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*singing* Do do do do.
Hello, everybody!
Today I'm gonna be doing something you all love,
and something I don't do as often as I would like,
or as often as I used to do.
And that is...
A good old Primark Haul!
I recently went back to Somerset,
and no trip back to Bristol
or Bath is worth doing if you're not gonna stop *mumbles*
If you're not gonna stop off in Bristol Primark.
Because it is the best Primark you will ever visit.
So, without further ado, I'm gonna get started,
because it was one of those Primark trips where there were far too many things I liked,
and ended up taking out an embarrassing amount of big bags.
This might take a while, so I'm gonna start.
Primark homeware section is really great at the moment.
They've got some fab, like,
Cool things that are really not that much.
So if any of you are looking to, like, do up a room, or you've
got a new uni dorm, and you wanna, kind of, jazz it up a bit but without spending too much money,
you need to check out Primark right now.
First thing I got was this throw.
This is one of those throws
that's got that really soft...
stuff... on one side.
I don't know what that's called. Fleece?
And it's this really lovely, like, baby pink colour,
and it has gold foil feathers on it.
It's really pretty.
And it wasn't even that much. It was £15.
And the size is 150 by 200,
which I don't know what that is, is that double? I'm not sure.
Anything, like, baby pink right now, I'm all over,
and it has foil feathers, which I'm just obsessed with.
I also got this one.
I'm not sure I went a bit, like,
throw crazy.
This is a geometric foil large throw.
This one is slightly bigger. This one is 180 by 220.
Very soft.
Very nice.
Ooh, I got-
*funny voice* I got this little box.
Its got a mirror on the bottom.
And its got this really nice, like,
paisley-type print on the top.
And it's one of those, like, little jewellery-style boxes
that you can just open and put whatever your heart desires in it.
And I think I might put this on my bedside table and just put, like,
my watch and my little things I've taken off at the end of the day,
And then it keeps it a bit more tidy.
And it also means when you open and shut your bedside table, like, drawer,
it doesn't all knock over, because it will all be in this.
Two candles. I like pillar candles,
I've got, um...
two like, pillar candle- candle holders downstairs.
So I needed some new candles for that.
This is the sea salt and lavender candle.
I wasn't too sure what sea salt and lavender would smell like.
Turns out, it smells amazing.
It's really fresh and light,
and I also liked that they were a nice colour grey.
I picked up three
dark grey luxury face cloths,
because I use flannels every day to take off my makeup and cleanse my face,
so I thought it would be nice to get some new ones,
because I am constantly using them,
and some of mine are looking a little bit worse for wear.
And I feel like if you get a dark grey, they never look as dirty.
So, went for dark grey.
I bought quite a few cushions because
they looked amazing. They had this whole, like,
Leaf print thing going on. It felt very tropical, and I was digging it.
So I picked up, like, all the cushions from that section.
This one is probably my favourite one.
It has tiny little pink pom poms all the way around it,
And on this side it's like blue and pink the opposite way,
and on this side, it's...
blue and pink but with...
Why can't I speak?
That was only 5 pounds.
*funny voice* Bargain.
I also picked up this one,
which also had leaves on it.
I love the whole, like, navy blue and green thing.
I think these colours go very nicely together.
And it has like a...
kind of Hessian sack...
vibe going on around the outside kind of trim.
Um, so I picked up that one.
I also picked up this one,
which is a teeny tiny shiny copper cushion.
Because I love copper,
but I also think this is such a cool, like, statement...
cushion. Like, I love this a lot.
Maybe not as comfortable to lie on.
Oh look, you can see my face.
And then I got this little one, which is blue and white, kind of, tie-dye effect,
with tiny little yellow pom poms around the outside.
And again, just really liked that.
I picked up a fake plant.
I like fake plants because, they don't die.
And all you have to do is sort of dust them every now and then.
Very practical, especially if you are the sort of person that just can't keep plants alive.
