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  • My personal life isn't exactly a cliché, but it definitely is this meme.

  • This is fine.

  • Yup. My personal life just kind of exploded recently, and it has been difficult, to say the least.

  • I've actually had several people reach out to me.

  • Hey, so, real talk. Are you okay?

  • Umm, your tweets... lately have me... concerned.

  • And no. No. Just in case you're wondering,

  • definitely not okay.

  • But when life explodes, like, what else can you do?

  • Seriously. All I've been doing is drinking, ugly crying, and trying to distract myself from this whole mess

  • because the only thing that's actually gonna help me is time.

  • And lots of it.

  • So if you've found that your life has also fallen apart, here's some things you can do.

  • First off, you definitely want to lean on your friends and family.

  • Everyone should have a support group,

  • and I have been using mine. I've been using mine a lot.

  • It'll be like 10 pm, and I will just feel like the dark, cold feelings of loneliness and despair start to seep in,

  • so I will just frantically text everybody I know.

  • And I'm really lucky,

  • I have amazing friends who are down to like, hang out with me till sometimes 3 in the morning.

  • And just listen and offer advice, and let me wallow in despair the appropriate amount of time.

  • Thanks guys!

  • The next thing you want to do is go to your therapist.

  • Or if you're not in therapy, get into therapy.

  • Because he or she can offer a lot of valuable insight into the tragedy that is your current existence.

  • Well, it sounds like all you've been doing to cope with this situation is drink.

  • And cry.

  • And that's good, but I think you should also start incorporating more healthy coping mechanisms into your grieving process.

  • Like making sure you're getting enough sleep, maintaining exercise and a healthy diet.

  • I've been to 3 strip clubs alone this month.

  • Okay, that's -

  • And if I don't listen to like, music or podcasts in the car, and it's just totally quiet,

  • I just, I just burst out into these guttural sobs.

  • Well, that's a little -

  • Yeah, I can feel myself cracking, you know.

  • It's like everything's up in flames, and the house is gonna go down at any moment.

  • Okay. Why don't you just take a deep breath for me now.

  • And depending how terrible life is, you'll be in these phases for quite a bit,

  • but eventually you need to start taking care of yourself and rebuilding your life.

  • Full disclosure, not there yet. I'm still in the despair part.

  • But I've definitely started taking steps to kind of reach that.

  • Like, I enrolled in a new Pilates class because I need endorphins now more than ever.

  • I'm picking up a new hobby of bouldering and rock climbing

  • so I can like, hang out with my friends and do a human puzzle with my body and mind.

  • And I've adopted a new cat!

  • Just kidding.

  • But seriously, at this point, like who cares how many cats I have anymore.

  • I'm gonna die alone.

  • But if your life is falling apart, I encourage you to try to embrace the shitty parts of it.

  • Like you could be crying at a strip club, but at least you're at the strip club you know, hanging out trying to have a good time!

  • You could go to the bar with your friends and end up falling down the stairs

  • and walking into the mens room and wanting to die of embarrassment,

  • but at least you're at the bar with your friends trying to have a good time!

  • You could be trying to write a YouTube video and just feeling all of these sad, despairing feelings come up

  • and want to just cry yourself to sleep,

  • but you're still writing the video trying to have a good time!

  • Just 'cause your life falls apart doesn't mean you have to lose your desire to live it.

  • I'm Anna Akana. This is not a cry for help.

  • Stay awesome, gotham.

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My personal life isn't exactly a cliché, but it definitely is this meme.

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What to do when your life falls apart

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