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home to the most stunning beaches in the world.
Known for its crystal-clear waters
and marine life,
it is the destination to be
for romantic getaways.
In a coconut shell,
TravelSSBD Deluxe
is about enjoying the finer things in life.
Welcome to my crib.
Also, staying in style and comfort
but at the same time,
embracing the SSBD spirit.
I’m ready for a turtle selfie.
Let’s go!
But before we took off for the islands,
I decided to use the points I've accumulated
on my past few trips
to offset the cost of my hotel booking.
So the moment I got
to the airport over at Male,
I was like…
Like that!
Dude. This is our airport lounge.
So I’m just gonna eat and drink and chill.
This is what a holiday is about.
They promise you the most scenic flight.
I have to say,
that was one of the most best flights ever.
If you look down,
you get to see some of the most gorgeous views.
You see islands,
or you know,
even see the different gradient colours of water.
I was blown away
even before I got to the resort.
Thank you.
This is the most beautiful place ever.
Can you believe that paradise
is only 30 mins away from the airport?
You can the fish in the clear blue waters!
Oh! Thank you.
What is that?
Oh. Sobe.
We had to take a Dhoni.
Oh my god. That’s the boat?
And we took that straight to the room.
You get to marvel at the gorgeous colour of the sea.
It was truly, a sight to behold
and you’ll be taking pictures, non-stop.
We are here.
We are here.
Oh my gosh.
It’s on the water?
The moment I checked into my room,
I was like,
Heaven, is this you?
It, literary, is by the ocean.
You can snorkel here,
like, right outside my "house"?
I can see myself living here forever.
So it’s only a couple of hours
since we settled down here
at the Conrad at Maldives,
and I am blown away.
But I can’t wait for things
to get into
full SWING.
I knew it!
I got it.
Where the sun don’t shine?
That’s dirty.
Not the dirty way. OK.
I need to think clean.
I can’t.
So you gotta tell me what the answer is.
We’re going into a secret room?
After you.
It turned out to be one of the
most gorgeous wine cellars I’ve ever seen.
Is this a private wine-tasting room?
They even show you instructional videos
while you have the wine connoisseur
sit in the middle of the table
If you’re a wine lover,
And this is quite exclusive,
so if you ever want a wine-pairing or tasting dinner,
I want this every day for breakfast!
you have to book it way in advance.
Cheers, guys!
Wanna try this one?
Yeah. I know.
Its good, right?
My happening social life...
as usual.
So the moment I checked into the Conrad
here at the Maldives,
and I realised one very special thing
about all the Conrad hotels in the world
and that is their website called
Conrad 1 3 5.
In the event
that you're at any Conrad location
for 1 hr, 3 hrs or 5 hrs,
they will recommend you
things to do in that particular spot!
So it’s really, really cool!
And I do hear that maybe
you could get married
within an hour.
Don’t take it from me, actually.
I don’t know.
I’m just saying.
but check it out.
Conrad 1 3 5.
We’re going to another island
for some cocktails and dinner.
I’m having too much fun here
and it’s only been like 2 hrs!
People are judging me
for talking to a bird.
So I hear that his name is George
and he’s about to be
my first friend on the island.
Hey, girlfriend.
Wanna go for a cocktail later?
Me too.
I’m ok.
I don’t know…
I don’t know what you’re talking about.
I’m fine.
So this is how the signature drink
is meant to look like.
I think I can imagine
if it was like a really hot afternoon
and you have this…
Dinner at Atoll was glorious.
They had a huge spread of
every kind of cuisine you can imagine.
I’m so greedy.
I, like, have to carry everything at once.
You don’t have to venture very far out
for a very scrumptious dinner.
It’s right there at the restaurant.
So the very next day…
That was a workout.
We’re off for our very first activity today.
I was told to wear something
that I can get wet in
and I guess this is it!
NOT in a nutshell.
That means it’s gonna be a long activity.
What does this mean?
We are going to see...
We are going to see turtles!
I used to own a terrapin.
It’s like this.
Yeah. He's not impressed. You see?
It was phenomenal
‘cos you saw, not just the turtles,
you get to swim with them
when they surface to get some air.
And you are even allowed
to take a selfie with them!
So, I think I got mine!
But you know what,
I think it really goes beyond that
because, here at the Maldives,
they really take care of the ocean.
They say, hey, remember,
even if they look pretty,
try not to touch them.
You know, and I think that’s really meaningful
beyond everything that tourists want to do.
And also,
think twice before you drink turtle soup again.
So after we returned,
I got to do a very exclusive,
complimentary water sport
and it was actually paddle boarding!
