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  • Did you feel like-- becaused you stopped singing,

  • you were-- you had a career.

  • And was it-- was it hard for you to give up your career?

  • -Well, I kept singing all night.

  • -Poor husband, eh?

  • -That job in the day and then me singing at night.

  • -Um, no, I never really stopped singing, you know?

  • -I released an album. I stop touring

  • which was embarrassing. I couldn't be touring with the security, and--

  • Yeah. -Impossible.

  • Yeah, that's kind of hard. -And so I stopped touring.

  • -But I was never touring so much before.

  • -You know, I started being a songwriter quite late.

  • -And so I stopped touring, but I could play my music as much--

  • -Anyway, I play my music at night.

  • -You know, so I write at night-- So you didn't have to stop.

  • -No. And now I hear there's a rumor

  • that he may run for the president again.

  • Is that a good thing?

  • Do you want to go back to being first lady?

  • Do you want him to be president again?

  • -No, I want him to be happy.

  • -And I care about my country.

  • -But I wish--no.

  • If-- like, as a woman, you know, I wish he wasn't going back.

  • -As a french citizen... Yeah.

  • -[laughs] You wish he was going back?

  • -Hmm...

  • -Yeah, I-- I wish he--

  • -He never stops me doing anything I like.

  • -He's supporting me all the time, whatever I do, you know?

  • -How strange, you know, for a man to be with an artist,

  • for someone that has such a political career

  • to be someone so, you know,

  • a little strange like artists can be.

  • -And he never minds.

  • -He never comments anything

  • -He just encourages me.

  • -So I don't see myself saying, "Don't do it."

  • -You know, if he was trying to do it.

  • It was amazing, because during the rehearsal,

  • Carla was out here rehearsing,

  • and he's in the audience watching you rehearse.

  • And I thought that was so cool.

  • I mean, we've had-- That's just--

  • -He's so cool. Yeah, he's a cool guy.

  • -Oh, yeah. He's a really cool guy.

  • -So cool. And I hear

  • And you're gonna perform when we come back,

  • but I hear you have major stage fright before you perform.

  • Do you have--Are you--right now, are you--do you have--

  • -Even before--Even just like here, I had stage fright.

  • -It's just coming in front of these wonderful people

  • and talking to you.

  • Are you relaxed now? -Everybody dancing.

  • Are you relaxed now?

  • -Yeah, well-- [laughter]

  • -So relaxed.

  • Because I can't imagine, like, to have to go through that

  • every time before you sing that you have a major--

  • You didn't seem like it in rehearsal.

  • -No, I know it doesn't look like that,

  • but it's like that inside.

  • -But I--I like it.

  • -Probably I like it, bacause I keep putting myself

  • in this position, so I must like it.

  • -I must like it.

  • You must like it. -Yeah.

  • All right. -Subconsciously.

  • Well, you're about to enjoy the hell out of it in a minute,

  • because you're gonna-- [laughter]

  • We're gonna watch Carla get really scared inside after this.

Did you feel like-- becaused you stopped singing,

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