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So I have said many, many times I love watching animal videos on YouTube.
Do you like watching animals videos on YouTube?
>> [APPLAUSE] >> I love them.
I love them so very much.
I will watch a dog.
I will watch a cat.
I will watch a dog with a cat.
>> [LAUGH] >> I'll watch a goat.
I'll watch a horse. I'll watch a chinchilla.
You get the idea.
I don't need to name all the animals.
There's a lot. >> [LAUGH]
>> But it turns out there are a lot of
other kinds of videos on YouTube, did you know that?
They don't even have animals in them.
There are tutorial videos that are very popular.
You can learn how to do anything at all if you watch.
Did you see this headline here?
This week, an eight-year-old boy in Ohio used YouTube to learn how to drive.
He took his four year old sister to McDonald's.
>> [LAUGH] >> If they were smart,
they would've gone to Denny's cuz kids eat free.
So that was- >> [LAUGH]
>> Smart, but not all the way smart.
The boy drove almost two miles.
Witnesses said he drove safely, followed all the laws, didn't hit anything,
which means he's already a better driver than most people in Los Angeles.
>> [LAUGH] >> People here.
>> It happened around eight o'clock at
night, he took money from his piggy bank to buy food for his sister.
>> Aw.
>> Sweet. Then someone at McDonald's recognized him
and called the grandparents to come pick him up.
Isn't that scary though?
I mean, an elderly person driving after dark to pick him up?
>> [LAUGH] [APPLAUSE] >> I mean,
obviously I'm glad this story has a happy ending, but
it made me wonder what other things you could learn about on YouTube.
So here's what I found.
Makeup tutorials are very popular, very.
Here's a girl showing how to put mascara on.
>> You know now they have like really fancy mascara with little battery inside
and you will vibrate.
And, but you know what?
You can do the same thing.
And if your mascara don't vibrate, you just vibrate your head like this.
>> We don't have time to show you
the whole thing, but here's the finished product after she put it on.
>> [LAUGH] [APPLAUSE] >> That's a [LAUGH]-
>> [LAUGH]
>> It's okay.
>> Hey, you guys, another idea.
If you can't get an electric toothbrush, just hold the brush and just do that.
>> [LAUGH] >> This next video is called
a proper possum massage, in case you were looking for one.
>> Always work both sides of the body.
Otherwise, you might inadvertently interfere with your opossum's natural chi.
>> [LAUGH] >> And nobody wants that.
>> [LAUGH] >> Next, we knead down the quadriceps.
We're checking for knots.
And I think I found one.
>> [LAUGH] >> Move it out.
I bet that feels better!
>> [LAUGH] >> I have been doing it all wrong.
>> [LAUGH] >> I've been messing with an opossum's chi
and I didn't even know it.
Finally, here's a guy showing us how to use his taser.
>> Hold up, I'm gonna shock this can.
Look. Look.
Now I'm about to shock this.
>> All right.
[LAUGH] All right.
>> How many people saw that coming right before it?
Everybody, everybody.
What was going on in the background?
I don't know if you saw that.
>> [LAUGH] >> Let's watch it again.
>> Now I'm about to shock this.
>> [LAUGH] It was a shock, and
then a shock after that!
>> [LAUGH] >> Here's something just as shocking.
You'll never guess what's about to happen right now.
We're gonna dance!
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You Can Learn Anything on YouTube

40637 Folder Collection
Zejia Jacob Zhang published on July 31, 2017    Nana Chen translated    Colleen Jao reviewed
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