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  • The world's first 3D photo printing booth gives you the chance to become your own action

  • figure.

  • And Los Angeles proudly presents $500 caviar from a vending machine!

  • VSauce, Kevin here. This is Mind Blow.

  • A graduate from Design Academy Eindhoven created a set of cutlery designed to stimulate more

  • than just your sense of taste. Synesthesia is a nuerological condition in which different

  • stimuli such as touch, taste, and hearing are affected and triggered by each other.

  • The different pieces explore the effects of color and various textures on the senses.

  • Red colors are supposed to increase the appetite, and various textures and shapes are intended

  • to stimulate the sense of touch inside the mouth with the intention of enriching the

  • eating experience.

  • Scientists at MIT have created a tiny transformer. the Milli-Motein is a re-configurable robot

  • that can be programmed to fold itself into a number of different shapes. Another breakthrough

  • with this robot is that after it has shifted into a new shape, it can hold that shape,

  • even when its power is cut off by using what they call an "electro-permanent motor." They

  • do say that there would need to be a lot of research, as well as cheaper, more durable

  • parts before a real-life transformer is created.

  • Ski Dome Denmark is a vison of the world's biggest ski-dome in the city of Randers, Denmark.

  • Designed by a Danish architecture firm, the proposal includes over 3 KM of indoor and

  • outdoor slopes, a freestyle park, hotel, restaurant, and shops. Resembling a snowflake, the structure

  • consists of 3 centrally connected arches that each span the river. Each arch also uses its

  • roof exterior to connect the city beyond skiing, such as the bottom arch having a rooftop of

  • green landscaping that would function as a raised city park.

  • Who's hungry for a solid chocolate baby head??

  • Speaking of chocolate, Cadbury invented its own melt-resistant chocolate that stays solid

  • even when left at 104 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 hours! And it has to do with breaking the

  • sugar particles into smaller pieces, reducing the amount of fat covering them, making it

  • more resistant to heat.

  • The C-Explorer 5 aims to give people a chance to finally own a luxury submarine. For 2.4

  • million dollars you get seating for 5, air conditioning, an audio system, LED lighting,

  • and enough air, food, and water for up to 96 hours in the off-chance you lose power.

  • Made by U-Boat Worx, their website boasts that it's the world's first sub-sea limousine,

  • and features a 360 degree acrylic pressure hole so everyone has a view.

  • The first ever picture of tightly-packed chords of DNA taken with an electron microscope.

  • Litographs is bringing books back to the physical world by printing them on T-shirts. The first

  • 4 designs are Alice's Adventure in Wonderland, On the Origin of Species, The Great Gatsby,

  • and Moby Dick. The shirts contain all, or most of the book depending on the size, and

  • the text is completely legible. They've already exceded their Kickstarter goal, check out

  • the website for more.

  • Created in Japan, the BFS-Auto can read books at 250 pages per minute, which equates to

  • an Oxford dictionary in just 10 minutes, or an entire 32-volume set of Encyclopedia Britannica

  • in about 2 hours. It achieves high-definition resolution at 400 pixels per inch, and can

  • compensate for the three-dimensional deformation of the paper while being flipped, giving it

  • the ability to scan thousands of books quickly without damaging them. Basically, it's like

  • Johnny 5 from Short Circuit.

  • Finally, here's a video from M-I-E called Jammed about the demise of the audio-casette

  • in the story of a view-master robot venturing into an unknown world.

  • I'm gonna leave you with with Disney's prototype of a humanoid robot playing catch, and, as

  • always, thanks for watching.

The world's first 3D photo printing booth gives you the chance to become your own action

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