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  • This may look kinda rude, but it’s actually kinda good for you!

  • Hello all! Amy with you on DNews today.

  • You know how gum commercials always boast that their product can give you a fresher,

  • cleaner mouth? Well, it that’s not entirely a lie. New research published online at PLoS

  • ONE says that chewing gum is actually as good for your oral hygiene as flossing.

  • When we eat, little bits of food get stuck between our teeth or behind those permanent

  • retainers a lot of people have these days. If that food gets to hang out long enough,

  • it will become a breeding ground for bacteria. That bacteria can lead to cavities and infections,

  • and really, isn’t an infection in the main hole in your face that’s pretty close to

  • your brain about the last thing you want?

  • Oral hygiene is important! Not just brushing your teeth but flossing, too. Flossing is

  • a great way to get those gross lingering bits of food out from tight spaces, decreasing

  • the overall amount of bacteria in your mouth, but apparently so is chewing gum. Sort of.

  • The researchers who ran the study enlisted five biomedical engineering students as gum

  • chewers. They had the students chew gum for various lengths of time ranging from 30 seconds

  • to ten minutes. When the time was up, the students spit the gum into a cup of sterile

  • water. From there, it was analyzed.

  • From analyzing the chewed gum, the researchers calculated that a single standard piece of

  • gum can trap up to 100-million bacteria, which is roughly ten percent of the microbes typically

  • found in saliva. And that’s about the same amount of bacteria typically removed from

  • flossing.

  • But before you take this as license to chew all day long, there are a few caveats. Chewing

  • isn’t exactly the same as flossing since flossing targets different areas of the mouth.

  • And after just 30 seconds, a piece of gum starts losing its stickiness meaning it traps

  • less bacteria. And not all gum is create equal when it comes to dental health. Sugary gum

  • basically feeds the bacteria in your mouth while gum with artificial sweeteners actually

  • have some antimicrobial properties.

  • So if these findings pan out into a line of dental health gums, would you chew?

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This may look kinda rude, but it’s actually kinda good for you!

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