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Hello, I'm Crown.
Today let's talk about
Hello everyone!
Welcome back to our channel.
Today we're gonna talk about
something that girls are really familiar with,
and also despise,
which is your period!
This is something that we girls go through every month.
So it doesn't make sense
not to know some of the vocabulary.
And for the boys, don't click out of the video just yet.
If you understand more about this topic,
you'll be able to help your female friends when they're in need.
They'll think you're sweet and heartwarming!
Today's video will also be an English Corner.
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Chinese and English subtitles,
you can go to the VoiceTube website.
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Yes, it is “that time of the month” again.
For girls, we seriously couldn’t wait to get it over with.
There are days every month
when we feel especially weak or uncomfortable
because we are having our period.
As for boys, like I’ve said,
you might think this video is meant for girls only,
but that is entirely not true.
Knowing these knowledge would definitely come in handy
when your girlfriend, sisters, or friends need help.
When we say period,
we are talking about the monthly cycle that girls go through
when they enter puberty
and each cycle normally lasts three to five days.
The formal name for “period” is actually menstruation.
Or, at other times, you will often hear MC
which is short for
“menstrual cycle”
Sanitary products are a must during a girl’s period.
And of course,
everyone has their own preferences in choosing them.
Even girls can get confused about what products they can use,
not to mention boys…
Got these stuff
which one do you need?
Ugh...just give me the pad.
The pad?
Uhh…this one?
No! That’s a screwdriver!
The pad! It’s right there!
So as you can see,
there’s a ton of different sanitary products.
Let’s go down the list.
sanitary napkins are the most commonly seen sanitary product
in convenience stores,
retailers, pharmacies, and supermarkets.
However, more and more people are turning to tampons
because they make engaging in outdoor activities
more convenient and comfortable.
At the beginning and the end of the menstrual cycle
some girls would prefer pantyliners
because they are thinner
and are more suitable for less discharge of blood.
Another trending choice right now would be the so-called
menstrual cup.
Personally, I have zero experience with that.
But I know that it’s basically a small vessel used to store blood.
I have a friend who wrote a blog about
using the menstrual cup for the first time.
And ever since I saw that,
I mentioned at the beginning of the video
that girls usually feel weak and uncomfortable
during their periods.
The main reason is because most of the time,
girls get menstrual pain.
Oh my God…
Simply put,
it’s like having random cramps
near the area of your lower abdomen.
And because having your period means discharging blood,
some girls would even feel dizzy due to anemia
Many even look pale until their period is over for the month.
I remember back in university,
I had a friend who suffers from super severe menstrual pain.
There was this one time,
she was so weak she couldn’t even walk.
So I piggybacked her from our English department
to the front gate of the school.
And we waited at the front gate for her dad
to come and take her home.
I was super worried that time,
but thinking back,
it was a very fond memory.
As for me,
most of the time I'm not the kind of person
who would get severe cramps or pain.
Normally, the first sign of my period nearing,
is that I would have acne.
I would easily grow pimples on my chin, my forehead
and two sides of my nose.
And also, what bothers me a lot,
and I believe a lot of girls feel me,
is edema.
Wow, that sounds like such a big word
but simply, it means that your body is in poor circulation
and it manifests swellings in different parts of your body.
So basically you get fat and you get ugly.
True story.
Aside from that,
I also tend to experience mood swings during my period,
which means I get emotional very easily.
For example,
I’d get hot-tempered and feel like the world owes me.
Anything and everything would get on my nerves,
and I think that everyone is
in my way.
Or, I’d feel particularly weepy
and I’d listen to sad songs and cry.
Yep, scary, huh?
Why am I so emotional?
Going through that particular time of the month
can be tough sometimes.
So, tips for the girls:
First, stay away from iced products.
I know it’s hard,
especially if you love bubble milk tea and ice cream
as much as I do.
wear comfortable clothings and keep yourself warm.
Third, when you feel uncomfortable,
try and see if you can make yourself
a cup of hot brown sugar water,
and don’t eat too much chocolate.
And last of all,
Tip for the boys:
Shower us with love and care,
be sensitive, and...
bear with us?
That’s it for today.
I hope everyone would get to know more about menstruation.
What other tips do you have to make you feel better
during that time of the month?
Leave those at the comments section down below.
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Why am I so emotional?
So won’t you
Wait, wait, wait
The period!
no, the period!
Don’t stay with me!
Go away! Go away!
I don’t want you!
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We upload videos
every Monday and Thursday at 9 p.m.
Thanks for watching as always,
and I’ll catch you guys next time!
See ya!
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It's that time of the month again! Talking about periods

165344 Folder Collection
Colleen Jao published on June 27, 2017    Colleen Jao translated    Hsin reviewed
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