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Now that you know all the gear that I used I was gonna tell you
how to play the guitar for the coffee jingles
of the music song. Here goes a bunche of fun
and get ready to... how to play that guitar.
Right. Good.
OK, so basically if this is like you now mean
a drop D tuning which is rare for me cos I usually plays low C
you know we in draft D tuning
let me low D everything else pretty much the same, so let's go up to the 1, 2
30, 40...16, 17th fret
... and that's the first parts
So there you go.
And than the sweeps picking that stuff.
Sweep, sweep.
Sweep xxx and thats the first part of the thing.
and the... so we keep on going
and that's like these a xxx sting that I am told
for this gui---tar
again, .... that C is mayor
Ya that sounds pretty good to my ear
Ya sweeps it. Sweep it propely please.
Thank you and a pretty much you know
pull off, down, up, up.
Ya, just drags you pickle from the mentioned direction. Pretty clean souded hey
but some people's comes up and said hey I pretty good
sweep up as you... checks it out
Hey I'm good, but the truth is no, you are not, you a liar
go homes Texas Scheller and wash, wash this shame of you because you suck
and you're done you can't do it anyway
Where are we, let's have some fun... with music.
pee pee time
Hey chief this stuff is good for soup
NO. That's a YES!
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Dethklok: Solo / Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle / Some Stuff (cz titulky)

132 Folder Collection
李沛宸 published on June 13, 2017
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