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Hi guys, this is Berlin.
You probably can't tell, but right now
it's raining here in Berlin.
We flew with Ryan Air today, and it's our first time flying with Ryan Air
and the rules of Ryan Air are
you're allowed to bring two pieces of luggage on board carry-on, but they have to be a certain size
and it's a bit smaller than most other airlines, yeh, other airlines.
They also don't really have much space.
So, before you board, they usually tag your bag if they think that it's a bit too big or if they think there won't be enough space for it.
And so Jenny's bag got tagged.
And then so when we boarded they had to
put it into...
...the hold.
Which was annoying because
the whole point of us bringing ONLY carry-on luggage
was so that we could just
get off the plane and go straight away.
Instead of having to wait for
the baggage belt to come around.
But it was okay,
we got here in the end.
And here she is eating her mandarin.
Our plane from Cologne to Berlin took roughly 1 hour 10 minutes
and then from there we caught a train to Berlin Hoptbahnhof, Which took roughly 30-40 minutes.
Yay! we arrived.
Guys! We are in Berlin now!
We are staying in the Meininger hotel
right near Berlin Central Station
We've just checked in to our hotel.
So this is the bathroom.
Pretty nice shower, it's pretty clean.
and then over here we have a little wardrobe
and um...Anton's already made himself at home
with the double bed, and there's a single bed here.
And there's a nice little artwork.
The room's like a decent size, enough to walk.
Enough to walk around put your luggage and whatever.
It's clean and there's aircon.
Look out and that's our view there.
Another hotel, I think it is.
So this is the hotel we're staying in
and look, right up here is the train station.
Look how convenient it is.
We're just going on a hunt for some dinner now.
The thing I love about Europe is that the sun sets really late.
It's like almost 7 pm right now and it's still really bright.
It's like the middle of the day or something.
Today will be our last night before Jenny flies home.
And then we're gonna continue the rest of the journey just the two of us.
The cool kid's leaving
The cheap kid's leaving.
By the way, that's her Tomorrowland hat that she bought from Tomorrowland.
How much did it cost you?
35 euros.
35 euros!
55 Aussie.
Yep, 55 Aussie.
Pretty cool, it is pretty nice.
Don't run away while I'm trying to film it.
One thing I've been loving about Europe, is the Fanta here.
for some reason it tastes different.
Yeh, it tastes different here.
- It tastes like orange juice with bubbles. - And if you can see the colour
it doesn't look as orange.
You know how like
I don't know if in the US it's the same,
in Australia, the orange
the orange in the Fanta is
like this orange here.
But then here, it's more like a golden colour.
A: It's like orange juice mixed with a
- Soda - Yeh
Pretty nice, I like it.
So we're just walking down Friedrichstrasse.
Our receptionist told us to
come down this street and he said there's lot of food.
Uhh...the problem is
all the food we've been coming across is just International foods.
So we've come across an Indian restaurant
a Vietnamese restaurant
a Thai restaurant
Italian restaurant...
...another Italian restaurant...
...but we're yet to come across anything German.
Which is the whole reason why we're in Germany...
Yay! We finally found a place.
We wandered down the street and we came to this restaurant.
We noticed it, because if you can see outside
there's tables.
So the menu is handwritten, which is what really caught our eye.
Usually when you go to a restuarant and it's all handwritten, it means that
they probably use ingredients that are
fresh from the day.
And they probably change their menu quite often
so that's why we really wanted to try this place.
Here's the inside of the restaurant.
Quite a quaint little place.
It's really cute. Got a little bar.
We had to be special today
and we ordered some special drinks.
I got cherry juice.
Jenny got a rose
a French rose.
And then Anton got a craft beer
So we just finished having dinner,
and we tried to catch the S-bahn
to get back to Hauptbahnhof
which is near where our hotel is
but the problem is,
we caught one station
and then it ended
and then it said that we had to catch a bus
because the line had construction or something.
- I don't know what they're doing. A: Denied!
And then we didn't know any signage and we didn't understand anything
and so we finally found it
and then we got on the bus
and then now we're back
at our place.
sometimes random things just happen
and you just gotta be prepared for it.
I mean, we probably could have walked faster...
But yeh, umm...
well dinner was really good at least
and we're finally home
and then we're gonna go on a walking tour tomorrow.
Oh no!
So short!
This was our first time in Berlin
and before leaving,
we had heard from many of our friends
that there is so much history to learn about Berlin.
As we were travelling on a budget,
we decided to join a free walking tour
to learn all about the history.
So here in Berlin,
they built a French cathedral on this side
for the French.
And then they thought: "ok...
...on the other side, why not build one for the Germans"
But, what's not visible to the naked eye
is the fact that
there is a difference between, this one and that one.
Supposedly, the German one is a bit taller than
the French one, just by 14cm
according to our guide.
So, we just finished our free walking tour.
It was interesting to learn a bit of modern history
cause so far on our trip
most of the cities that we've visited
A: Very old W: Yeh, very old history.
It's all stuff that isn't even in our lifetime.
The wall just only came down in '89.
A: So, I was very very young W: We were alive
A: Obviously we wouldn't comprehend it at that age
The amazing thing is, if you walk along the street
and if I see anyone on the street right now who is older than I am
and they're German,
they technically would have experienced
like, been through that experience.
W: That's just amazing A: So, it was 28 years.
The thing with the wall was, it was overnight that they put up...well, they didn't build the wall overnight...but
they put barbed wire, to separate the East from the West.
So, if you were on one side, and your family was on the other side.
You'd be stuck there.
A: Yeh, you're there. That's it!
A: Your next 28 years...you don't even know it yet,
A: but, that's it.
This is call the "Miss Piggy"
It's basically a pork shank
and this one is a pasta.
J: Porcini, mushroom pasta
and this one's called "Mish Mash"
It's got sauerkraut
mashed potatoes
sausage, and what's that?
A: It's a Rammon steak...
Thanks for watching guys
Don't forget to like and subscribe
and for more travel inspiration
find me on Instagram and Facebook.
See you in the next video.
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EUROPE TRAVEL VLOG #13: BERLIN - Perfect for the HISTORY BUFF! - Jenny's going home!

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Winny Luong published on June 23, 2017    羅世康 translated    Evangeline reviewed
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