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What's up everyone?
In the spirit of GraphicStock's Creator2Creator initiative,
here is what we made with our GraphicStock subscription.
Hope you enjoy it.
[sighs] Home!
[Irene] I'm leaving...
Ooo... going out on a Friday night? I know what that means.
You shaved your legs,
but you're wearing flip flops.
You're wearing falsies, but also reading glasses?
And you're wearing a crop top, ugh, under an old hoodie?
Do you even know where you are going?
I'm meeting up with Tim.
Tim from marketing? Is it a date?
I don't know.
We got back from our work trip and said we'd eat and finish the account
but then our presentation got cancelled, but we didn't cancel the eating part so,
now we are just getting dinner.
Well, do you want it to be a date?
I mean... he is cute, dorky,
oblivious at times but...
I guess I wouldn't mind if it were.
[gasps] Oh yay!
Hold on!
Uh, this is great and all but...
it's not really a date unless he also thinks it's a date.
Okay, but how will I know?
Oh it should be obvious.
So obvious.
There will be signs.
[phone vibrates]
He's here.
[gasp] He's picking you up?
That's a sign.
[whispers] Okay.
Grab some heels, too.
Ooo, but he didn't come to the door...
Inconclusive. Have fun!
-Hey Tim! -Hey.
[Tim] So...
before we leave, I want to give you something.
You got me something?
Well, Tim, you didn't have to get me...
Yeah, they're our work receipts from our business trip?
You handle reimbursements, right?
Great. Cool.
Hey, I just wanted to say, uh...
I really like your style, tonight.
Yeah, I have the same hoodie.
Hey, uh, one sec?
I'm gonna get something from this flower guy.
Tim, stop... [laughs]
I needed change for a 50.
-Gotcha. Yeah. -Yeah.
Oh my God, are you always here?
Last time I was here, was with you.
Oh how rude. This is Irene.
Oh... Irene?
Heard so much about you.
Is that right?
Oh, Irene. This is my Maya "girlfriend."
It's Arabic.
[Maya] He always mispronounce it.
Such a pretty name!
You know, I don't know if you know this but,
you're on a date.
Am I?
Yeah, you are on a date. Look!
There are a bunch of date trees on this street,
I've been stepping on them myself.
Don't you hate it when you're on a date and you don't even know it?
That does suck!
Anyways, we got a reservation, so we gotta go.
Okay, no worries. Watch out for those dates.
I'm trying.
Uh, thanks!
That was delicious.
I'm really glad we did this.
Didn't know you're the type to play footsies.
Oh my God.
That's your foot?
I have an itch,
and I thought I was scratching it on the leg of the table,
and you have a very rigid leg.
Whenever you're ready.
Let me get this...
parking validated.
Uh... hey, are you okay?
You have been anxious all night.
Yes, I've been freaking out all night and my plan is to play it cool
because I was told there will be signs but clearly that didn't work out.
So screw all the signs and subtext and let's be direct,
because I think you are really awesome
and we'd waste last time if we just cut to the chase.
is this a date?
Of course, this is a date.
It's our...
third date.
Well, hope you guys related to that one.
I hope-- No, I hope you guys didn't relate to that one.
It was actually based off of one of our Wong Fu teammates, Jennifer Le.
Yea apparently, she's been in this situation many of times.
Is it really that compl--
Well no, not exactly where you're like stepping on dates,
but just the ambiguity of like,
"What is this? Is this a hang out or is a date?"
Guys, let's just-- let's just be more up front.
So actually all those graphics that came up on screen,
we actually got them from a website called GraphicStock.com
You can click the link in the description box below
to get a free 7 day trial to GraphicStock and that means access
to unlimited downloads of over 350,000 vectors, photos and illustrations.
So go check it out, especially, if you are a creator
'cause it's a great resource.
Right. Create something special and share it
with a hashtag #creator2creator.
And for us, new shorts coming up. We'll see you guys next time.
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Are We On A Date?!

536 Folder Collection
keita published on June 18, 2017
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