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I read about you this way.
You were saying now more and more you are getting... uh, people are recognizing you as Ed Sheeran, which is...
understandable when you see this picture.
How often do people come up and say "Hey Ed, love the new single" and what do you do?
It's kind of fifty fifty now.
It's like, someone stops me, it could go either way.
I could be Ed or I could be me.
Yeah, no, I think actually singer Leo Sayer...
Leo Sayer?
Yeah, Leo Sayer, he came up to me and said he loved my music.
Of course thinking I was Ed.
And I just, yeah, I play alone.
- You just go, thanks man. - Yeah
Thanks man, big fan of yours too.
You make me feel like dancing.
That's a Leo Sayer song, for anyone under the age of a hundred.
Now, Patrick, do you ever get mistaken?
Is there someone you're mistaken for regularly?
Yep, very regularly, and it works in reverse too.
My double is sir Ben Kingsley.
Of course, we look really, nothing alike at all.
But it happens 'cause, oh my god I loved you in Sexy Beast.
Thank you, it wasn't me.
No, Ben got stopped, I think not too long ago, and said "God, Star Trek. I love Star Trek. You were fantastic".
And Ben said "I'm terribly sorry, excuse me, but I'm not Patrick Stewart. My name is Ben Kingsley".
- Nothing. - Zero.
And then he said "But I'm a very good friend of Patrick's".
And the fan said "Well, congratulations on being a good friend of --".
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Is This Rupert Grint or Ed Sheeran?

28984 Folder Collection
韓澐 published on November 20, 2017    Bonnie translated    Crystal Wu reviewed
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