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Hello, I'm Crown.
Today we're going to celebrate
the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter!
Hello everyone!
Welcome back to our channel.
That's right!
As you can see,
Crown is cosplaying again!
Honestly, we've cosplayed as Harry Potter
for many episodes already.
Remember that time that Ray cosplayed as Harry?
Does anyone remember?
So for today's video,
we are going to talk about one of our favorite things: Harry Potter!
It is also going to be
an English Corner.
So if you would like to watch with
Chinese and English subtitles,
you can go to the VoiceTube website.
We'll put the links in the description box below.
If you would like to stay on YouTube,
then don't forget to click on CC
to turn on the English subtitles!
I can’t believe Harry Potter
is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year!
One shot of British accent for you!
Seriously, it feels like just a few years ago
when the books and movies came out.
And now it’s really twenty years old!
Imagine how many people Harry grew up with!
So Harry Potter is twenty years old,
which means that it came out when I was...four?!
The first Harry Potter novel,
which is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
came out back in June 1997
and it’s first movie back in 2001.
Then the last Harry Potter series novel
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
came out in 2007,
and the movie franchise ended in 2011.
I’ve read all the 7 novels
except for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
and seen all the 8 movies.
Just a heads-up,
this might be a really nerdy video for some of you.
You guys get to watch as I unveil the fangirl side of me.
Just look at my cosplay.
To be honest,
I think that all 8 Harry Potter movies
is unique and awesome in each and every way.
Each has a specific core story
and we all get to grow and learn
and become stronger with the characters.
There are a lot of famous quotes from the franchise
like Hagrid’s “Yer a wizard Harry”
to Snape’s “Always”.
I wouldn’t be able to cover all the quotes in this video,
but I’m gonna talk about
some of my favorite moments with Harry Potter.
First off,
my favorite character in Harry Potter would be
Hermione Granger.
Well, obviously, GIRL POWER! Whooo!
And of course, we all love the main characters
Harry, Ron, Hermione.
They all have different personalities and strengths,
so they will be able to help and support each other
in times of distress and lost hope.
But, Hermione Granger, in the story,
we got to see a female character
that can be such an inspirational role model for all of us.
She’s confident, intelligent, brave,
unyielding, strong and loyal,
all the good stuff.
As for my favorite scene,
I’ll have say it’s the battle of Hogwarts.
Same thing, I know there are
more than a few notable scenes in Harry Potter.
But in this particular scene,
I would like to point something out.
I read this online in an article
immediately after I finished watching the last episode of Harry Potter.
In the Battle of Hogwarts,
there’s this part where there are no dialogues,
only background music,
and we see the trio trying to make their way out of the school.
First, they meet a giant creature with a club,
same thing happened back in The Philosopher’s Stone
with the troll in the toilet.
Second, there are spiders coming at them,
same thing happened back in The Chamber of Secrets
with Harry and Ron at the spider cave.
Third, they blast off a werewolf devouring a fellow schoolmate,
same thing back in The Prisoner of Azkaban,
where Professor Lupin was the werewolf.
Fourth, they are faced with loads of dementors,
and we see dementors almost through all episodes
after the third one.
Fifth, we see the members of the Order of the Phoenix
standing right behind them helping,
and the same thing back in the fifth episode,
the members grouping together.
Sixth, the trio arrives at the Shrieking Shack and meet Severus Snape,
who is the Half-Blood Prince.
You see how this scene is making a reference to
all the previous Harry Potter series?
During this short time,
we see how much the trio had battled and defeated,
how far they’ve come and how much they’ve grown.
It really thrills me to know that the last episode
did pay some kind of homage to all the previous ones.
It just felt so right, and so meaningful,
you know, everything is connected.
My life is complete.
Going down to my favorite spell,
I think I’ll go for Obliviate.
This spell is a memory charm
used to erase someone’s memories.
And the most famous scene for this,
is probably when Hermione used it on her parents.
Hoping to protect her muggle parents from torture and death,
She erased all memories of herself from her parents’ mind.
But it got me thinking,
is this spell irreversible?
Does that mean the parents will
never ever remember their daughter,
even if they’ve defeated Voldemort?
I mean,
that’s just so sad!
So I hope that sometime after their victory,
there’s some way to undo the spell,
and Hermione can be with her parents again.
Oh and a cool bonus, did you know that Hermione’s mother
is also the Starks’ mother in Game of Thrones?
Winter is coming in three more days.
I’m so excited for Season 7! Woo!
Alright, coming back,
I would like to mention that
I had the opportunity to visit the Harry Potter Studio in London.
It was a really magical place,
and you can relive all your Harry
It was a really magical place,
you get to relive all your Harry Potter's
dreams and fantasies there.
If you’d like to see my tour of the Harry Potter Studio,
Accio video!
Check it right here!
Accio comb!
Go away comb!
Now I’d like to share some of the merchandise
I bought from England.
To be honest, I didn’t really buy a lot of stuff,
because at that time I thought,
I don’t want to be doing any impulsive buying.
But I kind of regret it right now.
I should’ve done it.
First, it’s this.
What is this?
It’s a box.
It’s the Harry Potter Magic Wand!
This is Harry’s wand.
So yep.
I’ve been holding this wand in my hand
throughout the video.
Next, it’s the official guide from
the Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour.
So, basically,
it shows you what you’ll be seeing
inside the studio tour in London.
This guidebook gives you a lot of insight
as to how the movie is made.
I also bought my very own Gryffindor scarf.
And finally,
Hogwarts’ Acceptance Letter.
As you can see,
it’s addressed to Miss Crown Du
So it’s legit.
I’m a Hogwarts student.
I’m a wizard.
I’m a wizard, Harry.
Finally, if you’re a hardcore Harry Potter fan,
you must know about a website named Pottermore.
This is an official website set up by J.K. Rowling herself,
where you can read tons of background stories
about the wizarding world.
At the same time,
you get to take all these quizzes
and see where the sorting hat will sort you to,
what wand you use, and what your patronus is.
The sorting hat sorted me to House Hufflepuff,
which is where Newt Scamander
from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them comes from.
By the way,
this is Newt’s wand.
Then, my patronus revealed to be a deerhound,
which is a kind of large dog originated from Scotland.
My wand is a silver lime wood wand
with phoenix feather as its core.
Harry’s wand was also a phoenix feather one.
That's all the Harry Potter knowledge
that I would like to share with all of you today.
If you went and did those quizzes,
don't forget to tell me what your results were!
Why do you like Harry Potter so much?
Tell me down in the comments!
We can fangirl together!
Happy 20th anniversary to Harry Potter!
Thank you for bringing us so many wonderful childhood memories!
Today's video is all is English,
so how was your experience?
If you would like to practice your listening or speaking,
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You be able to find professional English teachers
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You can speak up and improve your English here at iTalki!
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Click the link over there to check it out!
It’s wingardium leviosa
Not wingardium leviosa~
Don't forget that we upload videos
every Monday and Thursday at 9 p.m.
Thanks for watching as always,
and I’ll catch you guys next time!
See ya!
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Happy 20th Anniversary to Harry Potter!

46890 Folder Collection
Colleen Jao published on July 16, 2017    Colleen Jao translated    Samuel reviewed
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