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  • What has happened so far? This has now been going on for a few hours.

  • Yeah, we've seen several technology CEOs meeting with some of the top advisors of the president,

  • including the vice president over at the White House for the last 4 hours.

  • They've been taking about how to modernize government,

  • they've been talking about newer ways to bring the expertise of the private sector,

  • and tried to translate it into government, something that previous administrations have tried to do but has been incredibly difficult.

  • Trying to make government more like Apple, more like Amazon, and more responsive to the citizens that it serves.

  • That's what they've been doing for the last few hours.

  • They've also talked about things like the H-1B visa program,

  • and some areas of concern that the private sector and the technology CEOs have with what president Trump has done,

  • everything from immigration to climate, to the visa issue.

  • So it's been a long and wide ranging discussion

  • and it's gonna cap with president Trump coming and speaking to some of the CEOs face to face.

  • Now, to clarify, a number of these CEOs haven't actually joined into this council,

  • they're today, as part of a one-off working session.

  • People like Tim Cook for example, strongly disagree with the president on issues like climate change.

  • Is president Trump really going to be receptive to what they have to say?

  • Yeah, a lot of these CEOs wanted to have a seat at the table.

  • This is not something that they are using as a reason to be a part of the president's council.

  • They're just actually coming to the table to talk to the president and try to have his ear.

  • So it doesn't cost them very much to come and try to get the president to move towards their position on a number of different issues.

  • But there are some CEOs including Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk,

  • who decided not to participate in the president's council because of disagreements over things like climate change.

  • But some of the CEOs who were present today want to have the president's ear,

  • they want to show that they have an open mind towards meeting with the president

  • and a lot of them were saying that they were grateful to have the opportunity to talk to people like Jared Kushner,

  • who has the trust of the president and who may be a little bit more open towards their positions on things like climate change.

What has happened so far? This has now been going on for a few hours.

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