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What's up?
America just legalized gay marriage!
That's awesome!
Hell, yeah!
I'm so proud.
You should be.
That's what I'm talking about!
Red, white, and blue, okay?
'Merica, the Great.
♫ O say can you, you, you see ♫
Enjoy your moment.
Canada should take notes, eh?
(snickers quietly)
We legalized gay marriage 11 years ago.
(slurps drink obnoxiously)
(O Canada instrumental)
Yo, what if Trump becomes president?
♫ If you're havin' pres' problems I feel bad for you son
♫ I got 99 problems and a leader ain't one ♫
Oh my God, this is like the best thing I've ever eaten.
Clearly you haven't tried poutine yet.
Hey, hey say about.
No, no, you say aboot.
No one say aboot, it's about.
Aboot, aboot.
Say aboot, come on.
Say aboot, say aboot, say aboot.
Say soorry.
You say words so weird.
Yeah, eh.
Okay, fine, do I say these words weird?
Was that weird?
Canada, right, Ca-
Oh, Drake put you guys on the map.
And The Weeknd, Jim Carey, Celine Dion,
Seth Rogen, Ryan Gosling,
He's Canadian?
Shay Mitchell, Shawn Mendes,
She's Canadian?
Ryan Reynolds, you know, Alessia Cara,
Mike Myers, Terry Fox, and Justin Bieber
You're American, right?
Actually, I'm from Canada.
Same thing.
Don't be ridiculous.
We have Tim Hortons.
Dude, we have the best parties in our fraternities though.
Beta Thi Pythagorean!
Yeah, we can drink when we're 19,
18 if you wanna take a road trip.
Canada and sports don't go together,
like baseball and basketball...
Yeah, we invented those.
We banned Kinder Surprise
because it's not safe.
No we didn't do that.
We banned guns.
Why do you Canadians say sorry for everything?
It's so annoying.
I know.
We have to keep apologizing to the rest of the world
for our loud neighbors.
You know, growing up
Mr. Rogers was...
No, shh.
Mr. Dressup for life.
Mr. Dressup?
Your money looks like Monopoly money.
It's so funny and colorful.
Yep, colorful.
Did you watch Game of Thrones?
Winter is finally here.
Winter was always here.
Canadians are so polite and boring.
What do you do for fun?
Follow your election.
We prayed
for people trying to escape war.
We let them into our country.
Yo, why do all Canadians live in igloos?
We need to keep cool
because our Prime Minister is so hot.
I mean, at this point it's either Hilary or Trump.
What do you Canadians think?
What up everyone?
It's your girl, Superwoman.
Don't be mad at me, don't be mad.
This is a very lighthearted, friendly video
because tomorrow, July 1st, is Canada Day
and I'm not in Canada and I moved and I miss Canada
and I wanted to wish all my fellow Canadians
Happy Canada Day.
Americans, I don't hate you.
This is just a joke.
Ever since I moved to L.A. all my American friends
tease me all the time.
I get made fun of all the time for being Canadian
so this is just lighthearted rebuttal,
a little bit of my way of saying
O Canada, you know what I'm saying?
If you like this video give it a big thumbs up,
share it with all your fellow Canadians
and comment below letting me know
have people ever said these things to you
if you're Canadian,
or if you're not Canadian have you ever said these things?
Be honest.
You can check out my last video right over there.
You can check out my second vlog channel right over there.
And yeah, subscribe because-
subscribe because I just hit puberty,
so congratulations
and I make new videos every Monday and Thursday
and I'd love for you to be here.
One love, Superwoman.
That is a wrap and zoom.
I also drank so much water out of that mug
I've gotta piss an ocean.
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What Canadians Really Want To Say To Americans

9235 Folder Collection
韓澐 published on February 3, 2018    Arnold Hsu translated    Cyndi reviewed
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