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  • Actions of Iran have shocked the civilized world.

  • Lets go lets lets go! -Shred everything!

  • The embassy has been ceased and more than sixty americans citizens...

  • continue to be held as hostages.

  • If we're going to go then, we need to go now!

  • What happened?

  • -Six of the hostages went out a back exit.

  • Where are they? The Canadian Embassador's house.

  • You got revolutionary guards going door-to-door

  • If these people die, they die badly.

  • White House wants the six of them out.

  • What we lack for this

  • are bicycles.

  • Deliver the six bikes provide them with maps.

  • Or you could just send in training wheels and meet them at the border

  • with gatorade.

  • It's going to take a miracle to get them out.

  • Buddy man, what are we watching?

  • I got an idea. They're a canadian film crew for a science fiction movie.

  • I fly in to Tehran. We all fly out together as a film crew.

  • I need you to help me make a fake movie.

  • So, you want to come to Hollywood, act like a big shot

  • without actually doing anything? -Yea.

  • You'll fit right in.

  • You need a script. -Argo.

  • Science fantasy adventure.

  • Landscape - Mars, desert. -We need an exotic location to shoot.

  • You need a producer. -If I'm doing a fake movie

  • it's going to be a fake hit.

  • You don't have a better bad idea than this?

  • This is the best bad idea we have sir

  • by far.

  • You have seventy-two hours to get them out.

  • You're getting a visitor.

  • You've gotten people out this way before?

  • No.

  • You're asking us to trust you with our lives.

  • This is what I do.

  • and I've never left anyone behind.

  • I know who they are and I know they're hiding out.

  • It's over Tony.

  • If they stay here, they will be taken.

  • probably not alive.

  • We're responsible for these people.

  • I'm responsible.

  • You really believe your little story is going to make a difference

  • when there's a gun to our heads?

  • I think my little story is the only thing

  • between you and a gun to your head.

Actions of Iran have shocked the civilized world.

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