B2 High-Intermediate UK 270 Folder Collection
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What is that? Like can you please define that word?
Ok. I have a good definition for it right here.
I did not expect that!
What the heck
I don't know
See most people say that I'm photoshopped for some reason.
This $#!% is fake
Is this your girl right here?
This is
That's your girl?
She's not going to be your girl for long bro
Oh wow
What do us guys need to work on most in the gym?
The calves?
Is it the calves?
The calves?
The calves, yeah.
Yeah sounds good.
Yeah unfortunately my camera's not aimed at my calves but...
You guys can check out the rest
Am I a soccer player?
Do I look like a soccer player?
I was really sad you were gonna say yes dangit
No I'm a golfer
Yeah (Oh)
whoosh whoosh
Don't I look like a golfer?
Oh my god
Oh my god
You don't golf!
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Aesthetics on Omegle 5: Golfer Surprises Girls

270 Folder Collection
Yue Xuan published on July 1, 2017
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