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Hey, how's it goin' bros? My name-
MY NAME JEFF Oh my God, fuck that was loud, Jesus. Welcome to a brand new let's play, and I know what you're thinking
I'm still gonna play Outlast but this game came out today, and I've been excited for it for a very long time
So I'm gonna play it. I'm going to play it today. I know you guys would love it too. It's called Little Nightmares
You may have seen me play this already a little bit before. It's a really quirky
different looking type of horror game. It was fucking scary, too. Well at least what I saw so far
I'm super pumped for this I'm so lucky so many games are coming out lately
It makes me so excited
I don't really
It's weird like sometimes. There's no games
Sometimes we're blessed with a shit ton of games, and it seems like that's the time so let's just uh
thank you, and
Let's play this. Let's get this party started
I also have no idea what the story of this one is
It's going to be interesting to see
All we know so far is that you're a little uh...
Weird look.., I almost said yellow looking guy, but that's not it
Can the game start please? I don't have stuff... That's a bell everyone. Oh, it's not? What do you think it is then?
Oh shit. I okay. Well it was... Well that's very creepy
Oh shit
So it just starts like that. We just had a nightmare.
A "little nightmare", thank you, high five. -That's a bit low *air horn*
That's what I'm talking about. Here we go
Yeah boi
Yeah boi, just had a nightmare. That's how you wake up from a nightmare
I like how we're wearing a raincoat
Wonder where she got it. It's very cute, Marzia has a similar one
Why am I telling you this? I don't know
Alright uh...
Let me figure out how to play the game
She sort of grabs It automatically. She's trying to push it. I can't do it
This games reminds me a looot of Inside.
That game was fucking awesome, one of my favorite games last year. Hey, it's the potato creatures
That's not what they look like, but that's what they're called now. That's the name we're going with, calm down everyone
Hopefully, this is not as scary as Outlast. I'm getting tired of (scar...) too scary games, man. I'm getting old, man
What can I say?
Before you judge me, I doubt it's as scary to watch as it is to play so...
I remember now. I have a lighter
(I) don't remember how you grab stuff.
It seems like that- that could be... useful
Okay, I figured out how to grab stuff
You just hold that mouse button.
I should be playing this with a controller I just couldn't find one
So why did I do this?
Why exactly? hey, Pewdiepie is great at puzzles everyone! Top of the mornin to ya.
There you go, she grabbed it now, okay.
My bad. I'm a fucking idiot, as always.
let's crouch through, cool.
Yeah, boy
the game doesn't explain anything. I love it.
Not a single fucking thing
It doesn't assume you're a fucking scrub that doesn't know how to, uhh
It sounds like I'm peeing doesn't it? I like it.
I like it a lot.
The sound of peeing is uhh, it's very soothing to me. Don't judge.
I know you feel the same way, okay?
What are you doing little girl?
I feel like she needs a name
Sa- Sammy ? No, Sally Sue ? Some southern name shit ?
All right, this is cool. So far zero death *air horn*
Doing a great job. This is a zero deaths playthrough everyone! first ever attempted on YouTube.
I swear something moved just there
Can I pull this out?
What was that sound?
Hey, baby, what's that sound? Oh God what is that?
Oh, that's the thing from the start ?
Hey, you're mine now
We're going together
With mommy doll and Felix, great times, great times were had, indeed. Oh, we're so tiny
So cute
What is this place?
Why do I have this?
Do I need this ?
Ah fuck it
Okay, let's go
I think we need to go through here
Yeah, jumping on the bed!
Hell yeah, motherfucker. I got an achievement
You can't see it. It says "highly sprung"
So is ma-... Okay let's play the game everyone
Press to jump and to- oh okay, I didn't get the grabbing part
Conveniently placed...
Toilet paper!!
Best game
Toilet paper, you're my new friend, toilet paper
We're gonna put - we're gonna complete this entire game with toilet paper.
I'm never letting you go toilet paper, I love you
Your name is
Good name. I know- oh !
I just noticed something
Oh okay, alright. Let's uhh, let's keep going everyone
Forgot that we were playing a horror game- look at the door. It's so creepy
Alright, so
Gonna have to...
come over the struggles of being a tiny person.
I know what you're thinking !
"But Pewds, you're leaving Timmy behind"
Never. We're never leaving Timmy behind.
He's our friend. He's our lover. I said lover. That's right. We love each other.
I wonder if I can ignite Timmy with flames
Okay, I can't.
Well it looks like you'll live another day, Timmy. It's your lucky day. Let's keep going. Best friends forever
All right, what do we got here, Timmy?
Doesn't look very good, does it ?
Looks like a [shitty] situation
Alright, get it? 'Cuz you're toilet paper [alright].
Hey, what do we got in the fridge?
What if I can climb- Ohhhh yeah! Boi!
