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  • The other day my boyfriend asked me:

  • Hey if you could time travel to any time period where would you go?

  • And I laughed and I said:

  • Nowhere. This is the best time to be an Asian woman.

  • Dur!

  • He looked confused for a moment before he realized

  • Oh.

  • This made me think about this phrase that has

  • been circulating in our cultural awareness lately

  • "Check your privilege."

  • So check your privilege basically says

  • Yo. When you're considering somebody else's plight

  • be aware of the specific privileges that you were born into

  • so you can set those aside and accurately try to understand

  • someone else's situation.

  • So when my boyfriend said

  • I've never thought about it that way.

  • I started wondering: what's my privilege?

  • And I do have some. I mean I was born into a family

  • that placed a lot of value on education.

  • All right Honey, I will give you a penny per page

  • Because I'm greedy as fuck, I had a lot of good incentives to learn.

  • Your daughter is the first in our middle school

  • to read the entire section of the Young Adult Library.

  • Money money money.

  • My dad was also in the military

  • so I was exposed to different cultures and countries

  • and people and amassed quite a few dialects

  • that are embarrassing now.

  • When I was a kid, I was in North Carolina.

  • *speaking Japanese*

  • Ay brah, we went chase that motha fucka to the parking lot.

  • Oh em gee. Are you bitches talking about sush sush?

  • We should totes got to Sugar Fish (restaurant). It's amaze.

  • And, after puberty, I was considered cute.

  • Occasionally pretty. Which I'm sure helped me along the way.

  • Now, as you can see by the graph, the more attractive you are

  • the more cats a potential partner will tolerate.

  • Ultimately, I hope that having this kind of awareness makes me a better person

  • and more able to sympathize with people's struggles.

  • Like not everybody was born with parents who are still together.

  • And who support their dreams. Or were in a middle class family.

  • Or were instilled with a work ethic so young

  • Or experience the world and got to be exposed to different things.

  • It's so easy to see someone through your own narrow lens

  • and to like dismiss what they're going through.

  • Or write off their struggles as excuses or complaints.

  • It's a lot harder to try to keep in mind the opportunities you were afforded.

  • Just because of where you were born.

  • I've definitely been guilty of doing that.

  • But on the whole, we're moving more towards empathy.

  • And I love that.

  • Which reminds me. I asked my boyfriend:

  • If you could time travel to any period where would you go?

  • The 1960s.

  • Cool.

  • I have no idea where Asian people were in the 60s.

  • I don't know either.

  • Where were we?

  • I'm Anna Akana. Stay awesome Gotham.

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The other day my boyfriend asked me:

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