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In today's video we are going to show you how to achieve 3 lazy fall hairstyles that
are super easy to create and that look beautiful.
If you are in a rush, these hairstyles are just perfect because they require only a couple
of minutes and you can also achieve these using no heat.
Start with brushing your hair to make sure there are no tangles.
If you're going to wear hair extensions, this is the perfect time to clip them in.
Of course, this step is totally optional.
Start by separating your hair in the back in a 'V' shape.
Then, using a hair tie, secure your hair in a low ponytail.
Next, grab the remaining hair from one side and start twisting it.
Then, you can wrap it around the ponytail and pull it through the hair tie.
Then, repeat the same steps on the other side and the hairstyle is complete.
There you have it.
Super easy and super cute - definitely more interesting than a normal low ponytail.
This next step is totally optional, I will do some loose curls for extra texture, but
you can also create this hairstyle on your natural hair and it will look just as beautiful.
Start by separating your hair at the crown, and secure it in a half ponytail.
Then, grab a piece of hair from one side, wrap it around the ponytail and secure it
with a bobby pin.
You just have to repeat the same steps on the other side, and the hairstyle is complete.
Wrap up half-do: super cute, girly, and just requires a couple of minutes.
For this third hairstyle, you want to create a middle part and separate your hair into
two equal sections.
Using one of those little hair elastics, you want to secure your hair into a ponytail.
Then you will repeat the same step and do it once again.
Create a loop and pull the hair through that loop.
Once again, create another loop on the second section, and pull the hair once again.
Do this all the way down.
Then, pull on the hair to fan it out to make it look more voluminous.
Then, you want to pull on the hair gently so you don't break the hair tie,
And this is how you get that faux fishtail effect.
Repeat the same steps all the way down.
Now, moving onto the other side, do the exact same steps all over again.
And here you have it!
You can complete the look by wearing a hat, making this hairstyle super Fall appropriate.
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3 Easy Hairstyles For Fall (No Heat)

779 Folder Collection
Eva published on June 26, 2017
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