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Love is in the air and
if you can't find it there, there's always Tinder and
I don't know if you've heard there's a version of Tinder that's more exclusive.
This is true it's called Tinder select, it's only for rich, famous and
extremely beautiful.
>> [LAUGH] >> So check, check and check.
>> I
>> [APPLAUSE] >> Boy.
>> [LAUGH] >> I made a fake profile so
I can snoop around on there, here it is, don't tell anyone, that's me.
>> [LAUGH] >> Lucy Burgetta.
And I like short walks on the beach and dinners and men.
>> [LAUGH] >> No one will ever guess it's me.
Anyway, I was really surprised who was on there.
Here's Zac Efron's profile.
>> He writes I'm Zac freaking Efron,
what else do you need to know?
>> [LAUGH] [APPLAUSE] >> And then
>> Here's Martha Stewart's profile.
She writes, I'm only here for dinner and random hookups.
>> [LAUGH] >> I've already had dinner.
[LAUGH] [APPLAUSE] >> And here's Nicki Minaj's profile
She writes, I'm a shy, conservative girl looking for a man with Christian values.
And by Christian, I mean Christian Grey.
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Celebrity Tinder Profiles

26536 Folder Collection
韓澐 published on July 13, 2017    Julie Tu translated    Tina Hsu reviewed
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