do you dump your trash?
每天倒嘛 Everyday
而且垃圾車是一天來兩次嘛 And a garbage truck comes twice a day
很多人是一直有個想法是 Many of you always think that
我已經把我的負面已經清除完了 I already eliminated all my negative thoughts
各位沒有 But folks, it is not true.
我說一句老實話 Honestly saying,
負面假設我們說清除的話 Hypothetically, what if we think of negative
永遠沒有說清除完的那天 There is not the day you completely eliminate
就好像各位我問你 Let me ask you. Just like
你什麼時候大完便 when you finish your feces?
下次不用再大了 When is the next time no need to stool?
你莎優那啦那天嘛 It's the day you pass away
我的意思是說 What I mentioned is
我們不自覺在我們的潛意識當中 In the subconscious,
我們經常會不自覺的累積負向情緒 we often cumulate negative emotions unconsciously
而且是無時無刻 The negative emotions are cumulated all the time
那些負面的情緒是在累積的 All the time
好所以我希望在座的同學 Alright, so I hope all the folks here
你們真的要養成習慣 be sure to in a habit
日記本也好 Either keep a diary
你們要找朋友說也好 or talk to your friend
你要找心靈輔導師 see a spiritual counselor
你要找心理師 or seeing a therapist is okay
都好但是你們一定要養成一個習慣 It's a must that all of you in a habit of
你有沒有定期的清除 你內在的負面能量 eliminating your inner negative energy regularly
為什麼我們常常會有很多 Why we frequently have those diseases such as
精神疾病也好 Psychiatric Disorders,
精神官能症也好 Neurosis,
憂鬱症也好 or Depression?
其實都是你累積一段時間 All because your negative emotions cumulates for a while
你從來沒有真的養成 and you never actual in a habit of
處理負向情緒的習慣 coping with the negative emotions
各位請記得這句話 Dear folks, please keep this saying in mind
你沒有養成處理負向情緒的習慣 "Do you in a habit of coping with your negative emotions?"
而且我說的不是一次兩次 What I mention is not coping with it just once or twice
我說的是習慣 What I mean is the habit
那一個東西一旦你養成習慣了 Once you get used to it and form the habit,
你就不會等他 You won't wait until
累積到一個濃度了 the negative emotions to a massive degree
你生病了 makes you illness
才經歷了所有這些過程 and experience all these processes
那開頭那句話很簡單 It's very simple for the opening sentence
我剛剛講了 What I just said
其實我的問題大了 Actually I have a great problem
其實我一點都不好 Actually I am not fine at all
因為過去我們的理性上 Because we rationally weaken
我們都會把問題淡化 problems in the past
各位有時我常講 As I often mentioned, folks
你們一聽又會跟我們學的賽斯思想 You may think it conflict with
好像又抵觸了 Seth Material that we learn
賽斯思想不是要永遠告訴自己 Seth Material indicates that always tell myself that
我是很好的嗎 我很棒 我很行嗎 I am okay. I am great. I am superior.
各位聽懂沒有 But folks, do you understand
但是有時候先承認 Sometime you need to admit that
我是不行的 I am incapable
你才能真的再得回能力 and then you are truly obtain your ability back
先承認你是不行的 First, admit you that you are incapable
那叫做過程 What does it call? A process.
那叫過程 That is a process.
你永遠覺得自己行 If you think you are capable of anything
那你掩蓋了你的脆弱喔 Then you hide your fragile
你掩蓋了你的無力感喔 and your helpless
當你知道你是癌症的時候 While you are diagnosed in Cancer
當你在那邊住院 While you are hospitalized
又不得不打化療 and have no choice but chemotherapy
打了化療 After chemotherapy,
我剛講才打第一劑 Like I just said, the first injection,
兩個腎臟腫起來了 two kidneys are swollen
還要放雙J導管 and also the insertion of double-J ureteral catheter
腎臟的引流管子 which is the drain for kidneys
那不放又擔心兩個腎臟壞掉萎縮掉 It will be worried that two kidneys are atrophied
萎縮掉就變成要洗腎啦 and tunes into dialysis
腎臟壞掉洗腎不然怎麼辦 The kidneys is going to atrophies and it takes dialysis What should you do?