Bye Timmy !
Bye *family-friendly Felix song*
*screaming WTFUUUUU*
Shut up, Timmy. It's gonna be okay. I'll be back for you *WTF*
Sorry, Timmy. I love you.
I'll never forget you, Timmy. You're my-
You're my best friend. EWW!
Zero deaths. Zero deaths, everyone. Don't worry about it.
It uhhh- That was uh- that wasn't me. Hey, I woke up from a nightmare
Don't interact with a slug alright well lesson uhh- lesson learned. *whoop*
Fuck you, slug
You can go back to your animes
Or hentais, I don't know
This game is so fucking cool so far
AHH, no! No more slugs!
Go! Fuck the slugs! I mean DON'T fuck the slugs.
This ain't no hentai
Jesus, Zero deaths by the way *air-horn*
Zero Deaths! I know I'm-
I'm breaking the tension so hard by using the stupid sound board.
This is so cool. I see those slugs.
Very cool. Very cool so far.
Loving this.
Could we climb this perhaps? Sorta.. It's the...
Hey, hey, we did it. *high pitched voice* Yeah boi!
There we go, climb all through
It almost feels like...
Oh my God, the potato people.
*Pewds screaming*
Shit! Oh I literally fell in shit.
Where's Timmy when you need him ?
That son of a bitch.
Oh God I hear them, but I- OHHH shit, they're everywhere.
Oh this is bad. Aah don't touch me.
Don't touch me peasants! You're disgusting!
Alright. Fuck.
Uaghh *kapuschh* By-ye !
Wish you could burn them! Oh shit that was close.
I know I keep saying it, but this game is so fucking cool.
I love how it plays so far.
Hope you're enjoying it as well.
Good jump there Felix, good job.
It's almost like you can- can't even tell that I do this for a living.
AH! Potato people.
Those God damn potatoes.
Fuck, I'm still alive. I'm st-
Zero deaths, calm down.
We're still alive. We're still going strong.
Let's take it a little bit more carefully now, boy- or girl or whoever's watching
I ain't discriminating to any gender, or species. If you're-
If you so happen to be a potato people watching this, just know that I care about you.
I just saved myself a polygon article right there, thank you very much. All right, let's keep going.
Got all dark all of a sudden. I hope this light doesn't run out. That'd be-
That'd be great, that'd be excellent.
Where the hell are we? Some sort of boat it almost seems like.
Is that a little hole to look through the door for like, people like me?
Maybe we used to be friends.
I wonder.
Doesn't that come from here?
No? No was the answer to that, okay. That's a bit confusing.
This is probably gonna be timed, so we're gonna have to hurry.
So pretty.
The developers really did a good job.
Go little girl!
Go! Fuuuuck! You gotta run, girl!
I swear there must be a run button that I am not aware of.
Let me try that again. *wooop*
Let's check the- let's check the controls.
Well that doesn't help me, does it
Keyboard. There we go. Uhh jump- sprint! Shit.
Well. That should have been obvious. I just- I couldn't really tell a difference.
Sorry about that! Pro gamer here, pro gamer
[Flexor] xxx
Okay, here we go! Blargh! Yes, that's better. Go go go go go go go. Yeeeah, that's right!
That's right *Hillary Clinton* Hillary Clinton everyone. We did it.
Okay, grab it.
Hey it's potato- I'm getting fucking get you. I'm gonna fucking stab you
Come back here
Fuck. I'm too big
That's what potato people think
All right where did he go- where did that son of a bitch go- Aww fuck..
Big area.
Don't like it. Oh shit. What the fuck is that?
What the fuck is that, man?
Jesus Christ
I feel so lucky to be playing this for you guys. This is so fun.
No, no, no, go IN! Girl.. What are you doing? Girl you cray.
...We're in some sort of bathroom now.
okay, I will--TIMMY!! AH!
I came back for youuu *weird chuckle* YES! Hey another one!
This is family. Ah shit. that looks-a like.. y-.. check if it's safe Timmy.
It's safe. okay I don't.. sti- I don't, I don't know I, w- I got a funny feeling about it, Timmy, I don't know
Why is there so much toilet.. Oh shit! We're in a toilet XD
are these toilets??
"Look around".. oh shit!! Oh shit, dawg
oh, I see
Let's move this door out of the way
*Weird french accent* Excusez-moi
ayy, look at that
let's push.. let's use your family, Timmy. the Timmy family
Trustworthy family always get, uh always good to wipe your ass with :v
Hey, ow shit its timed, it's timed, it's timed it's timed.
Timmy. I'm not leaving you behind ! Go go go !
Fuck timmy. I'm leaving you behind
Sorry, Timmy. I'll come back for you
Okay, well you know what?
hey, I
I see what we have to do.
Wow, we're in a kid's playroom.
