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  • *Phew.* So, uh

  • This week has been

  • an interesting one to say the least.

  • I know that some of you guys may be wondering about the future of Smosh now that Anthony is gone

  • Which is why I wanted to make this video. For a long time Smosh hasn't been just Anthony and I

  • And it wouldn't be possible to make all the crazy ass videos

  • We make without the help of the rest of the smosh family

  • So I thought it'd be important to introduce you guys to some of the people that you may or may not already know so let's

  • Go over here

  • First up is Ryan Todd our director and producer

  • He's been with us for over eight years now, and you may recognize them as the character Stevie (do the Stevie voice Ryan)

  • What do you mean, [there's] just my regular voice?

  • Right well without Ryan and his crew

  • The videos would look like this and be lit like this and sound like this

  • But this isn't all the smosh family. There's also smosh games, but I'm pretty sure you already know who these losers are Tom

  • It's pronounced gamers

  • These are the writers who helped me write the videos we put out each and every week

  • say hi writers um

  • It's pronounced gamers. (Other Lady): That was the line for the last scene

  • And these are the editors who helped me put together every video we shoot

  • What are you guys working on today? Censoring out Shane's dick. (Other Guy): I'm doing the same thing

  • 90% of what we do is censor out Shane's dick

  • These are the producers who all make sure everything runs

  • Smoothly on this channel the second channel smosh games and anywhere else you can find smosh content

  • They're also really great at taking their shirts off

  • they're also really great at listening to their FUCKING boss when (inaudible)

  • These are all the heroes that keep everything behind the scenes together. They work on the website

  • Make sure you guys get your Smosh shirts on time. Upload all our videos and pretty much do every little conceivable thing that I would otherwise forget to do.

  • Did you brush your teeth this morning? (Shane): Fuck!

  • But and of course you know these guys um, it's pronounced gamers. (Other Lady): Wow!

  • Oh my God! Well there you go shane. The joke is dead!

  • and then there's me you might be wondering what my role in smosh will be moving forward and the answer is

  • Same thing I've always done. I'm going to be involved in every part of smosh even if I'm not in front of the camera

  • I'm behind it and I do it because you guys push me every day

  • to want to be a better comedian be a better creator be a better writer.

  • and it's something that I truly enjoy and I'm truly passionate about so I'm really excited for you guys to

  • See what we have coming next we're working on some new exciting things

  • They'll be rolling out in the next couple months some might be on youtube maybe our Facebook maybe our instagram

  • make sure you're following all those and

  • Thank you guys again for your support

  • And I promise you we will always deliver you the smartest most highbrow humor that smosh has in the past

  • So thank you guys so much

  • Did you get the joke because I said it was highbrow humor, and I showed him a dick

  • See you next week

  • Hey guys, thank you so much for watching this video

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*Phew.* So, uh

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