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Well Hi there. I am Tailung placing some chickens on the
ground and some pigmans Because I am gonne shoot them,
with my bow and arrow Lets see how that goes.
Oh I missed Yeah right
Because, see that crosshair in the middle in front of my nose
That is the crosshair of minecraft. I do not like it.
Whenever I shoot an arrow I have to aim slightly to the left to get the target right.
And I don like it! So lets follow me to my shooting range.
This is my shooting range See the target over there that looks like
a creeper. Placed some blocks every 10 blocks I placed
a red block so I can practice my shooting. This is my shooting range
When I step over here, 10 blocks away. Ah, let me show you this first.
See the horizontal line, no not the horizontal the vertical line between the blocks. That
is where i want to aim. Because i am not satisfied with the aiming
in minecraft. So i am aiming at the vertical line. and i
am aiming slightly to the left. Lets see what happens. You see, I am aiming to the left
and the arrow flies into the vertical line. So That is how I am used to shoot in minecraft.
But is is ridiculoes. I have to aim to the left the ain at the right point.As a Marksman
I do not like that. I want that crosshair to be perfect. Yeah let me shoot another arrow
Every time it gets in that little corner. I want to change that crosshair.
I want to make a better crosshair. See
where i
hit the arrows. I
want to change the
crosshair into a better one. But
How do I do that? I missed
missed again. Can not even shoot a chicken?
I gonna change the crosshair. And I am gonna show you how.
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Design perfect Cross Hair and aim better with your bow in minecraft 1.7 1.8 1.9 1.10 [Eng]

156 Folder Collection
小媛 published on July 5, 2017
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