Get some good fake ones. I actually think this does look quite good.
As fake plants go, this one's quite realistic. And it's only from Primark, so...
I really like it.
It's very cool.
There's a lot of leaves going on.
This is slightly more adult and boring, but still, I loved it.
This is a bath mat.
It's, like, bobbled, and I really like it.
I think that's so cool.
And would be lovely, um...
to step on when you get out of the bath or shower.
So there you go.
You can get your bath mats at Primark as well.
Ooooh, and I also got this.
Because, um..
I suck at drinking water,
so anything that can contain a large amount of water
for me to sip on all day
is good. And this is a huge-
And it says 'sparkle like a unicorn.'
Which is kind of quite cheesy, but I also really like it.
And it's got a holographic unicorn, and, like, pink and silver ombré glitter going on.
It's just a lot, but I like it.
And, if there was ever anything to encourage you to drink water,
I think this is a really great thing to have
to do that.
I did get some bedding, which is like, uh...
tropical leaves, um...
which I'll insert a clip of now.
Um, and I also got the parrot cushion that you will also see in that clip from Primark too.
Moving on to clothes and shoes.
First thing I got, which I feel like everyone has,
is this peachy pink jumper, which says...
'Weekend vibes.' I love this.
Oh yes.
I got some, like, boyfriend-style jeans.
Um, Primark now do a size 4, which I'd never noticed before.
And although the size 6 and size 8 is fine for me,
um, depending on the kind of style you want,
I did think for jeans and boyfriend fit jeans at that 'cause they are slightly baggier, I would go
for a size 4.
But these do have...
some ginormous rips.
So I don't know if I can pull these off, or...
I don't know if it will look like I've been savaged by wild beasts.
But we'll soon see.
Okay, so I already have a pair of these joggers.
They're just, like,
simple joggers with, like, a white toggle.
but they are- in fact, I'm wearing some right now!
But they're the softest joggers I've ever owned.
I have no idea what fabric they use to make these, but I love them. So,
I wanted to get some more. How much were these actually? They were £8.
Um, and I just really like this, like, salmon-y pink colour.
Very nice, very nice.
Got myself...
a kind of loose-fitting stripey t-shirt.
I like that. I feel like you can never go wrong with a stripey t-shirt.
Oh, look, stripes. *bag falls*
Look how cute this jumper is.
Stripes, check.
Frilly shoulders, check.
Little bit of colour on the end, check!
I love this!
I think this is so cute. This would look really nice with black skinnies,
and a little black bag, and maybe some, like, other red accessories possibly.
But I really liked that. That was only £10.
I need to rescue my bag. Ugh!
Ooh. These t-shirts, I'm obsessed with. Again, they're very, very soft.
But they're just these, like, tight, short-sleeved...
basic t-shirts. But I actually wear these a lot.
And they're only £3, so I picked up quite a few of these.
I got a grey one, I've got two grey ones,
I got a white one,
possibly that was it.
I also picked up some white crop tops.
I think I got these in two different sizes, because I wasn't sure...
um, which one would fit me best.
I don't wanna be spilling out of a crop top. That's not pretty.
Um, I also picked up this jumper, which I love.
This is plain black, and it has really pretty, um, flower embroidery on the shoulders.
There's a lot of embroidery at the moment, and...
there was one embroidered jumper from Zara that I really, really wanted,
and it was out of stock, and then when it came back in stock I was like, I feel like everyone has this jumper now.
But this is a great alternative. So I'm happy about that.
I picked up this, which I don't remember picking up at all, but I quite like it.
Um, it's got some stripey sleeves,
and it's very soft. It has quite, like, a wide neck,
um, and and it has white at the bottom, like that.
Ooh, I picked up this, which I don't know what it will look like on me. I think I was being a bit optimistic.
Or you know when you first go in, and you get a little bit too excited, and you want everything?
I think I was in that phase. Like, it was, like, the first thing I saw, so I was like, 'Oh my God, I love it.'
