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Today I will show you the Bridge The command center
The Brain of the vessel
Entering through the stairs, we’ll start
off from the Bridge Wing
From here leaning over we can see the side of the ship
It’s a critical vantage point for when berthing
or docking The Captain and Harbor Pilot usually stands
around here so that they gauge the position of ship
We have lifebuoys all over the ship two of them are located on each side of the Bridge Wing
They are specially designed with a quick release
mechanism for speedy rescue
Then we’ve got this barbeque stove looking thingy on both Port and Starboard Bridge wing
it’s a remote panel Here you will find controls for the Bow thrusters
indictors for speed, engine rpm, Rate of turn heading, compass, mic & speaker etc
This is a Gyro Repeater for taking bearing of objects or celestial bodies
And this here is an EPIRB short for Emergency Position indicating Radio beacon
It does what its name suggests
it’s installed out here in the open space because if the ship ever sinks
it can float up
Firebox and fire hydrants are all over the ship
and it standard to have one each side of the bridge wing
Inside the Bridge CO2 Extinguisher for all the electronics in
case of a fire
Pantry for snacks & drinks
This tall chair is a “Pilot Chair”
there is always a designated pilot chair for maritime pilots
no matter what type of ship you are on
An azimuth ring used in conjunction with the gyro repeater
outside for taking bearing of objects
SART on Each side of the bridge SART is short for Search & Rescue Radar Transponder
This is what it looks like when activated The other ships can locate you from the Radars
With its turning motion on a heavy snow day, it will clear the glass
so we can see outside
Fire plan, Damage Control Plan, Dangerous Goods Plan
All for Emergency Use
Visibility is of utmost importance in navigation so we’ve got sunscreen for all the windows
Moving onto the center console this is where most of the electronic navigation
equipment are Starting from the port side
We’ve got DGPS for positioning Loran-C which no one uses anymore
AIS- Automatic Identification system for ships ECDIS, short for Elctronic Chart Display Information
System It’s a digital version of paper charts
Sadly we still use paper charts in conjunction with electronic charts
GMDSS – Global Maritime distress & safety systems
Fancy name for communication units which consist of
VHF 1 2 and 3 Very High frequency in my experience can reach
up to 40 Nautical Miles
MF/HF While MF/HF depends on your frequency and
weather conditions, can reach hundreds of miles
Sat C and Sat F Satellites well… covers the globe
Handhelds UHF more limited to line of sight
We’ve got three radars One Radar Antenna on the forward mast and
two at the back on main mast
Numerous Indicators
Bridge indicator unit,its mostly about
Engine Status, Power Status and Air pressure Program Bypass for some extreme maneuvers if you want to pull a Captain Philips
Bow Thruster controller same as the one outside
on the Bridge Wing Console Telegraph transmitter, it’s linked directly
down to the engine room’s telegraph or “Chadburn” as old timers will call it
Steering Gear Controls
Auto Pilot The helm, or steering wheel
We switch to manual hand steering when we need the precision
Starboard 20!
Navigation lights controls
Pilot door indicator, it shows if pilot doors
are shut completely close The door is located very close to the waterline
which is why we give extra attention
Watertight door indictor for the whole ship
Internal telephone for communication within the ship
Sound powered internal telephone - when internal phone fails
PA System - when internal and sound-powered fails
When internal, sound-powered and PA system fails
You send him to pass messages Morse Code Key
We’ve got 3 Lifejacket & 3 Immersion Suit
12 Rocket Flares.
Just like the ones in Captain Philips
First Aid Box
Flag Cabinet
That’s about it for the bridge tour, no
emergency escapes this time around It’s a small space very compact but with
lots of equipment Let me know down in the comments below what
else you’d like to see For sailors with internet access
please help me out by answering some of the questions you see in comments
since I am probably a week away from any internet at the moment
As always thanks for watching, see you next time.
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Navigation Bridge of a Mega Ship - A Closer Look at the Command Center

345 Folder Collection
吳易晉 published on July 7, 2017
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