不打化療你等死嗎 Without taking chemotherapy? Are you awaiting death?
要打又擔心腎臟壞掉 If you take it and worried the atrophy of kidneys
打了化療又擔心起來上廁所 If you take chemotherapy and worried
又怕漏針 對不對 about drop stitches, right?
各位 所以有時候人是什麼 Folks, so sometimes people....
是無助的 People are helpless
人是無助的 People are helpless
所以以前我也跟大家講過 Therefore, I used to mentioned that
很多人比如要成為基督徒 if you want to become a Christian
要受洗一定要做一個宣示 it's a necessary to make an announcement to be baptized
宣示什麼我是脆弱的 To announce that I am fragile
我是無助的我需要上帝的幫忙 I am helpless and I need helps from GOD
各位 當我們承認我們是脆弱的 Folks, while we admit that we are fragile
我們是無助的不代表我們投降喔 It doesn't mean that we surrender by admitting that we are helpless
不代表我兩手一攤 We have no alternative
我覺得自己很爛很糟糕 it doesn't equal that I am extremely awful
各位 不對... It's wrong! Folks.
因為現在的人類很可憐 Because human being nowadays are pity
因為每個人好像都很堅強很行 Because it seems that everyone is tough and superior
可是在每個人很堅強很行的底下 But below all this tough and superior appearance
每個人又真的很無助很脆弱 Everyone is truly helpless and fragile
我不知道各位你們有沒有那種經驗 I don't know that you have experiences
比如說家裡發生什麼事 For example, there is something happened in the family
你真的叫天天不應 叫地地不靈 Seriously, nowhere to turn for help
比如說假設你感冒了 For instance, you catch a cold.
發燒了 躺在床上 You are under an attack of fever and lie in bed
你真的覺得自己很無助 Seriously, you feel helpless
或是有些人你們恐慌發作 or some of your Panic Attack breaks out,
憂鬱發作 Depression breaks out
或是你遭遇了一個什麼樣的困境 or you are suffering a kind of frustration
你真的會在那邊覺得 Seriously you will feel that
為什麼人那麼無助 "Why people are so helpless?"
為什麼人那麼脆弱 "Why people are so fragile?"
為什麼蹦一下 跑來一個癌症 "Why cancer comes to your life suddenly?"
卵巢癌第三期三期末 "Why Stage IV of Ovarian Cancer comes to my life?"
我不打化療可不可以 Can I allow not to take chemotherapy?
我打了腎臟又壞掉 After taking chemotherapy, the atrophy of kidneys causes.
我怎麼辦 What should I suppose to do?
我接下來水抽掉 The following step of pumping water
瘦了六公斤 and lost 6 kilograms by then
我到底能不能活 Can I survive possibly?
各位人的那個無助 有沒有 Folks, people's helpless
人的無助 人的脆弱 People's helpless and people's fragile
像剛後面這位大姊和大姊的朋友 Like this friend and her friend.
家裡曾經有一個成員 there is a member is
是精神方面的疾病嘛 對不對 having psychiatric disorder, right?
當家裡有精神方面的疾病 While there is a psychiatric disorder
一次兩次三次的發作 breaks out once, twice or three times
各位 我的意思是說 Folks, what I mean is
在座的每一個人 all of you here
不知道你們有沒有曾經回想過 Have you been thought that
你們生命當中你最無助最脆弱的那個瞬間 the moment you feel the most helpless and fragile
也許你家裡發生什麼事情 Maybe there is something happened in your family
所以人是怎麼樣人是如此的脆弱啊 So that...People is so fragile!
人是如此的無助啊 People is so helpless!
當我們在病痛當中 While we are in the sickness
當我們在無依無靠當中 While we are have no one else to rely on
宇宙誰能幫助我 Who is going to help my in the whole universe?
誰能幫助我 Who is going to help me?
各位你們明白現在我要表達的涵義嗎 Folks, do you realize what I am trying to express?
