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Everybody understands the two international nods.
This is yes.
This is no.
But not many understand the Indian Nod.
This one.
You can never decipher the nod with just the movement of the head.
You must pay attention to two things:
the position of the eyebrows and the speed of the nod.
"The Mid Brow"
This means "alright" or "fine."
The faster the nod, the more fine it is.
"The Low Brow"
This indicates being in agreement, although not fully convinced.
The lower the brow and the speed of the nod, the higher the "unconvicedness."
Is that even a word?
Next, "The High Brow."
This shows certain high level of agreement
that the "yes" nod can never provide.
It's more like,
"Oh, yeah!"
Or, "bring it on!"
The higher the brow and vigour, the more the excitement.
A word of caution.
The nod can also mean other expressions.
Or they're possible could just be dancing.
Indian Nod... Got it?
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Indian Nod : Explained

23026 Folder Collection
黃艾瑄 published on July 18, 2017    黃艾瑄 translated    Samuel reviewed
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