Well, I’ve never been on a paddle board before.
More difficult than it seems.
I was very distracted by all the beautiful sights
that I forgot about my aching legs.
And I made it.
So after a long morning and afternoon
doing both paddle boarding
and snorkeling with the turtles,
we are having a well-deserved lunch
and I’m having chicken tikka.
Would you like to
TIKKA bite?
This is the life.
So we just went to freshen up,
I went to take a shower…
We’re not done with the activities?
That’s what everyone’s been doing to me already.
No. I’m kidding.
I’ve been wearing shorts, though.
What could this mean?
Come on.
Stop SKIRTING around the issue.
Let’s go.
It turned out to be the beautiful underwater restaurant.
They sunk this entire glass dome thing
into the water.
I cannot get enough of this place.
And they serve dinner or lunch
while you actually marvel
at all the fish going around the dome.
Oh my god.
The guy is just, like, cleaning the…
And they also said that it’s so sparkly
that the glass reflects light,
it actually attracts the fish.
If you do want a very unique experience,
that is the place to be.
7 tables only.
Very exclusive.
You have to book it way in advance.
If you don’t have a diving license,
I think this is the place to be.
I’m so bad at fishing.
You know this!
Anything else,
other than hooking a guy,
this is difficult.
They do it the traditional way.
The fish eat fish?
So they don’t actually have a fishing rod.
It’s just straight off the reel.
It is
You need to hook it.
And on top of that,
they say it’s almost guaranteed
that you will get a fish.
Where did that come from?
So, one thing I’m definitely very proud of
is that I managed to catch a fish
in 5 mins.
I got one!
If I can do it, honestly,
so can you!
High 5.
It’s REEL.
I managed to catch Garoupas
It’s the same guy again?
But they were so pretty,
I had to let them go.
I caught this fish.
Can we go now?
And let him go back into the sea?
So the very next morning
We are having…
There’s a 50/50 chance
that I will stay on this island forever.
Make that a hundred.
I’ve learned to stop questioning these things.
Let’s eat. OK?
Hash browns!
I’ll be swimming with my relatives?
Whale sharks?
They’re huge?
OK. But will they bite me?
It doesn’t look like a whale.
Neither does it look like a shark.
So, apparently,
it’s quite a unique sighting
here in the Maldives
and they do say, you know,
there’s no guarantee
that you will see a whale shark.
We managed to see some manta rays.
we saw dolphins
so it was still quite a worth-it trip.
So we’ve gotten a wonderful couple
that are willing to show us around Puerto Rico.
Please come visit us.
It’s amazing.
¡Nos vemos en Puerto Rico!
What does it mean?
What does it mean?
We’ll see you in Puerto Rico.
We’ll see you in Puerto Rico.
there were no whale sharks around.
So, apparently, it’s been 2 weeks
since they’ve seen a whale shark
and it’s a little bit worrying.
Maybe it’s me.
They’re like…
Look at that girl.
I’m not gonna give her a photo.
I guess, you know,
at the end of the day,
we managed to take
a really good nap on the boat.
So right after lunch,
we went over to their iconic spa
here at the Conrad Maldives.
You see it on every postcard
or every brochure,
and it was the most gorgeous thing ever.
Oh my goodness.
You are actually over the water.
I think that’s what makes it so
So we’re on the way
to somewhere very special.
Not a lot of people get to see this
but we’re headed to the staff quarters.
It honestly looks like a beach club.
You get the same view
as a paying customer
at the opposite island.
Is that a secret?
You guys get to watch movies under the stars?
We pay for this!
There’s a playstation?
I don’t even have a playstation
in my own house!
Over here at the Conrad Maldives,
they really take care of,
not just the customers,
but their staff as well.
That’s why they are always so happy
to be serving you
‘cos they get to come back to this.
If you're ever considering
a career in hospitality,
I think this is definitely your goal.
Now, this particular trip
to the Maldives
has been very special for me because,
not only does it wrap up
the series of TravelSSBD Deluxe,
I think it encompasses the spirit of SSBD Deluxe.
At the end of the day,
I feel so grateful
that I’m here in this space,
grateful to you who are watching right now as well
because your views have really driven us further
to make us want to achieve
greater things and climb heights.
And here in the Maldives,
they have something for everyone
and I think that’s the reason why
you should visit the Maldives
at whatever stage of life
that you’re in right now.
It is paradise.
I promise you that.
You will never want to leave.
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TravelSSBD Deluxe – Maldives: Sonia has a WHALE of a time!

1236 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on June 26, 2017
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