And then I think by the end of the shop I was like, 'Meh, I kinda like it still. Let's see what it looks like on.'
So it's like a shirt dress, it's like a smock dress,
um, cut out shoulders and tiny little side sleeves.
I think, realistically, with the right thing, this could look really nice.
Or it could look awful on me. So we will see.
I forgot that I bought lots of underwear.
*laughs* What's that? Oh, that's the bra. How pretty? Oh, it came as a set. Okay.
How pretty are these?
um, pants...
and little bralette
in that colour, and then this one, which is more of, like, a nude-y salmon
in that one,
with matching pants,
which are, like, see-through at the back.
And then I just picked up a plain, uh, navy,
kind of padded one.
I don't really know if bras from Primark fit me properly,
when they're like this, when they're, like, a bit more padded,
because I don't generally buy bras from Primark,
but I was like, 'Oh, I'll give them a try and see how it goes down.' I love this colour a lot.
So we shall see.
Quite a few spaghetti strap tops.
Because I don't own any right now.
Um, I was going through my wardrobe, I was like, 'I feel like something's really missing.
Now that springs' rolling round,
something's missing from my wardrobe.'
Turns out it's these. Which actually come in so useful. Especially if you get cold like me,
and you wanna wear something that's a bit more spring-like, but you're like,
'Mm, it's still quite cold.' Put one of these on underneath, and they keep you warm. So I got...
two in grey, one in nude, one in black,
two in white, because they tend to discolour a little bit quickly,
and a stripey one.
And they were...
£1.50 each.
Which, I don't think you can go wrong with.
I can't say they last forever and ever,
but they last really well for the amount that you're spending on them.
Another pair of super soft joggers, but this time they're in a burgundy.
Ah, I loved this hat, and I don't know if this is gonna look absolutely ridiculous on me,
or if I'm gonna love it. I actually haven't tried it on.
I kind of love it. I mean, the bobble is, like, half the size of my head,
but I love that this is, like, a three-toned bobble.
I really didn't get that many accessories, actually. Oh.
Ah! Look how pretty this bra is. This, like, bralette. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, I love these trousers. Look at these.
They're, like,
straight-leg, quite, like, smart-style trousers, but they're green and black and white stripey.
I think these will look so cool with boots.
Yeah. Love those.
They've got, like, um, elastic around...
the waist as well.
Got some tights.
These are the Weather Sensor Finish Opaque Tight.
Tights. 'Keeps you warm when it's cool, and cool when it's warm.'
I got some Alice in Wonderland-style pyjama bottoms.
Because they were...
very cute.
I wasn't as keen on the top though, so I just bought the bottoms.
Do you know what? Mark actually picked this out.
*laughs* He was like, 'Would you let me pick something and you have to wear it?'
I was like, 'Okay.' And he picked this out.
But I actually really like the colour of this skirt. And it has little pockets.
So that's a Mark choice.
Ooh, I've found more tights.
'Tights made with natural bamboo fibres.'
Why did I...
buy more tights? I don't think I meant to do that.
Oops. Oh well.
Um, and I've also got some...
black socks.
Because mine all seem to disappear. Have no idea where.
*whispers* Alfie Deyes.
Ooh, this is-
This is quite creased.
But this is a really pretty, blush pink,
oh, what's the word for this? Pleated...
skirt. That's very pretty. I really like that.
I'm excited to wear that.
Oh, my God. How cute is this?
This is a playsuit. Is it? Yes, it's a playsuit, but look at the straps and look at the colour.
I love this.
Ooh, I bought some chokers.
I'm not sure how I feel about these lace chokers.
I thought I would..
Ooh, and I bought some little hoops.
Might put these in after this, actually. Maybe I'll put them in now.
Why not? These were only a pound.
Rose gold hoops. I just quite liked the size.
Whoa, they really go on.
