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  • (gasps)

  • Argh!

  • Huh?

  • Yay! I got my wood back.

  • ...just like "Oh no, you didn't!", and then there's a block of dirt...

  • ...and then they took the dirt, and I got to keep the diamonds...

  • ...and then some evil people took the book...

  • (suppressed) ...and here we are!

  • (punch) Moo!

  • Yay!

  • (fading cow moo)

  • Moo!

  • (thud)

  • What did he do that for?

  • Why did you punch that pig?

  • (nibbling) What pig?

  • He's right, there was no pig.

  • Uh, so why are you so small?

  • Why are you floating?

  • I asked you first!!

  • Wait..

  • Aaaaahhhh! Aaaaaaahh!

  • (Jason continues screaming)

  • Pull yourself together, you're being totally inappropriate!

  • (Jason continues screaming)

  • (punch) Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!

  • (suppressed) Huh?

  • (screaming) Pull me down!

  • (echoed) ...and I got to keep the diamonds...

  • (echoed) Eat my knuckles!

  • (Jason sobbing)

  • (echoed) Whoa...!

  • (Jason screams in the background)

  • Ahh...

  • © Element Animation 2012

  • English Subtitles by Peso255


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