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  • So, you want to sound like this, right?

  • Really good?

  • Look at these moments.

  • All of these stories, secrets, revelations, from every corner of the world.

  • Every video has the chance to walk in someone else's shoes,

  • or admire of how amazingly generous people are,

  • how hilariously funny and how heartbreaking and vulnerable humans can be.

  • Thank you guys so much for being here for me.

  • This is the rawest periods, most unfiltered portrait of who we are as people.

  • A celebration of what humans can do.

  • Proof of our potential and motor for our progress.

  • We've already got one chance life and you'll always gonna be happy if you gonna be real with yourself.

  • This is what happens when you give everyone a voice, a chance to be heard, a stage to be seen.

  • Julius Yego, they called it the YouTube man.

  • Whatever your thing is, well, here can become the next big thing.

  • That person you thought that were no one, they can become someone.

  • That voice you thought it didn't matter. Well, it can start a movement.

  • Even when you feel all alone in the world, it's here you can find someone just like you.

  • Days like this is why I started it , because otherwise I would just be doing this alone.

  • This is what family is about. Right here.

  • That's the power of youtube.

  • That's the power of you.

  • All of you.

So, you want to sound like this, right?

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YouTube: Our Brand Mission

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