Does anyone else have a fear- not a fear, but just...
how terrifying is it to stick earrings in other people?
Just as I was doing that, I was thinking about it, I was like,
imagine if I was having to put these on someone else? I would really struggle.
Ooh, I love this.
This is a khaki...
kind of suede-feeling dress, which is, I guess, like, a mini-dress.
And it has this, um, like, tie-up front.
Which I really like. I think that would look so nice with, like,
biker boots and a leather jacket, or sandals in summer.
Ooh, a bag!
Bought this bag.
It's a tote bag, like a shopper.
But it's, like, a gun-metal metallic, which I really liked.
Last thing in this bag...
is some dungarees!
You guys know how much I love my dungarees,
so I thought I would get some of these. I quite like that the straps are really thin.
Um, and I also like that they're a bit more, kind of distressed
at the knees. They're...
really nice. I really like these.
So that is the first bag done.
I found two more homeware bits.
I found another sea salt and lavender candle, but this one's in a tin. A marble tin.
Um, which I thought would be nice for the bedroom.
And I also got this, which is a faux plant
that you can hang in a little glass, like...
um, what are they called? Terrarium.
A few more clothing bits.
A stripey t-shirt!
Some more jeans!
These are super high waist skinnies.
Did I buy some in black? *funny voice* Yes, I did.
Super high waist skinnies! In black.
And the last item of clothing...
is a stripey t-shirt!
But it has frills on the shoulders, which I think is very, very cute,
and this is a long-sleeve.
Okay, now onto shoes.
I love this style of shoe. However,
I'm very fussy when it comes to this style of shoe. And I've seen some that I think,
'I can't wear those. I think I'm actually going to look like a grandmother.'
These ones,
though, are very similar to some of the ones I really liked in Topshop, but they never had my size.
So when I saw these, I was like, 'These look exactly like the Topshop ones,
and they have a size 3.' So I was very happy about that.
They might not be as nice quality, or as long-lasting, but...
I like them.
I got some chunky heel, open-toe sandal
heels in nude. Because I feel like my wardrobe was lacking something like this.
That I could wear with those trousers that I showed you earlier, or, I dunno.
A nice dress, or even jeans.
I think, and also because they're not that high, it's more of, like, an everyday heel. So if I want to...
be a bit more profesh, or feel a bit more glam, and wear a heel with an outfit, I think these...
I will feel comfortable in. Any higher,
maybe not.
And I got them in nude just because I felt like...
they might go with more.
And they feel a bit more, like, daytime as opposed to black.
These next ones I am obsessed with.
I guess these are, like, heeled loafer-type, open-toe loafers.
But how cool are these?
With, like, jeans, just to, like, slip on.
I love this colour. It's, like, a beautiful, like, powder blue.
Um, and I'm obsessed. I think this is my favourite colour blue ever.
I love it. And also, again, heel, good for daytime.
Any higher, not good for daytime.
And I was daring, and I bought some silver ones.
I think I will wear these, though.
I think they're really cool.
And then...
the last thing I have to show you,
are these!
These are sliders.
Now, I've seen a lot of people rock these, and they look really cool.
I bought these as an experiment, because I don't know if I can pull these off, or if these will look good,
but if all else fails, I'll use them as, like, garden shoes,
or I'll take them on holiday, and use them as, like,
'Quick! Throw something on to go to the pool.' You know?
But I really like them, and they've got, like, embroidery on them.
And they're fun. And...
I don't know.
Send me photos of people rocking these in an outfit,
and maybe then I can get a bit of, like, slider inspo.
And then I might have the confidence to wear them.
So that, ladies and gents,
is everything I picked up in Primark this time 'round.
Let me know if you guys enjoyed this video by giving it a thumbs up.
Make sure you subscribe if you haven't already.
And I will see you again very, very soon with another video.
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The Biggest Primark Haul I've Ever Done | Zoella

770 Folder Collection
AmyLin published on June 12, 2017
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