Ow that's so cool
Hey, it's got a little train and everything!
got them got them sorry sorry let me put you back
Okay, well I broke it
Okay, there's another electricity
So we probably have to put the boxes on the seesaw. Is that what it's called in English
Seesaw I think that's it
One of those weird ones, why they call it seesaw. Ohw, because it's -okay. Well, whatever.
In Sweden we call it...
I don't know what do we call it in Sweden (gungbräde)
Nice throw buddy. You really nailed it there
Actually, we might not even need the boxes
shit the perspective is a bit weird here
Trying to walk up. Fuck it's- it's hard to follow
What's what's the angle of this thing?
I'm trying to like
Ah, for Fuck's sake man
Ok now it's easier. We're just gonna have to run for it. I assume
[haha], goddammit
What the fuck ? Oh, it doesn't go up go go go go go go go girl girl?
You better go you better go girl, please please
Please jump jump
no, ah
Yes, okay here we go. Attempt number two wahoow!
nailed it so easy
Easier than your mama's ass.
I don't know why I had to go there. I'm so sorry. Ok we're here now
I suppose we could shoot that thing
No, why would we do that?
Okay, let's think
Maybe push down that box
Was it open before maybe it wasn't open before ?
Ok let's assume it wasn't open before
Hey, it's the Timmy family.
It's the Timminy- look who came crawling back, huh?
Okay, so I actually don't have time to interact with Timmy. I feel awful, but hey
Like I can't fucking see you dude.
What am I doing here? Okay so I go here
Well that was an epic fail. Ok, let's just see if. Okay. I'm sure this is not supposed to happen
I'm a fucking Moron. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry
Obvious shit, just doesn't seem to want to-
You- when you're an idiot, alright,
It's not that easy alright. People don't appreciate
Go go (x12)
Ah fuck the boxes
Go go go go ah fuck box ah fuck fuck fuck fuck. Go go go go. Yes
*air horn*
nailed that shit boi
Nailed it. What's happening here?
Love the level-design. Very, very creepy
Very unusual
Love the sound of me running
You hear the rubber
Fuck. Oh, oh fuck, okay.
I assume, we should not let the eye see us or else we'll end up like the babies. Go go go go go
I'm fine
I may have gone a little impatient there and *air horn*
Zero deaths everyone. Zero deaths. Sorry. I'm a fucking idiot. I don't know why. I'm so impatient
I should've just fucking waited it was obvious. I couldn't have done it. It would have been cool
If I did do it though, I bet you would have been like "hey, that's pretty cool"
No? all right. ah, fuck box
I love the sound it's so good.
No! No,no, no. No, no, no.
Why do we go in the front?
Alright. Let's go
Here we go
Here we go. Easy easy
Don't know how I fucked that up
All right, lower girl. There we go. Forgot I had to grab it
Creepy. Very creepy. Let's put you right there.
Okay, there's a thing hanging there. Maybe we need to get it down. I don't know
Nothing really here. There's a potato people there
Maybe drag something?
I don't know. No, we probably just have to climb
Okay, yeah yeah yeah. Silly me.
Hey, it's not always obvious all right
So I'm guessing... it looks like we can go here as well. Maybe there's something here
Let's check it out
Feel like I'm not supposed to be here. this is weird. Oh
Shit, what is this?
What is happening here?
What do we got underneath the bed? Oh..
Eugh, does it leave footprints? Yeah it does. So cute. Hey, it's mama
"Hey Pewdiepie"
You coming with me Mama
What the fuck? Calm down Mama
"I love you, Pewdiepie"
We're gonna finish the game together, Mama
Don't know why I'm bringing this
"Because you love me, pewdiepie"
Yes, I do. Yes, I do, Mama.
I do.
So much
Hey, you never know when you need a mama
All right- oH MY GOOOOOD
Mama Mama, please
Oh shi- what the fuck is that?
Oh my God. It's looking underneath the bed and shit fuck that shit boy. I'm fuckin out here fuckin done mate. Oh
Oh fuckin fUK FUCK NO NO NOO
I wanted the firs- I'm sorry for ending it here, but I want the first episode to be a little shorter
So everyone can get a chance to get in here. This is going to be a fucking awesome playthrough, I can feel it
I'll make the next one longer for you guys if you just leave a like and let me know if you want more
I'm going to play more either way. It's fucking awesome really enjoying this very cool
Thank you guys so much for watching I promise there will be an Outlast video as well.
I'm not going to reject any other series
I know there's a lot of stuff like walking dead is out as well, but it's cool. I'm excited to be playing some more games
Thank you guys so much for all the support as always.
Appreciate ya, and I'll see you tomorrow or in another video.
Stay awesome, bros.
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Little Nightmares, Gameplay, Part 1, CREEPIEST GAME EVER?!

599 Folder Collection
Frederic published on June 23, 2017
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