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  • Jatt: Changes to Draven, LeBlanc and vision items in this episode of the Patch Preview.

  • Jatt: Hey Summoners, welcome to the Patch Preview.

  • I’m Jatt, here with game designer Feral Pony to talk about some of the changes in this patch.

  • Let’s start with Draven.

  • For a lot of players, Draven’s been an unfair champion to lane against with his unmatched early game damage and trade potential.

  • What are we doing to address that?

  • Feral Pony: When we were looking at Draven, we really wanted to lower his early damage,

  • but we didn’t want to hit any of the abilities that make him fun, like Spinning Axes.

  • We ultimately ended up reworking his passive because it was adding a lot of damage at early levels,

  • but didn’t offer much in terms of gameplay.

  • We saw this as an opportunity to remake Draven’s passive into something more thematic and entertaining.

  • So now Draven’s new passive is the League of Draven.

  • Each time Draven kills a minion, or catches a Spinning Axe, the crowd will be so impressed with his abilities that hell gain a stack of Adoration.

  • When Draven kills a champion, hell cash in half of his Adoration for bonus gold. When Draven dies, he’s suitably shamed and loses half of his stacks.

  • Jatt: Scrapping Draven’s old passive in favor of a new one might seem a little dramatic to some players -

  • why didn’t we just lower the numbers on the old passive?

  • Feral Pony: We tried that, but quickly realized that there wasn’t a good number we could hit that would lower Draven’s early power enough,

  • while still feeling impactful as a passive.

  • We really like Draven’s new passive, because it allows us to make the balance change we want,

  • but it also adds something that fits Draven’s character as a glorious high-risk high-reward executioner.

  • Jatt: Were also making some changes to LeBlanc’s Mimic and Sigil of Silence.

  • Typically, LeBlanc is seen as a polarizing champion who either stomps her lane, or falls behind for the rest of the game.

  • Or, in some cases, both. Let’s start with the Mimic changes.

  • Feral Pony: Mimic will still copy the last spell cast.

  • The difference now is that Mimic will deal damage based off of its rank, not the rank of the mimic’d spell.

  • This change will allow Leblanc to still deal solid damage even when mimicking a rank one spell.

  • This opens up a lot of flexibility for LeBlanc players, especially in the early game.

  • Jatt: So now that more options have been opened up for Mimic,

  • what’s preventing people from mimicking Sigil of Silence every time due to its overwhelming burst - like weve seen previously?

  • Feral Pony: Mimicking Sigil of Silence will still be a good option for LeBlanc;

  • however, most of Sigil of Silences damage used to be up front,

  • which meant following it up with another spell wasn’t that important.

  • Weve shifted some of this initial damage into the mark so LeBlanc will have to combo her spells together to get the same effect.

  • LeBlanc will always be a powerful burst mage, but now she will be less frustrating to play against in lane,

  • but in exchange, she will gain increased flexibility and smoother scaling into late game.

  • Jatt: Let’s talk about vision items. Were making a few changes to wards and Oracle’s Elixir.

  • Ward kill gold will now be split between the player that reveals the ward and the player that kills it.

  • What’s the rationale behind that?

  • Feral Pony: The overarching objective of these vision changes is targeting what we in the design pit refer to asvision wars,”

  • where some championssupports specificallycan get into ward battles

  • where theyll spend a significant portion of their gold on pink wards to deny enemy vision.

  • Of course, the opposing support will do the same thing,

  • and this ends up leading to a downward spiral of wasted ward gold that we want to address.

  • Some teams would even feed ward kills to their carrieseven further perpetuating the gold sink for support players.

  • This change guarantees that supports who provide good vision control will be rewarded with gold.

  • Jatt: Moving on to Oracle’s Elixir. It will now persist through death, although weve shortened its duration and reveal radius.

  • At the beginning of Season 3, we changed Oracle’s Elixir to make it last 5 minutes or until death instead of indefinitely,

  • and now were changing it once againwhy?

  • Feral Pony: We think that the death timer combined with the limited duration has made this item a bit too much of a risk for teams,

  • especially those that are behind.

  • When someone picks up an Oracle’s Elixir, they tend to play passive because theyre afraid of wasting the gold they just spent.

  • We want players to feel like Oracle’s Elixir is an opportunity for making plays and not a defensive liability.

  • There’s still a punishment for dying with Oracles because youre wasting its duration while dead,

  • but players should feel empowered to use it to react to situations.

  • Jatt: The final change well be talking about is the new item for Howling Abyss, the Orb of Winter.

  • For anyone who’s played a game of ARAM, theyll know what it’s like to play against long range poke champions like Lux, Nidalee or Ziggs.

  • How will this item help when facing these types of champions?

  • Feral Pony: Similar to when we added in Guardian’s Horn to help melee champions initiate fights in ARAM,

  • we also wanted to address the frustration that can come from fighting long range poke champions.

  • The Orb of Winter creates a damage absorbing shield that will refresh itself when the owner doesn’t take damage for a short period of time.

  • So if youre good at dodging abilities, this will greatly increase your survivability.

  • If youre not dodging abilities at all, youll still be dying a lot.

  • Jatt: Will we see the Orb of Winter in any other game maps?

  • Feral Pony: Honestly, no. This item was specifically designed for ARAM.

  • While were not actively balancing League of Legends around Howling Abyss, we did want to alleviate key player frustrations here.

  • ARAM is, by its very nature, random, and a bit unbalanced, but this should at least help out when dealing with the super effective edge cases.

  • Jatt: Well that’s all the time we have today, but for a full list of the patch changes, be sure to visit the League of Legends website,

  • and thanks for tuning in!

Jatt: Changes to Draven, LeBlanc and vision items in this episode of the Patch Preview.

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