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- Thank you. - Thank you.
Excuse me.
Yes, how's your day going, sir?
The fuck would you call this?
- Toast. - Toast?
You call this "toast"? It's charcoal, mate.
OK, so you burnt the toast.
I burnt it cause your rip-off merchants sold me a faulty toaster!
Do you work here?
Do you work here?
Do you work here?
Do you guys actually work here?
Do you work here?
Do you guys work here?
Yep, that is actual shit.
Shaun, grab some gloves and get rid of it, would you?
You serious?
Don't tell me you're afraid of a little bit of poo, Shaun.
Dig deep for the team, mate.
What were you doing when it froze?
Just normal stuff.
I got it.
Oh, that's disgusting.
All right guys, what kind of phone can I help you with today?
Well, I wanna be able to make calls, text my friends, take selfies, and go on Facebook.
Honey, it's just for emergencies ,OK?
We don't need all the bells and whistles.
Oh my god, Mom, shut the fuck up.
I'd also like to welcome our very own security guard.
I will protect this store with my life.
If anyone try to mess with you, I will kill them.
Piss off.
Come on.
Ahh, see, we don't actually match online prices,
only stores in our area.
But it is in our area.
How do you mean?
Well, the internet is in our area, isn't it?
God, you checkout chicks are thick in the head.
Look, can I have my money back or not?
Look, bitch. The only way you getting any money back
is if you manage to drag your fat ass over this counter.
If I let you skip stocktake,
then I have to let everyone who ask skip stocktake.
And you got to make sacrifices.
- 3000 dollars. - Yeah, no, three and a half.
But it says 3000.
Mate, you can't get a TV like that and not get a warranty.
My boyfriend is looking for a new laptop.
What one do you recommend?
Well, depends on what he's looking for.
So study, business...
Bae, what are you using it for?
OK, that is 99.95, please.
Who can tell me where we're trying to get to?
To the top! That's where we're trying to get!
We're trying to get to the top, guys.
We take the teamwork train.
Come on, Electroworld, come on!
Chugga chugga...
Woo woo!
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Rostered On | Season One - Trailer

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Jerry published on June 16, 2017    Jerry translated    Samuel reviewed
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