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Hey this Anthony with RevZilla TV where you can watch decide and ride.
Welcome to our detailed breakdown of the new Bell Qualifier Helmet
available at Revzilla.com.
New in the Bell lineup, the Qualifier is its brand new, sport-oriented,
really what I'm going to call entry-level into the family. If we look into
it, this is the original Bell arrow. The Qualifier is replacing it and
honestly it steals a lot of DNA from a lot of the more race-inspired
helmets, like the Vortex, the RS1, the Star, encapsulates them just over
that $100 mark and it's a complete leap forward over what we saw in the
previous Bell Arrow platform.
If you see them side by side, which I'm going to do really, really quickly,
completely different helmets. They're really from the outside in,
completely different. Different shapes, different aerodynamic profiles.
Bell spent a lot of time working that DNA down into a polycarb helmet, and
at the end of the day the end-user, the entry-level sports rider is left
with a lot of bang for the buck again in solids as well as graphics. This
is the Cam graphic just over that $100 mark.
Now, there are a lot of key differences. I'm going to walk through them in
depth as we move through this video but quickly I'm going to call out one
of the big changes that's going to make people very excited. The fit of the
Bell Qualifier is now intermediate oval. Intermediate oval tends to be the
most popular for the American market. The original Bell Arrow was more of a
round fit. It's nice to see them going this direction. The new RS1 is this
fit, the new Star is this fit. This is a very consistent Bell fit now that
we're seeing perpetuate through this helmet.
Keep in mind too if you're not sure about that, we're going to ship for
free. You can always talk to a geek and I'd love to hear your gut reaction
and your questions as I begin to roll through this. Click here, subscribe
to us, at RevZilla TV our YouTube channel. Comments, questions feedback,
your gut reaction. I certainly want to hear them and we want to be able to
answer your questions on the fly. Now let's dive into the outside and work
our way in.
Looking at it again, fast graphic here on the cam, looking at the vent
construction, much more aerodynamic profile. If I look at the Arrow which
is right next to it, look at how round this sucker is. Just very round,
very round and it's shaped very bulky in its shell shape and size. Again,
you're still coming in in a polycarb shell around that three pounds six
ounce mark which is extremely light weight, it is only DOT rated. It's not
going to be EC, it's not going to be snow. If you need that original
rating, move up into something, it's big brother will be something like the
But if you look at it, they've even changed the vent configuration. On top
you're seeing low profile chimney vents that sweep back into a very nice
and contoured spoiler that's built in with nice Venturi vents for exhaust
that are going to be free flowing out the back. if you look at the chin
vent, stolen directly from then RS1 here on the cam graphic done in matte
black, my chin vent is incorporated there. Again, the new style new school
Bell, this is again them stealing that DNA and wrapping it into their more
entry level price point.
Notice along the side here how everything sweeps together and you can again
see as I pull to the top you're going to see that intermediate oval head
shape bring its away narrow, front to back, all the way back versus being a
round shape.
The other thing they changed is now they've gone to the same shield that
we're seeing. It's UV resistant, it's going to be optically correct, it's
the same shield we see on an RF1 or a new Star. Nice touch, why? Because
you can upgrade to the photochromic Bell transition shield if you want to
go this direction and remember that saves you having to buy a secondary
smoke shield when you hit the outside light and the UV hits it, it
immediately goes to a medium smoke tint. Just by virtue of having the UV
hit it and you don't have to do anything, you don't have to swap.
I consider an easy shield change mechanism, it's one of the easiest in the
biz. Again, very simple, you saw, I just pulled that lever and the side pod
pops right off, very easy to snap back on. Again, nice big gasket too,
creating a nice seal around the eye port.
Last piece to note on the shell is that there are three shell sizes on an
entry level helmet which I really, really like. A lot of times, you'll see
manufacturers, they have to cut costs, they're not going to do those
additional molds. Bell has a full size range up to 2XL, 64 centimeters so
it will definitely accommodate those guys with big guy mongo-sized heads.
But again, when you're looking at it, they're giving you the range to not
add weight because you're only getting enough shell as you need to be able
to tune in that EPS and create safety and the correct amount of fit.
Now, if I start to break it down from the inside out, let me reach over
here, I'm going to grab my donut. Completely redesigned in the interior
guts as well. It's going to be moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, see the
nice neckroll that pulls everything together. Premium guts here and again,
you start to get some other bells and whistles when you move up into the
Vortex, into the Star. But again, very simple in it's design, meant to be
fully removable, fully washable, fully cleanable, let you de-gunkify your
helmet over time, especially if you're riding in the summertime because we
know that most of the sport bike crowd is really going to be, especially
here in the northeast, going to be more warm weather-centric. So again,
you're going to start to sweat, you're going to be able to pull all this
stuff out, get it rinsed off, let it air out and give you the best chance
to keep your helmet comfortable and less gunky over time.
Basic cheek pad design. Nice contour, again, moving into that intermediate
oval head shape. This is that new style shape from Bell. Notice we also
have speaker cutouts. This helmet, the way the neckroll is designed, it
will take a com system, a third party, so your Cardo's your, your Sena,
there're other guys out there, the inner phones that need to clamp onto
this neckroll. You're going to be able to do that no problem and have
plenty of room so the speakers aren't going to be pressing into your ears.
A lot of times, helmets, when they don't have the speaker cutouts over a
longer ride, you might start to feel those speakers, you're not going to
get that here on the Qualifier.
Here's my 3-D comfort liner, it comes out. Again, this is entry level, so
it's a little more basic in it's design but it is still 3-D. You can see
here its cutaways at the top to allow that air to circulate in through the
scalp and if you move it like this, you're going to see that they have the
additional padding that goes around the brow line really, the crown of the
head where you're going to sweat the most.
Now, if I had to call it, I'd say that for me these snaps are a little bit
low on the horizon. So, depending on your head shape you may or may not
feel them. But again, moving into the more premium lines of helmets, you
start to make those investments, you get some of those additional creature
comforts. Moving towards the inside, no surprises here. Big vent cutaways,
ten millimeter vent holes that sweep all the way back moving toward those
Venturis and then down the neck line so you're gong to get a great amount
of ventilation through the top and down.
Bell has perfected this again in the Star, in the RS1, in the Vortex and
now they're stealing that DNA and working it into a helmet that again is
just going to be over that $100 mark. So, to sum up, what we like about
this helmet is it's a tremendous amount of race-inspired DNA that we saw
from the more expensive models trickle there way all the way down here into
what they call their entry-level sport, or universal application. You know,
over time though, depending on how much you ride and how hard-care you are,
you might want to reach out for some of those more refined components and
that's where you have to make that larger investment.
So, again, you're trading bang for the buck factor for some of those
nuances but that's what you know you're getting into especially if you need
a secondary helmet, or a secondary riders helmet for 2up riding. Again,
this could be a no-brainer option in your bag of tricks when it comes to
helmets. The next step in your journey is to click right here, read other
rider reviews at RevZilla.com you don't have to take my word for it. Use me
as a starting point, form your own opinion by seeing what other riders are
saying as well.
As always, we will absolutely ship for free over $39 bucks. You want to
talk to a gear geek, see us at RevZilla.com or 877-792-9455. Thanks for
watching our detailed breakdown of the new Bell Qualifier helmet. I'm
Anthony, we'll see you next time.
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Bell Qualifier Helmet Review at RevZilla.com

744 Folder Collection
popwei published on June 19, 2017
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