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Somewhere, hidden amongst thorny brambles is a little kingdom of elves and fairies.
Everyone who lives here is very, very small.
I'm Ben Elf!
And I'm Princess Holly!
- Come on! Let's play! - Wait for us!
Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom
Today's adventure starts at the little castle.
Hard Times
Food delivery!
Oh, hello Mr Elf! Lovely day.
It certainly is!
- Hi, Holly! - Hi Ben! Come up!
Mr Elf is kind, delivering our food. Yes. Where would we be without elves?
No idea, Your Majesty.
Cheerio, Mr Elf!
- Um, er... - Is there something else?
No! Well...yes. I was just wondering if you could pay us today!
Pay you?
Yes. You haven't paid us any money for ages!
Oh, right! How much do we owe you?
Four hundred and ninety-two gold coins.
Gosh! That's a lot!
Don't worry, Ben! We'll just get some money, won't we, Nanny?
- Money doesn't grow on trees, Holly... - No?
No! It grows in the magic money chest!
Oh! There's only one coin in it!
One coin is all we need! I throw it into the magic money chest...
Haha! It sounds like popcorn!
Don't lift the lid up until it stops!
- It's full of gold coins! - Wow! Can I have a go?
Alright. I'll just empty the chest. Now, Ben. Throw the coin in-
But I haven't got a coin. You made them all disappear!
Oh! Without a coin, we can't make money!
- I've got a button! - Perhaps that will work.
It's doing its popcorn thing...
Oh. It's full of buttons.
Nanny, can you buy things with buttons?
Mr Elf? Would it be ok to pay you in buttons?
The magic money chest... broken?
Yes, Your Majesty. For some reason, it's just making buttons!
And we need to pay Mr Elf!
Don't worry, Holly. I'll sort this out.
Ah, this is embarrassing. But the thing is, we're a bit short of money today.
No reason to be embarrassed, your majesty. No reason at all.
Sorry and all that.
No, no, please don't give it another thought.
When you get some money, let me know and I'll bring the food right back. Bye!
Oh. Bye!
I've good news and bad news.
What's the bad news?
The bad news is... there is no good news. Mr Elf's taken breakfast away!
And all because we don't have any silly money.
What's money for?
I'm not really sure, Holly. But the elves seem to like it.
Couldn't you fix the magic money chest, Daddy?
It's not broken! We just need a gold coin to throw in. Who's got one?
That's the problem, dear. Nobody's got one.
So how do we get a gold coin?
My dad gets paid gold coins for doing his job.
Could YOU do a job, daddy? And get a gold coin?
I suppose I could give it a try...
What sort of job will you get, daddy?
I'm not sure! I must be good at lots of things. I'm the king!
Ah, wise old elf! I'm looking for a job.
Haha, very funny, Your Majesty.
No, I'm serious. I need to earn a gold coin.
I see. Normally you'd have to go to the elf job centre and answer lots of questions...
but in your case...
No, no! I command you to treat me like anyone else.
Yes, Sire.
- Name? - The King.
- 'Mr King.' What was your last job? - The King.
- 'The King.' Any skills? - Being King.
Hmm... we don't have a 'King' job right now. We need a toy factory worker!
Or a farmer...? Or a sailor!
Ooh, Daddy! A sailor sounds fun!
Yes! I like messing about in boats!
You will be a sailor on our brand new ship, Your Majesty.
- It's the King! - Hooray!
I'm not the king today, I'm just a humble sailor.
But we need a king to launch our new ship!
Oh, alright then. I'll just be king for a moment.
I declare this ship launched!
Now, treat me like any new sailor.
- Ok. You can mop the decks. - Right!
You're doing very well, Daddy.
It's rather dull. Why don't I speed things up with some magic?
No, Daddy! Elves don't like magic!
(Sigh) Your job looks fun. Let's swap!
Of course, Your Majesty.
Much better! Oh, this is fun!
Herd her starboard!
Which way is starboard? Why can't they just say left or right?
- We've hit a rock!! - Abandon ship!
Hello, Your Majesty! How's everything going?
Very well! But that ship wasn't strong enough. Have you got another one?
Maybe you're not cut out to be a sailor, Your Majesty...
What other jobs did the elf lady say I could do?
The toy factory, Daddy! That would be fun!
- It's the King! - Hooray!
I'm NOT the king today, I'm just a humble factory worker like you lot.
But we need a king to inspect the toys!
Ok, I'll be king for a second. It's perfect.
Right, now I'm just a humble factory worker again. What do I do?
Press this button, and out comes the gloop.
What about something a bit more interesting... making the toys?
Er, no, Your Majesty.
- The painting? - Perhaps not.
- The packing? - No. Today, you are the 'gloop' elf.
Very good, Daddy!
I think I'm really getting the hang of this!
Don't go so fast, Daddy!
What? Go faster? Alright!
How are you getting on, Your Majest- AAH!!
Perhaps you're not suited to factory work, Your Majesty.
- What was the last job on the list? - Working on the farm, Daddy.
The king has arrived to start our harvest dance!
I'm not the king today! I'm here to do farm work.
But it's our holiday.
Not when there's work to be done!
You heard the king. Back to work.
Righto! What do I do?
This pumpkin needs watering so it'll grow nice and big.
It's not growing.
It takes a LONG time, King Thistle. Weeks and weeks!
Hmm... let's speed it up with a little magic!
No, Daddy!
That'll help it grow!
Wow! That's a big pumpkin.
- It's still growing! - It's not going to stop!
Aaah!! The pumpkin's going to explode!
Right. Well that's a good a time as any to finish my day's work.
How many gold coins have I earned?
For being a sailor... you earned one gold coin.
But for sinking the ship, we'll have to take it back.
For working in the factory... you earned one gold coin.
But for causing a duck flood, we'll have to take it back.
And for working on the farm... you earned one gold coin.
But for making the pumpkin explode, we'll have to take it back.
But I need a gold coin! I suppose I'll just have to come back to work tomorrow.
Aaah! Take the gold coin. And DON'T come back tomorrow!
One gold coin. I earned it all myself.
Oh, well done, darling!
We just chuck it in the magic money chest...
It's doing the popcorn thing!
It's full of gold coins!
- We're rich again! - Hooray!
Well done, Daddy. You worked so hard today.
It was fun! Well, I'm off. Don't want to be late.
Where are you going, Daddy?
Back to work! I've decided to work evenings.
But we have the money, Daddy.
There's more to work than money, Holly. The elves need me!
Your Majesty! We need you!
You see?
We want you to be the king again!
But kings don't work! I want to be useful.
But kings ARE useful!
We needed a king to launch the elf ship!
That's true. You launched the elf ship, Daddy! Even though you sort of sank it as well.
We couldn't make our toys if a king didn't inspect them!
And most importantly, a king has to start our harvest dance!
I see. Well, in that case... start the harvest dance!
Oh-ho... maybe I AM quite good at being king.
I think it's the job you're second best at.
Really? What job am I best at?
Being Daddy!
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Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom - Hard Times (HD)

1928 Folder Collection
光合作用 published on June 11, 2017
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