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hi there and welcome to the first episode of the fifth season of ignition
we figured to celebrate our paper anniversary let's start off with
something special tada
sometimes all you need about a car is in the name and think about it
Lamborghini obviously Aventador means it's the big mother with the v12
billionaire doors Super Veloce translated from Italian literally means
super fast and without butchering the Italian language I can tell you that
LP750-4 means right behind your head is 741 screaming
horsepower going to all four wheels
question becomes is there any way this thing can drive as good as it looks
there's only one way to find out
before you get moving let's start with the difference between the regular
Aventador and the Super Veloce other words why is this car cost $100,000 more
the quick and dirty answer is the classic combination of more power and
less weight they added 50 horsepower and they dropped a hundred and ten pounds
some of the ways achieve that is they got rid of all the active Aero stuff
with the words of the wing that pops up they have a fixed carbon fiber wing
instead of the air intakes that flap up there is fixed carbon fiber pieces
nobody is safe way but I think it looks a lot better than what is an extreme
measures to instead of carpeting the floor mat in this thing is just a giant
sheet of aluminum covered in grip tape just like skateboard which happens to
be my favorite part of the car but the most important part of the SV are two
magnetic shocks and dynamic steering and believe you me they make a huge difference
like many of you I did not win the Powerball however I am lucky enough that
somebody had to be the key to a $500,000 Lamborghini I have a tunnel in downtown
Los Angeles and two police officers who shut it down either end and 15 gallons
of gas had a couple chances over there I can play in this tunnel with this car
all night
pull the right pedal to engage first gear in a little thing here in Italian and says
something about launch control is now available to take your left foot
bury the brake pedal with it take your right foot to floor it you let go and you hold on
it's just an animal ok bury the brake pedal
left foot right foot
that tunnel was fun and all but this this car like the Super Veloce belongs
it is just the king up here wow it's just murdering this road I had to wear my special shirt I don't think I've been under triple digits very much the grip the way it hangs on
ok I got to clam down take it down a notch couple things that are super unique about the Super Veloce one is in sport the cars actually looser than
magnetic shocks just like the 488 just like the Audi r8 v10 plus just like the Oricon
just like a Camaro a lot of companies that do a lot of the development work of switching to them because what they're really good at on a bumpy road like say
Big Willow they eat that stuff up you know my favorite car Lamborghini Countach I first saw that
day when I was 10 years old
till now it still blows me away no V12 big Lamborghini has ever delivered on performance not the mira
not the countach not the Diablo
not the murcielago maybe the SV was getting there not the Aventador but the Super Veloce LP 754 this makes all my Countach dreams come true
whats the biggest difference most important factor differentiating regular Aventador from the Super
he told me that shocks that make the biggest difference I got to agree
this is not drive like an aventador this drives like a giant WRX I say that as a two time WRX owner
you don't need stability control it's so naturally mechanically stable
here I am flying over turn six here at Willow in the Super Veloce
I really don't have no idea why I'm here and I don't know what I'm doing but Jesus I'm going fast as brutal as the Super Veloce is it is
we know it's a great handling car in fact the production car lap record at
the Nurburgring is currently held by the Porsche 918 Spyder in about six minutes
57 seconds this thing you know six minutes 59 seconds remember the Porsches
got batteries gonna thousand horsepower
this is all engine a little birdie told me actually is quite a big Italian birdie
anyways he told me that this did the 659 after only two laps and that volkswagen corporate
said no more because they didn't want to embarrass the million dollar Porsche he
thinks the SVC here could beat the 918 at the Nurburgring I think in
the hands of the right driver the Aventador Super Veloce could be the 918
here at big willow this is gonna blow up Instagram and YouTube for Randy only to
get the car and drive you have to ask me twice
well sir how she do man that's a lot of car Jonny 740 horsepower and I love every single Italian one of them when I got some bad
news for my theory and facts are tricky thing you did a one minute 25.4
two very quick
not the fastest actually slower than the huracan and way slower than the two
seconds slower than the 918 but its own courses and right now the proud the
courses are the most aggressive tires they make in this size and next year
next model year they're gonna have trofeo r how much of a difference you think those
tires would make it could be a couple seconds so could be quicker than
the 918 have to come back and find out
yeah look forward to that
one of my favorite lines from Moby Dick was a whaler's wonder basically the first time you harpoon a sperm whale it's an awesome
are inspiring occasion but the 10th time a job is just a message on the same is
true of supercars yes they're fast loud and comically impractical but after 10
of what times dinner not so with the super veloce
starting mini riots at gas stations to the absurd violence of thrustburg to eating ten gallons of premium fuel every twenty
miles to murdering poor pirellis on the race track every single thing the sv does inspires deep pools of awe
Lamborghini unwittingly wrote a bunch of large checks a generation ago thousands
of young deer hit on posters of the wild looking Countach in the bedroom walls
leaving legions of young kids with little more than the opportunity to
stare and dream these kids are now grown and some of them have the means to
purchase the Countach his spiritual successor guess what this whalers wonder
wayne's no more
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2016 Lamborghini Aventador SV LP750-4: Is it Legal to Have This Much Fun? - Ignition Ep. 147

278 Folder Collection
popwei published on June 15, 2017
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