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Oh hey!
It's me, mom.
Out here in public.
Catching some side eye.
First rule of motherhood -- someone's always judging.
Breastfeeding? Didn't work out.
Guess what?
World's still turning.
Go to work?
I'm missing his childhood.
Stay at home?
I have no ambition.
Yeah, I bribe my kids.
How else do you think stuff gets done around here?
No, I'm not the grandma.
Do I look like her grandma?
Mom's special juice?
It's wine.
Yoga pants?
Big thing.
Too much?
How do you think I got the name Mom in the first place?
Now if you think that's shocking, check this out.
Good old fashioned Yoplait.
It's not made with cage-free Norwegian hemp milk.
And guess what?
She loves it!
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You’ve Got This, Mom On!

12244 Folder Collection
Crystal Wu published on August 21, 2017    Crystal Wu translated    Colleen Jao reviewed
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