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>> TREVOR NOAH: Good evening, everyone.
Good evening.
Uh, my name is Trevor Noah, and it is my profound pleasure to
welcome you to this special event to mark the second year
anniversary of UN Women's HeForShe initiative....Tonight
is a night of stories and storytelling.
These are stories about the global movement to achieve
gender equality and the people who are committed to seeing
it happen.
>> EMMA WATSON: Being a part of HeForShe for the last two years
has been an incredible learning experience for me.
There have been some really hard moments and a lot of
amazing ones.
Ones I never could have imagined.
The UN Secretary General, the entire EU Commission, the NATO
Secretary General, the President of the International Olympic
Committee, numerous heads of state, and politicians from
around the world, including those that you've heard from
tonight, and everyone from Usain Bolt to Tom Hanks are all
now HeForShe.
We've crashed the UN website on multiple occasions--sorry about
that--um, we have lit up the Empire State Building, seeing
HeForShe in Times Square, and made it a term in the
Urban Dictionary.
After 2 billion media impressions, 1.1 million pledged
HeForShes have made practical commitments, as have some of the
world's leading universities and companies to make gender
equality a priority in their--in their work and within their
communities.. In the last two years, if I have learned
anything, if they have shown me anything, it is that nothing,
nothing, is impossible.
>> JUSTIN TRUDEAU: We need women and girls to succeed because
that's how we build stronger, more resilient communities.
It's how we grow a stronger economy.
Encouraging the full participation of women and girls
in public life and in the business world leads to better
decision making all around.
(Speaks French) When women and girls get ahead, everyone does
better in society.
>> EDGAR RAMIREZ: There has now been a misconception that gender
equality is a women's movement, but gender equality is actually
about just that.
It is liberation movement for all genders.
It is a liberation movement for each and every person that has
ever felt the burden of a gender stereotype or the pain of
discrimination or the pressure to fit into an
uncomfortable mold...
Men are taught that if we are not the ultimate provider, then
we are a complete failure.
We have to be number one in everything we do.
There's nothing more delusional or more paralyzing than what I
just described.
As a student of the human condition and a man in a macho
normative culture, I've seen firsthand that this paradigm
sets many men and boys up for failure.
To be taught their sadness and fear, anguish and grief, the
very things that make us humans, our feelings, are shameful.
To be encouraged to suppress our humanity and conform to socially
accepted views of what it means to be a man.
To absorb, in our skin, a version of success that is
burdensome, unnatural and excessively competitive.
These distortions come with great consequences for men,
women, and societies as a whole.
>> PHUMZILE MLAMBO-NGCUKA: We are looking for a billion men to
sign up for HeForShe and take the responsibility to create
millions of actions that will make the world better, not just
for women, but also for themselves, because women are
not--w--are not, eh, charity cases, women are change makers
in their own right.
They are leaders of the struggle, and women are offering
men an opportunity to be part of an amazing journey that will
liberate men and society and, of course, will ensure that women
also get their place in the sun.
So, our call to action today is for you to join this movement
and to recruit for us, but this is not about clicking, it is
about the action that you take offline once you have clicked.
>> Bob Moritz: At PwC, we're an organization of 250,000 people
around the world, 158 different countries that we operate in,
and we have a social obligation to make the world better.
Our purpose, our mission, is to help enable trust to be better
than it is today in society and to help solve some very
important problems, this being one of them.
And I'm proud to announce tonight that we're launching
with the UN and the women's initiative a focus around a
curriculum that is free, available to everybody, around
dealing with the unconscious biases or preferences that are
in our day-to-day choices, dialogue, and action.
It's called Building Gender IQ.
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HeForShe Second Year Anniversary

160 Folder Collection
Ting YU Chang published on June 21, 2017
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