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This is Blessing Okagbare, very familiar to most athletic fans.
Okagbare is in the first round of women's long jump,
looking to get a competition under way,
let's look what happens.
Lost her hairpiece!
Well, the hairpiece jumped 5 meters 82.
Okagbare jumped 6.21.
It's been an embarrassing moment.
I've never seen that ever.
I'm sure she wishes we haven't seen.
This will get replayed and replayed.
I'm pretty sure.
Well, she seems undisturbed about it.
As it said, 6.21
Ah, whatever!
Yeah, whatever, she's just trying to get ahead.
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Blessing Okagbare drops her hair in the Women's Long jump - IAAF Diamond League Oslo 2017

21986 Folder Collection
Ann published on July 6, 2017    Ann translated    Samuel reviewed
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