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So, you want to sound like this, right?
Really good?
Look at these moments.
All of these stories, secrets, revelations, from every corner of the world.
Every video has the chance to walk in someone else's shoes,
or admire of how amazingly generous people are,
how hilariously funny and how heartbreaking and vulnerable humans can be.
Thank you guys so much for being here for me.
This is the rawest periods, most unfiltered portrait of who we are as people.
A celebration of what humans can do.
Proof of our potential and motor for our progress.
We've already got one chance life and you'll always gonna be happy if you gonna be real with yourself.
This is what happens when you give everyone a voice, a chance to be heard, a stage to be seen.
Julius Yego, they called it the YouTube man.
Whatever your thing is, well, here can become the next big thing.
That person you thought that were no one, they can become someone.
That voice you thought it didn't matter. Well, it can start a movement.
Even when you feel all alone in the world, it's here you can find someone just like you.
Days like this is why I started it , because otherwise I would just be doing this alone.
This is what family is about. Right here.
That's the power of youtube.
That's the power of you.
All of you.
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YouTube: Our Brand Mission

13081 Folder Collection
Ann published on July 1, 2017    Ann translated    reviewed
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