這就是我在處理我們內在 This is the part we have to deal with
很脆弱很無助的那個自己 the inner self with great fragile and helplessness
各位你們一定每個人在座都碰到過 Folks, all of you here must encounter
你們一定每個人都碰到過 Must encounter the situation like
比如當你的至親好友 your lovely family or friends
當你的爸爸媽媽躺在那邊 your parents lie in bed
面臨臨終的時候 and encountering at the point of death
你再怎麼捨不得 how much you are reluctant to give up
你救不了他 You are not able to save their lives
對不對 Right?
比如一個父母親假設孩子 For example, a parent assume their children
遭遇什麼狀況 meet a kind of situation
不管是學業 生病 referring to school work, sickness,
還是什麼 or something else
你要喚也喚不回來 It's not allow to call it back
所以在我們一生當中 So, all in our lives,
在座的所有的人 all the listeners here,
我們一定都有很深刻的經驗過 We must have very deep experiences in
那個經驗是我怎麼會碰到這個情況 "How could I meet this situation?"
我怎麼辦 "What should I do?"
我怎麼辦 "What should I do?"
所以身而為人 我們有我們 As a human being, we do have
真的很脆弱的那個時刻 a moment with severe fragile
很脆弱的那個時刻 a moment with severe fragile
是啊 當你在脆弱的時候 怎麼辦 Yeah. What should you do while you feel fragile
當你在叫天天不應叫地地不靈 Nowhere to turn for help
比如說像同學目前的狀況怎麼辦 For example, what should our folk do in this circumstance?
各位很重要一句話 Folks, there is a vital saying
你一定要把這句話牢牢的記在腦海裡面 that you must keep firmly in mind is
就是一切都會過去 Everything will pass away
一切都會過去 Everything will pass away
你只要記住這句話 All you need is keep this in mind
再怎麼樣的恐慌 How panic your suffering
再怎麼樣當時的痛苦的活不下去 How much pain makes you are not alive any longer
像今天也是有一個學員來掛我的門診 For example, there is a client in my clinic today
他就覺得痛苦的活不下去 He feels extremely painful and can't live any longer
各位 一定會過去 Folks, everything will pass away
最遭的情況一定會過去 The worst situation must pass away
最遭的情況如果沒有過去 If the worst situation sustains,
那就表示會有更糟的情況在後面 the worst worst situation comes behind
但是就算是更糟的情況 However there is the worst worst situation
也一定會過去 It will pass away eventually
各位但是仔細聽 Yet, please listen to it carefully, folks
在我們賽斯心法的學習裡面 In Seth Material,
就是告訴大家一個終極的保證 you have an extreme guarantee
就算你在當下 That is, at the present
覺得你是那麼的無助 even you feel severe helpless
覺得你是那麼的脆弱 feel you feel severe fragile
覺得叫天天不應叫地地不靈 feel nowhere to turn for help
覺得彷彿就是世界末日 feel as though in Armageddon
你心中還是要有一個信仰 You must have a faith in yourself
那就是宇宙的力量一樣在護持著你 That is the power of universe protects all the time
我知道我現在在講這些東西 I realize that it seems like useless words
很像在講廢話 of I was saying
可是它已經是一種信仰了 However, it becomes a faith already
各位明白嗎 Do you understand?
在你最無助的時候 While you feel the most helpless
當你覺得我快死了 While you feel I can't live any longer
怎麼辦我的家人怎麼辦 What should my family suppose to do?
我的孩子怎麼辦 What should my children do?
我到底能不能活 Can I survive?
如果我死掉可以嗎 Can I just die?
在你最無助最脆弱的時候 at the moment of most helpless and fragile felt,
你心中還是要有一個信仰的聲音出來 the inner voice with faith needs to come out,
就是一切都會過去 that is"Everything will pass away"
而且宇宙的愛跟支持 And love and support from the universe
真的就在你的身邊 are all around you indeed.
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【許添盛醫師/賽斯】Dr.Hsu 無助脆弱的時候該怎麼辦?

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